WASHINGTON, D.C. — The full effects of the first government shutdown in 17 years are being felt in West Virginia and across the United States and, as of Tuesday afternoon, there was no end to the partial closure in sight.

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Third District Congressman Nick Rahall (D-WV)

“This is a sad day for the people of America.  It’s a sad day for our government.  It’s a sad day for West Virginians,” said Third District Congressman Nick Rahall (D-WV) of the shutdown on Tuesday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

Hundreds of thousands of federal employees face furloughs, tourist destinations have been closed along with many operations for the Centers for Disease Control and services like food assistance and IRS audits have been disrupted.

President Barack Obama said the shutdown would have “a very real impact on real people right away.”

Rahall blamed a minority of Republicans for holding up the spending bill that would have averted the partial government shutdown to try to force a one year delay for the individual mandate that is part of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

Up to now, House Speaker John Boehner has refused to bring a clean continuing resolution, with no health care strings attached, to the U.S. House floor.

“The vast majority of both parties want to move forward, regardless of your position (on the health care reform law).  We don’t agree on Obamacare, no, but, yes, a majority of Republicans want to get on with the continuing resolution,” said Rahall.

“This is not about Democrats versus Republicans.  This is about Republicans versus Republicans.”

Rahall said he is hoping the partial shutdown will last just a few days.  “We can do this if reasonable heads would be allowed to control this political arena,” he said.

The new federal fiscal year started on Oct. 1.

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  • Hillbilly

    I have been saying this for a long time now...
    If its an incumbent, vote for the NEW person!!!
    That is the only way we can solve this problem.

  • JTC

    The republican congressmen in Virginia, Penn, and NY are starting to waver! Now say 7-8 willing to vote for clean CR bill! The phone calls are working!

  • Mike

    They voted to shut it down to stop all the BS.

  • JTC

    Where is McCANTly hiding at, no announcement about how he voted, he and CapiNO need to answer to the voters of WV for why they voted to shut down the government.

  • Doug

    Please..please vote this guy out of a job like he has so many in the coal fields everytime he votes the way Obama wants him too.

  • RogerD

    Rahall is wrong and deceitful as usual. Tiger's comments are absolutely correct. We do not operate a country with continuing resolutions. The law requires a budget be passed every year to run the country. That has not happened in the last 4-5 years because of Harry Reid and his cohorts in the Senate. The House has regularly passed a budget and the Senate refuses to take it up. This is a major reason for this mess.

    • SouthernGal

      you are misrepresenting the truth. The Senate has put forth budgets but the obstructionists in the House won't pass them because they want to make it impossible for anything that Obama wants to get done. Part of how they do it is putting forth their budgets
      that financial experts and non-partisan think tanks have said over and over it won't work, yet they keep holding it up as a budget the Senate won't pass.

  • Mike

    Brandon my friend it's people like you that have put this country into the pits of hell. Keep thinking your thouights and someday it is going to bite you. You sound like a person who gets mailbox money and that check might not be there next month.

    • Brandon

      Well you sound like a well rounded person. Not really....

  • Brandon

    The Republican Party has gone off the Tea Party deep end of the ocean. Sadly they are taking America down with them.

    Thank you Congressman Rahall for being normal.

    • grey4449

      Rahall Voted to lower carbon emissions. He voted against coal miners. Delaying Obamacare for a year is the right thing to do. Its not like King Obama hasn't put this country in debt 17 Trillion. Rahall has voted down the line with King Obama.

      • SouthernGal

        You need to update your information but I guess Faux news doesn't do that. You need to do research on the decline in the coal industry and why. Yes the EPA has called for lower carbon emissions but it's only for newly built energy plants. Are any new ones being built? Do you know what more companies are choosing for fuel? Natural gas, cheaper and cleaner. So time for WV to move from a coal based economy.

    • Doug

      Brandon please research before you vote like your parents told you too. The Democratic Party of today is nothing like it was 50 years ago. Republicans wanted to put a one year delay and take away congresses exemption of the healthcare law. Democrates voted no on that. Why is the healthcare law ok for us, but they are above it. Does that not bother you? That they are forcing you take something that even they don't want?

      • SouthernGal

        Are you old enough to know what the Democratic party was like 50 yrs ago? They gave us Social Security, Medicare, the right to negotiate your working conditions, social programs for children and the elderly.
        You're wrong, they are exactly as they have been for 50 yrs, for the people and middle class

      • Eddie

        Do the Republicans not get the same healthcare the Dems do in Congress, Dougie?

