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Clint Trickett’s 24-for-50 passing day netted 309 yards and a 30-21 win over then-No. 11 Oklahoma State. But will his injured right shoulder heal in time to face Baylor this Saturday?


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Further evidence of Clint Trickett’s elusiveness came when the West Virginia quarterback popped into, and quickly out of, the team’s interview room Tuesday night.

No camera time for Trickett, no media inquisition about the prognosis for his tender right shoulder and whether it will be sound enough for Saturday night’s game in Waco against No. 17 Baylor.

Though coaches held Trickett out of the week’s only media session, they did not hold him out of Tuesday’s practice. At least that was the report from offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson, whose comments must henceforth carry a disclaimer after he playfully misled reporters about the health of Ford Childress last week. (When the topic turns to quarterback injuries, the WVU media has adopted an X-Files mantra of “trust no one.”)

According to the oh-so-cagey Dawson, Trickett split practice reps with Paul Millard, while Childress (torn pectoral muscle) was a no-go Tuesday.

“Ford can’t throw,” Dawson said. “So we’ve got one healthy (quarterback), and one we’ll see by the end of the week.”

After steering West Virginia’s 30-21 upset of No. 11 Oklahoma State, Trickett warrants being the starter against Baylor, provided his throwing shoulder regains full strength and range of motion. Presumably he suffered no structural damage to the arm, considering how he re-entered the OSU game after being pancaked and showed adequate zip on eight subsequent passes. The question is whether pain tolerance will allow him to practice sufficiently and recover throughout the week.

“The main thing is how he feels on Thursday and Friday,” Dawson said.

If Trickett isn’t cleared to play, Millard would be WVU’s last scholarship quarterback standing. After that?

“It’s me,” Dawson joked. “I’ve got a pretty good arm. I can throw a little bit.”

The main hurdle for Trickett throughout fall camp was picking up the sideline communications from Dana Holgorsen and implementing them to his teammates at the tempo Holgorsen desires. Even as the Mountaineers entered Week 6, the coach said obstacles persist, leaving Trickett “a long way from being able to operate the offense the way I want him to.”

On the heels of a 24-of-50 passing performance, Trickett survived with playmaking reactions that overcame his operational inefficiencies.

“That’s what he has to improve on—that’s on him,” Holgorsen said. “He should be better at that right now. There were times in the game when I signaled a play to him, and he looked at me like I was from outer space. That’s when I threw my fits.

“It’s just frustrating, and it’s like communicating with someone who speaks a different language. The language that he learned at Florida State is different from the language we teach here, obviously. It’s taken him some time.”

Holgorsen made a somewhat comical attempt at diagnosing Childress’s chest injury.

“Ford’s injury is not ripped from the bone. If it’s ripped from the bone then they can do surgery or something. I’m not a doctor, I don’t know. It’s not going to heal itself—it’s going to be ripped forever. The soreness goes away and you just play through it. It sounds worse than it is. It really just has to heal, and then he will be fine.”

Though the 6-foot-5, 235-pound Childress is among the larger quarterbacks to play under Holgorsen, he’s also the first to miss a start due to injury.

“I told him that last week he was the first,” Holgorsen said. “Big and strong my butt.”

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  • Truthteller

    That is one thing that has to change. The receivers need to be more aggressive. They need to go after that ball. I have seen them being like Randy Moss or Terrell Owens and expect the ball to hit them right in the numbers. Go get the pull and stop being whimpy players.

  • wvajoker

    Big Larry boy, keep posting. If give me something to laugh about after the game. I am still laughing at last week's prediction---OK ST 52-WVU 7. I think that is what it was, but maybe my comprehension (and that is a word too and I understand it) was a little off.
    If you don't like Holgersen maybe would could we could find someone like Stew. He don't have to show up to coach because we could not tell the difference. Just need to find us a good old boy.

  • cutty77

    This Team will need all 3 QB's this year. All 3 have won a Game each. Clint can't hold up under the pass rush from our Screen Door O-Line Gives. 2 out of 3 of our QB's are Hurting because of this.

  • Big Larry

    Just like Oliver Luck, I too made a phone call once....

    Phone: ring ring, ring ring....."hello?"

    Big Larry: "yea, lemme get 6 pizzas, a family order of French fries, two large diet cokes, a 5gal bucket of mint swirl ice cream, and a box of crayons."

    Phone: "uhhhh, Larry is that you honey?"

    Big Larry: " Ma?!!?? You workin at the subs n more shop now?"

    Phone: " no sweetie. Just enjoying my day at the house."

    Big Larry: " we'll get my order done!!! I'm starving!!!"

  • Big Larry

    I was a mountaineer fan from long ago. I wear my lucky underwear every game. Havnt washed em since 83. You should see the excitement stains on em when we beat VA TECH. Or Oklahoma in the sugar bowl. But ever since I won the BCS championship on NCAA 12, I hate wvu. I won a championship!! Why can't they?
    Hit the B button Holgs!!!!!

    Baylor 75
    WVU - 7

    • Rick

      Not the same rick who's posted some ignorant post....but it was the fiesta bowl, 2007...

    • Bob Smithers

      WVU didn't play Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl.You are as ignorant as these guys say aren't you ?

