POCA, W.Va. — A Putnam County bank was robbed Wednesday afternoon.

Police said a man walked into Poca Valley Bank along Route 62 in Poca at about 1 p.m. and demanded money.

The man is described as being about 5-5 and weighing 150 pounds. He reportedly was wearing fake hair and a fake mustache when he entered the bank. He was also wearing a white shirt and black pants.

State Police and Putnam County sheriff’s deputies are investigating.


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  • BH

    A female perhaps?

  • Joe

    He looks like Super Mario!

  • Larry

    With all the modern technology available, it always amazes me when I see these grainy, distorted surveillance camera images always pointed down from the ceiling. If I ran a bank I would put the cameras right at eye level and I would get something with better pixilation than a 1990's vhs camera.

    • bulldog95

      Thats the same kind of equipment used to capture all those bigfoot sightings.

      • Larry

        True, and UFO's.

  • Troy Sexton

    I had more cops raid my home for alleged internet harassment as opposed to this freakin' BANK ROBBERY.

    Putnam County is soooo awesome.

    • bulldog95

      I am sure they were just doing their job, just doing their job.

  • cutty77

    5ft 5 and 150 Was the carnvial in town? How could he see above the counter. lol