MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Clint Trickett’s right shoulder reportedly is fine. Dana Holgorsen’s voice is not.

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Clint Trickett was 24-of-50 fo 309 yards in WVU’s win over Oklahoma State 30-21 in Morgantown.

Through raspy and hoarse tones he feared could be the onset of laryngitis, West Virginia’s head coach announced Thursday night that Trickett would start against No. 17 Baylor on Saturday in Waco, Texas.

Trickett’s status had been uncertain since he absorbed a fourth-quarter pounding from Oklahoma State defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah. Though Trickett missed only one play and returned to finish the final two drives in the 30-21 upset victory, he favored his right arm noticeably and was deemed questionable by coaches early in the week.

Holgorsen, as has become almost a weekly occurrence on his radio call-in show, used the platform to announce his starting quarterback. Though Trickett was 24-of-50 for 309 yards against Oklahoma State, his first start as a Mountaineer was marked by communication lapses with Holgorsen. The coach, who said he required a steroids prescription for his sore throat, joked about losing his voice from screaming at Trickett during practice, frustrated by the Florida State transfer’s inability to pick up signals from the sideline.

“I can’t just be deliberate with the signs,” said Holgorsen, citing his need to be quick and cagey with sideline motions in order to prevent opposing defenses from stealing playcalls.

To that end, Holgorsen said Trickett is showing improvement not only with understanding Holgorsen’s signs, but also relaying them to the offense at the line of scrimmage. That’s why Holgorsen sensed the junior gives WVU its best chance of defeating Baylor, even though the coach said Ford Childress (torn pectoral) and opening-day starter Paul Millard are healthy and available.

“Clint’s getting better,” Holgorsen said. “This is what he’s waited for a long time. He doesn’t want to screw it up.”

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  • Chef Camille

    Luck is a big fan of beef brisket. The Austin stop is part of his 30 best brisket places to eat in the US.

  • MojoJojo

    Oliver Luck is stopping by Austin on his way to Waco today. Wonder what will be discussed in Austin??

    • Steve

      If true he will probably be discussing the AD job. When you make a University an extra $30 million in 3 years, people take notice.

      • Greg

        MojoJojo must be Luck's travel agent if she knows this.

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    texas looked like a big east team last night
    iowa st looked pretty good
    dont think they will be pushovers

    • Chet Ubetcha

      Iowa state is terrible, and I mean terrible. Not sure what that means for Texas other than Mack Brown is surely fired

  • wvu dad

    Main thing is qb does not cost the game. Play the healthiest let the team win the game. Three keys 1. Keep sticking and punishing running backs and receivers.
    2. Get a punt returner that can catch and make decisions.
    3. Left tackle must protect blind side.
    Was at last years score fest Baylor had trouble with up tempo and deep passes.
    A win would be awesome but odds makers give us no chance.

  • Justin

    good luck trickett. youre gonna need it. hopefully you know the offense better and dont throw any pick sixes

  • Dougie

    My fear is that Trickett is trying to play hurt. Holgerson hates players missing games or even practices for injuries and he benches them because of it. Clint knows this, especially after DH is quoted with, "Clint is going to play, he doesn't want to screw this up." If his throwing arm is 50-75%, he will hurt us more than help. Plus he could end up missing MORE time by hurting it worse. I hope he is truly ok, or this could cost us the game. We would be better off with Millard at 100% imo...

  • thornton

    Good luck to Trickett....but additionally, think flak vest and some reps and Wheaties for the WVU center.

  • JaneM

    I feel if the officiating is honest we could win this game easily.. I watched the Texas, Iowa State game last night and Texas came out a winner according to the officials but in reality Iowa State won that game last night.. The big 12 officials according to my thoughts treat West Virginia like as the old saying a redheaded stepchild we will not get any breaks guarantee you.. It was the same way last season in basketball the officiating in the big 12 is worst of all the five major conferences... I feel that every play will have to be very convincing in order to pull this game out, according to the officials that game against Oklahoma State I recorded it and I look for plays that they called like facemask offsides things of that nature they were bad calls against WVU.. I am not a whiner I just like for it to be official honesty because that's what I am.. Go mountaineers I'm pulling for you.. I dog fight ahead but you can win...

    • Rob Hovatter

      We were penalized 6 times for 39 yards. OSU was penalized 10 times for 96 yards. There are bad calls every game but the numbers suggest the officiating didn't favor OSU.

      • wv_hawk

        Big 12 officials are light-years better than the old Big East officials were to WVU.

        That said, they certainly screwed Iowa State last night. But when we came to the Big 12, I was warned that Texas will get all the calls in their favor - something about keeping Texas "happy" and in the conference so they do not bolt for the PAC.

      • JaneM

        @ Rob , I would guess you didn't see the game last night between Texas and Iowa St. .. It was one of the worst officiating I ever seen especially late in the game...Iowa St. won the game... but the officials make sure that Texas won ...Bad calls after replays...

    • JimJim

      You are right. The conference protects its big names teams. WVU will not get the calls from the officials.

  • tw eagle

    Let's Gooo Mountaineeerrrsss ! ! !

    Let's Gooo Mountaineeerrrsss ! ! !

    Let's Gooo Mountaineeerrrsss ! ! !

  • Rob T.

    Just please someone feed the boy a big ole WV breakfast of Buttermilk biscuits, eggs, and some squirl gravy! For some lbs and energy. Also can we get a snap to the QB on time. Let's go kkck some a$& in Waco

    • Larry

      I hear ya, he definitely needs to bulk up some or he will not be able to survive all the hits he's going to take.

  • Big Larry

    "He doesn’t want to screw it up.” ???

  • Dave

    You have to give Clint Trickett the job. He won a big game for us. As long as he plays well, you have to roll with it.


  • Mountaineer fanatic

    Maryland did not win that game. We lost it by all our fumbles and INTs. We did so much better last week that it was unbelievable.
    We can beat Baylor if we play hard and take care of the ball.
    Glad to hear that Trickett is ok.
    Keep up the good work on defense. Also appreciated the kickers on kick off and fourth down. Also glad to hear Ford is ok.

    • tony

      the score was marylands team 37 and ours 0. they won the game alright. stop it.

    • Bobby M

      Friend! Maryland did WIN that game! You might be thinking of THE game in 2011!!!

      Rock N ROLL Rumble!!!

    • Mike

      37-0 is losing anyway you cut it!

      • Larry

        I agree, you can't say you gave the game away unless you only lose by a few points.

  • Dave


  • wvman75

    Go Mountaineers!!