      • Brandon

        Why delay it a year? People need more options to Affordable health care. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work but let if fail on its own merit. They are playing games with real people's lives with the shut down and it gains them NOTHING. The bill didn't change with their dumb little game.

        This isn't about Dem vs. Rep, this was about doing the RIGHT thing for the RIGHT reason - the people.

        They royally screwed it up and guess what, the bill is still law.

        Republicans are too radical. I heard today on the news that the problem with today's republican party is that there are no moderates left. I totally agree.

        • NorthernWVman

          Why delay it for a year? Ask your great and powerful leader that question? Why did HE delay it for big business?

          • SouthernGal

            It is my understanding that the delay for big business was to allow the companies more time to access the exchanges which hadn't been fully set up in some areas. This way they could select those that could be offered to their employees.

        • Jonny D

          Don't try and blame the Tea Party. Both republicans and democrats are to blame. You say "Republicans are too radical". What kool-aid have you been drinking. What about how radical the democrat party has become. I'm a proud Tea Party activist because I believe in following the constitution...if that makes me "too radical" then so be it.

          • SouthernGal

            I think the term "Kool-Aid" has passed it's "term limits" and just serves to ID you as one of the original right wing conservatives who are little by little tearing this country apart. If you're proud of that you are hardly a patriot.

  • Martinsburg Resident

    The DemoRATS have adopted the Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals" approach to governance... demonize your opponent & ridicule them. Keep telling the lie over and over and the Sheeple will believe it! Wake up America. With that being said, both sides have lost the American people. "Government is not the solution to our problems... Government is the PROBLEM!

    • SouthernGal

      Demonizing your opponent comes from the Karl Rove training manual. The demonizing of Pres. Obama began before he received the nomination and escalated since, so try to be honest regardless of your politics.

  • Mike

    So the government is closed.. I havent noticed. I have a job that supports the SOB's so I guess leave it closed. Take the trillion dollars saved and the 100,000 million Obama was sending to Chicago to bail them out of bankruptcy and pay off some debt. Hell leave it closed for a couple years and we may just be completely out of debt.

  • Mike

    Rahall is joke and his words are words that are taken with a grain of salt. He is a real piece of work, but he still gets re-eleceted. I remember the reason 2 year terms were put into affect in the Constitution for the House. It was so you had 2 years to fire someone for not doing there job. Same as all term limits. Start using it and put someone new in office. Hell they couldn't do any worse. This country will remain in shambles until the day we American citizins take it back. I myself refuse to vote for anyone who has already been in for a term. I will vote for the homeless man on the street corner before I vote for another one of these POS. These people work for us and its time to fire the majority of them.
    Signed fed up with all forms of Government from top to bottom.

    • SouthernGal

      You must have been one of the ones who voted for a convict instead of a president for our country..one who embarrassed the heck out of rational voters

  • PMQ

    This is why we need TERM LIMITS on ALL elected officials! Tricky Nicky is a complete tool, and a block head. Term limits would fix this! Our Founding Fathers NEVER intended that an elected official would be a CAREER. Enough already with Rahall!

    • SouthernGal

      They need enough time to learn how the govt. operates in DC, get themselves
      involved in it, then start making a difference. I'll go for 8-12 yrs.

  • Tiger

    When is the last time that the Congress (House & Senate) did their job and passed a budget as required by the Constitution? If both the Democrats and Republicans did their job, we wouldn't have a Government shut-down. The continuing resolutions are not a reliable substitute for a budget. Too much time is spent on ideology instead of running the government.

    • Brandon


  • jps

    Let's point the finger at each other and keep arguing and get nothing done. If congress and the white house had their paychecks on the line then maybe they would be more open to compromise. But they will continue to be paid for a job undone.

    • bulldog95

      Even if their paychecks were on the line they would just pass a bill on the down low and get it back.

      Just wait, once this is all over a bill will be passed and all government workers that were off from this will get backpay. Just wait, it will happen but it wont stop the people from crying about not getting paid but they will get paid. They will get paid for sitting at home... wait that already happens...

      • Brandon

        It didn't happen the last time but hey, why worry about looking at the facts.

  • FungoJoe

    No, what will be a sad day in WV, Mr. Rahall, is the day if you get re-elected. Just shows how out of touch Hezbollah Joe is with his constituents. If the congressional record is accurate, Hezbollah Joe has voted to shut down the government before when his democrats favored it. What is the difference now Joe??

    • SouthernGal