CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Governor Earl Ray Tomblin will be heading to Europe this month.  Starting on Oct. 10, Tomblin will spend 13 days in five European countries as part of an investment mission.

State Commerce Secretary Keith Burdette said it’s an important trip. 

“Companies will appreciate the fact that the Governor has shown enough interest to come see them,” said Burdette.

Tomblin will make stops in Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.  His stop in France will be a first for a West Virginia governor. 

Burdette said Tomblin will hold private meetings with company executives, host two seminars and attend the K Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, which is billed as the largest trade show for plastics and rubber worldwide.

“We have several prospects that the governor will, hopefully, visit with that we like to think are in the final stages of decision making,” said Burdette of the possible investments that could come out of the trip.

Last year, state officials estimated almost a third of West Virginia’s $11.3 billion in exports went to Europe.  Over the years, more than 80 European companies have invested in the Mountain State.

Governor Tomblin traveled to Japan in June of last year and Burdette said that trip paid off in a number of ways.

“It was measurable how important they believed it was for the governor to come and visit them, instead of them visiting us, and how much value they placed on that,” said Burdette.

“We think the same thing applies in Europe.”

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  • Joe

    Mylan has plants and operations in each of those countries.

    I believe, however, the passage of right to work legislation will significantly improve the wv economy.. The decision to invest in wv's community and technical colleges is s great start.

  • Fubar

    A trip to Texas to see why they are doing so well would be a lot cheaper. West Virginia's business & legal climate is among the worst in the US. You get what you vote for.

  • wvtd

    yea earl, these taxpayer funded vacations sure do bring in a lot of jobs to our state. we hear this nonsense every few years but the results are always the same, no new jobs, who would want to move here anyway?

  • blugldmn

    Taxpayer funded vacation!

    What does earl ray know about economic development... He's the governor of WV

  • Spell Checker

    A meeting perhaps with Don and Spike?

  • TCotter

    Sorry boys but I see it differently. I think this is a good trip. There are many European companies that have invested in our state. Having a sitting governor visit potential investors in our state is a great use of our states time and money.

  • Scoby Duck

    Guess ole earl ray gonna ride the free ride to Europe as long as he can. Sorry I'm payin for part of it.

  • the truth

    I wonder if Marcia Fry is going with him? I think we can call it a two week vacation on tax payer dollars dime since I have never heard of jobs coming from these "meetings".