  • J the C

    Regarding Trickett's injury, after watching in person, and watching the television replay, I have to wonder whether the severity of the injury wasn't played up by Holgs, Dawson and or Trickett in order ro decieve OSU, so that they might not devote enough attention to his passing capabilities in the waning minutes of the game. When he trotted off the field after the hit, and when he was celebrating after the game, he looked ok to me. His passing at the end looked sharper than it had throughout the game, with a few notable and successful exceptions. If I'm right, good job Clint and company.

    • Tom

      That is probably the dumbest post/idea for us beating osu I've seen yet... Congrats on being "that guy".

  • Dave

    Jumping off the sinking ship called the BIGEAST was a great move by Oliver Luck. Hiring Dana Holgorsen , another good move. The hiring of Keith Patterson has been a blessing. WVU is headed down the right path and us true fans are behind them all the way.

    LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wvangler

      The BIG EAST was a ship? When we jumped, it was more of a Jon Boat.

  • eduardo

    Stemple go back to Michigan if your comments are going to be THAT stupid. If we lose Holgorsen we will not recover this decade. Only a narrow minded idiot could fail to see how bright our future is with Holgorsen.

  • eduardo

    Rick: still a clueless imbecile.
    Alums and true fans: Let's support our Coach!!!

    • Steve

      Absolutely! Let's go mountaineers! Another big time game!

  • Stemple in Michigan

    If Clint does not know the play signals by now it is Holgersons fault also. Good gracious..... maybe luck will take the ad job in Texas and take Holgerson with him as offensive coordinator. DeForest could be head coach and Dawson could be court jester. These coaches need to go back to Texas or Oklahoma.

    • J the C

      Your post demonstrates your total lack of knowledge about the game. Glad you're in Michigan!

    • Big Larry

      We can only hope and pray it happens...

      • steve

        We certainly know that you hope and pray Big Larry. You're jealous of all the money that Luck has made WVU athletics by getting them in the Big 12 and selling their 3rd tier rights to the highest bidder, and you have been mad all week that WVU beat 11th ranked Oklahoma St. You were hoping that they would lose so that you could bash the coaches more than what you already do. Hey Big Larry since you are a Marshall fan, please let me know the last time Marshall beat a team in the top 11.

        • Big Larry

          Stevie boy,

          I was a WVU fan before you was even a bad memory in the mind of your parents...

          All Oliver Luck did was make a phone call and everyone knows it except people like you who live in make believe imaginary worlds...

          And one more thing...quit reading my are not intelligent enough to comprehend them...

          And yes..."comprehend" is a word...

          • Steve

            Your posts are easy to understand because you are nothing but a Marshall fan who is jealous of WVU success. You hate Holgerson and Luck because of the success and prosperity they have brought to WVU the past few years. You're a self proclaimed Marshall fan. Stop reading articles about WVU you jealous loser.


    Ford needs to be more mobile, is he using this time with Mike Joesph to be more mobile & watching video to be a better QB? Our QB's need to throw to an area with more zip...

    Our WR need to understand the ball is going to be there; they need to GET THE BALL & GO!!!!

    If Paul starts this weekend he needs to throw the ball as hard as he can (with zip on the ball) and he need to play smart & fast...

    I wonder how much heart these kids have to play the game, I understand we have little to none in the senior leadership on the offense side of the ball but somebody needs to stand up and say "WE NEED TO MAN TO MAN FIGHT TO WIN ON EVERY PLAY LIKE IT IS OUR LAST"

    New uniforms are nice, new league is nice,but students athlete's ready to play football on Sept 1st ... worst I have seen in years, No one putting team first... Team...Team... Fight...Fight...I got your back & you have my back ...lets go to war!!!! (hold the rope...) (and NO I don't want Rich back I want Dana & company put a winner out there...but the kids need to want it more then they do...they have talent but don't understand it takes a team to come together and fight for one another.... Our Men up front act like boys, they need to lead the way in the fight for this season and who WVU is today in college Football because know ones who WVU is today in the new league & new uniforms.... I wish I could fight for WVU & my team mates.

  • Mountaineer fanatic

    The Defense is looking really good. The kickers are also doing good. I think the O line needs to beef it up some. No matter who the QB is, they are all new. Even Trickett is new at starting. If the defense gets better and better and the O line beefs it up we could win a lot of games.
    One thing the Mountaineers can bank on. Even though I am in Florida, I will be sitting by my TV rooting for them. Even though there will not be a lot of yelling for you in the stands, we will be yelling, so play every play for four quarters. Do not give up, no matter what the score keep on playing hard. We can win this game!!!! LETS GOOOOOOOO

  • Rick

    Clint, Clint...He's our man if he can't do it nobody can...and WE know holgersen can't...SO GOOOO 'eers, Clint's our man.

  • HopeWVU

    Crest will be a welcomed addition next year at QB...Trickett won the game for us last week, but does he not know the signals by now...put some work in kid.

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    Look at Baylor's Wins this season so far, they haven't played anyone...They have also already had two bye weeks...They should be healthy and have confidence...but they have not been smacked in the mouth by a stout defense yet...They will get that on saturday...I hope we prove the nay sayers wrong again