WASHINGTON, D.C. — First District Congressman David McKinley (R-WV) sees the spending bill as the only vehicle House Republicans have to force the U.S. Senate to take up, what he said are, badly needed changes to the Affordable Care Act.


First District Congressman David McKinley (R-WV)

“The real mission, the real thing here, is to try to correct it,” said McKinley on Wednesday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”  “It (the health care law) is the law of the land.  Let’s work to correct it.”

Up to now, McKinley said the U.S. Senate has been unwilling to take up U.S. House bills to modify the health care reform law that is in the process of being fully implemented.

That is why, he said, U.S. House leaders have, so far, refused to put a bill that would fully fund the government, without health care strings attached to it, up for vote.  U.S. Senators are holding out for a clean bill.

The deadlock continued Wednesday on day two of a partial federal government shutdown.  The new fiscal year started Tuesday and thousands of federal workers in West Virginia and even more across the United States have been off the job since then.

“You’ve got to find, in parlance of Washington, a must pass bill, something that they have to vote on.  This is our first chance to try to link it to something that they have to debate,” said McKinley.  “It was an effort to try to force some dialogue.”

There is another deadline looming.  In two weeks, the federal government will hit the current debt limit and will run out of money soon after Oct. 17 unless Congress raises that limit.

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  • Larry DeHaven

    The reason Mr. McKinley sees the shutdown as the ONLY vehicle to affect ACA because he is new and hasn't learned a more appropriate route. Let's move on and legislate in the spirit of bipartisan participation at a later date. The law was passed and the President re-elected, perhaps Mr. McKinley should realize a tantrum is not productive.

  • BigDeal

    As a moderate, this is all very sad to me. I have always enjoyed my right to vote for either party. I believe our country is at its best when we take the best ideas from both sides and when reasonable politicians from both sides work together. While I do not know
    all the details of Obamacare, I do know that it is the law of the land. And as the law, we should work to fix it, not repeal it. Also, as a moderate, I cannot see myself voting for any republican in the next elections. While I do agree with many moderate Republicans on many issues, a vote for them is handing over the power to the tea party, and I adamantly disagree with their tactics. I believe their fight is much bigger than Obamacare, I believe that shutting down the government and keeping it shut down is their goal. The worst part about all this, is that the Democrats will sweep the House, the Senate, and the White House in the next elections because of this mess, which will give them the opportunity to pass another landmark bill. The cycle continues!

  • Jon

    We will see if David McKinley is re-elected after this stunt. I voted for him last time, but he has lost my vote.

    We have several jobs in this area (FBI Center, Federal Contractors) that are out of work. You may disagree with the health care law, but I would say he is losing quite a few votes for the next election. Just a guess.

  • j

    Thank you Mr McKinley. Finally a republican representative that says fix the law instead of doing away with it.

  • Middle of the Road

    If the republican party wanted to improve the affordable healthcare law, why didnt they work to make the bill better before it was passed. Instead all they did was try to kill it. Everyday americans are happy to have a chance to get some healthcare. Way to many of us do not have any insurance and would be devistated by a health problem. Now....we are to believe that the republicans just want to improve the health insurance law....What a bunch of horse@%*&. If the republicans think that we are so stupid to believe this then its time to start electing someone else. Lets start by passing a law that pays the representatives a salary equal to the mean average income of a US citizen, and let them pay for their own insurance! Maybe if they start having to deal with some of the same problems we are they will pull their heads out and start working to solve the problems.

    • bulldog95

      Selective memory on your part or simply misinformed? Republicans were left out of adding ammendments. There was a meeting where Obama said to McCain that the elections over, I won, you lost John. Nancy Pelosi was speaker then and didnt allow any input from the house just like Reid didnt allow any input in the senate.

  • JTC

    Calling Glen Gainer! Please run against this tea bag clown! McKantly has done NOTHING since he has been in Congress, at least Mollohan brought funds into WV!

    • Jeremy

      You are wrong. Mckinley is the future of Wva. Just watch and see.

  • So Tired

    The spending bill is the "only vehicle" McKinley has? That just shows how unwilling he is to compromise and put everyone back to work. His agenda is obviously more important than his constituents' futures. How soon until we can we vote this guy out?

    • bulldog95

      It is the only vehicle the house has to make the senate look at anything. Harry Reid tables almost everything that the house sends over. How many budgets has the house passed since Obama was elected?

  • JohnR

    Enough is enough! A clean CR would pass the House and breeze through the Senate. If Republicans want an up or down vote on changes to the Affordable Care Act fine, but do not attached poison pills to the Continuing Resolution. Yes, we know Republicans have concerns over what they call Obamacare... They have voted over 50 times to defund it. The Republican solution to those without healthcare... a band-aid. I do find it comical when Lady Capito says she wants to find compromise... this comes after voting to shutdown the government numerous times. Seems to me she is a flip-flopper.... Shame shame on you Shelley NO MOORE Capito!

    • bulldog95

      And of those times they have passed those bills, how many times has Harry Reid brought them up in the Senate. While you scratch your head and try to find that number go ahead and guess 0, as in ZERO. Whiel you are at it, how many budgets has the house passed that the senate just does nothing with.

  • RogerD

    Laws are changed or amended all the time by the body (Congress) that passed them. This law has already been amended numerous times by the President giving waivers to those that have done favors for him and punishing those that oppose him. This President has gone way past his position as granted by the Constitution.

    • bulldog95

      I have tried this argument but the blissful people on this website dont seem get it.

  • Michael

    The bill became law. The bill became law. The bill became law.

    ENOUGH ALREADY! Pay the bills!!

  • JTC

    President Obama 65,000,000

    Mittens 60,000,000

    It was decided! Move on and better the bill, it is here to stay!

    • bulldog95

      Obama in 2008 got 69,498,516.
      Obama in 2012 got 65,915,796.

      Thats a difference of 3,582,720.
      Thats a super duper statement to brag about. When was the last time a sitting president got less votes the 2nd time around? A mandate was hardly set here.

      • wvrefugee

        I remember telling the kids I coached about winning a ball game 1-0 one time.........a win is a win is a win!

  • Woody

    There was an elections last year - The Republicans lost their bid to take over the Senate and White House. The biggest issue was the Affordable Care Act - and they LOST. End of story - Now they are trying to use extortion. Does this make the 300th time the they have tried to get rid of it. You Lost - get over it.

    The other issues are negotiable but the Affordable Care Act is not.


    How Can You Even Utter That Statement?? The OBSTRUCTIONIST, HARRY REID, Is The Biggest Thing Wrong In D.C. Keeping The ACONGRESS From Working Properly!!! He Wont Allow Anything To Get To The Floor For A VOTE!! He's Got A Slot In His Back That Says, INSERT HAND HERE!!! I Can't Believe People Keep Re- Electing The Same Problems!!!

    • wvrefugee

      Please stay in West Virginia!

  • Hillbilly

    Good to know McKinley has the same "my-way-or-the-highway" attitude as Boehner. Election time will soon be here... changes are coming... to all you incumbents who ARE the problem with this country.

    • bulldog95

      Please dont just point fingers at the republicans and the my way or the highway attiutde. President Obama said something along the lines of just because you dont get 100% of what you want doesnt mean you shutdown the government.

      If the house passes a clean bill with no strings tied to the healtchcare law, what % does that give the dems in terms of what they wanted. I have heard no other arguments or problems with the bill other than the ties to the healthcare law, so I guess that means they get 100%.

  • John weaver

    Dialogue through extortion, the mafia is so proud of republicans and so are all the toddlers in America who now know infantile people can become politicians.