MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — It appears Morgantown residents and WVU students have grown weary of the out of control celebrations, street fires and property damage that is commonplace following a big win on the football field.  Now, they’re using social media sites against those who are responsible for the university’s dubious reputation.

“I have had so many e-mails of screen captures, YouTube videos, pictures, tweets, Instagram from people saying I know this person,” said Morgantown Police Chief Ed Preston. 

Nearly everyone carries a cell phone equipped with a camera and incidents such as three young men rolling a car on its side Saturday night, are captured on video and posted online.  However, now students and residents who are fed up with the mischief are sending tips to law enforcement.

“If there’s one positive thing coming out of this the public is sending a clear message to people that are coming into our community or are already in our community, that this behavior is not going to be tolerated,” said WVU Police Chief Bob Roberts. 

Following WVU’s upset victory over Oklahoma State, ten street and dumpster fires were reported around town and the aforementioned car was tipped on its side.

“It could’ve been a lot worse,” said Preston.  “I’m not happy with the fact we can’t act like we’ve won a football game before.”

Roberts says they are reviewing all over the social media postings, video and images in an effort to identify those responsible. 

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  • David Kennedy

    Most of these 'riff-raff are not West Virginians at all, but 'Prarty-goers from Pennsy and Ohio.

  • Ragweed

    After they get out of jail.

  • jaboy

    being name by Playboy magazine as the 'No. 1 party school in the nation' and behavior like this goes hand-in-hand. You can either have one or the other.

  • WC

    Give them a place to burn is hilarious. This population of adults yes adults will be making decisions in the real world soon. It is time to do away with traditions that are this destructive. Hold them accountable, and make them pay for the damage, as well as jail time for destruction of property. Then maybe we will see change in the future. This behavior is not acceptable for any instution, and embarrassing for all West Virginia residents.

  • Give me a break

    Morgantown has been tolerating this sort of insane behavior for 20+ years now. Most WVU fans I've met are even proud of their low-class antics and the despicable way they treat visiting fans.

    Why object to it now?

  • blugldmn

    It's easy... Find the people responsible.... Kick them out of school immediately.... Then prosecute them immediately ...

    And publicize that as much as the incident...

  • Kenny Wright

    Is this a reason for WVU to be ranked the #1 party school in the nation?

  • Scott

    I made some comments before the season even started that things were getting out of hand and got bashed for it.

  • Woodchuck

    Wvu said that with the purchase of all the property in sunny side this would not happen.

    Guess they were wrong again

    • Charleston,WV

      Right, but that is a project in motion. In other words, they are still tearing down the old infrastructure.

  • game time

    Meet Joe Arpaio, your new counselor...

  • Dale

    Obvioulsy, those responsible need counseling, not punishment. They have never learned to properly direct the feeling of enjoyment. Probably abbused as children.

    • Ragweed

      Yea, that'll do it - give 'em counseling so they can go out after session and do it again. I say give'em prison time and thirty lashes. That's the best counseling.

    • Joe

      Possibly the funniest comment I have ever read. Perhaps they should sue their own parents.

  • Curly Joe


    • Fussin'

      I attended games at Notre Dame and watched fans get thrown out by the State Police. And the fans that got thrown out were not students but Alumni that decided to attack WVU fans coming back to their seats after a break in the game. There are idiots at every school. And no I'm not defending any of the behavior. Just rebutting the civilized behavior noted at Notre Dame. I attended games at every Big East venue and then some. The absolute worst fans I encountered were at Penn State and Notre Dame, in my opinion they just have better damage control on campus and the incidents don't make national news.

    • Alum

      These idiots doing these acts in the wee hours have nothing to do with those that attend the games. The game is the excuse for destructive behavior. Did you forget about College Park and Columbus and those misdeeds? I hope you don't have selective memory.

  • Ricardo

    What a waste of public service dollars having to respond to these types of incidents. What if there were a true emergency where these first responders were needed? I think it's time we grow up.

  • Matt

    The last time something like this happened (the car situation) the students opened a bank account and people were able to make donations to the person whose car was ruined. They ended up raising about $20k and the victim got a new car within a few weeks. They should do that again for this person.

  • game time

    Ride the PRT before and after the games. These students are just as rude and filthy sobor as they are drunk.