WEBSTER SPRINGS, W.Va. — A man has been sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison in what’s believed to be the first-ever triple murder in Webster County.¬†


Michael York

Michael York, of Hacker Valley, was sentenced Monday after his Sept. 20 conviction on two counts of first degree murder and one count of second degree murder. York shot and killed Lamar Allen, Denise Coates and Dustin Brown in the summer of 2012.

Mercy was not recommended by the jury so a judge sentenced York to life in prison without the chance for parole.

“I was pleased with the jury verdict and I believe the (victims’) families were pleased with it. The verdict reflected the jury considered the evidence and very carefully made their decision,” Webster County Prosecutor Dwayne Vandevender told MetroNews Tuesday.

The jury also found Michael York’s wife, Amanda York, guilty of three counts of voluntary manslaughter and one count of conspiracy to conceal a deceased body. She’ll be sentenced Nov. 4.

Prosecutor Vandevender said the shootings took place over a pair of appliances.

“They (the Yorks) alleged there had been an argument earlier in the day and the victims came to their house to repossess a washer and dryer they had given them,” the prosecutor said.

Amanda York initially called 911 and claimed she was the shooter but a young family member was overheard by a deputy saying it was Michael York that did the shooting. Prosecutor Vandevender said that was a key part of the prosecution’s case.

A Braxton County jury convicted the couple after there was difficulty choosing a jury in Webster County.


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  • clyde inniss

    this was not real punishment for savage murder,a whole family wiped out,a stark reminder for black families moving into usa insearch "for better living" know the history of this land,The Death Penalty Is Needed For These Two KILLERS.

  • JGriffith

    another case that supports cause for the death penalty to be returned to WV. Why should the taxpayers pay to keep these skumbags in comfort for the rest of their lives. And more money being wasted on studies for prison overcrowding. Go back to real penaltys instead of a smack on the hand

  • Iona

    I'm glad they gave him life. No life should be taken away over a stupid inanimate object!