WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin took to answering phones late Thursday morning from residents upset for the partial shutdown of the federal government.

Manchin said during a Wednesday floor speech he is “embarrassed” and “ashamed” of Congress.

“Shutting down the government is simply unacceptable,” said Manchin. “I’ve got too many people (in West Virginia) that need the services of government. I’ve got too many people that depend on it.”

As of late Thursday morning, there had been no movement from Congress on a resolution to end the first such shutdown in 17 years. That last shutdown lasted 21 days.

Since Tuesday, House Republicans have proposed piecemeal funding bills to pay for some services until there is a shutdown solution, but Senate Democrats and the White House have opposed that.

President Barack Obama had called Congressional leaders to the White House for a Wednesday afternoon meeting. He was reportedly urging the House to pass a stopgap funding bill to re-open the government.

Obama is also asking Congress to raise the debt ceiling weeks ahead of an Oct. 17 deadline.

Manchin said Congress can help itself out of the mess.

“This is self-inflicted. This didn’t happen by any outside forces. This has all been self-inflicted,” he said. “It not only hurts the people of West Virginia deeply, it hurts people all over this country and they’re feeling effects. This is only the second day, but it’s two days too long.”

House Republicans have continued to push for changes to the Affordable Care Act as conditions of passage of bills dealing with federal spending and raising the debt limit.

Manchin said some parts of the healthcare law need reformed, repaired or repealed. However, he said, “I do not believe we should hold our government hostage while we work through the health care law.”

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  • peleliu

    The first ones who should have had their pay stopped are the 535 members of congress.

  • Joe

    I'd like to get an MBA. If I called Joe, you think he can help?!

  • Carmen

    Unlike Byrd, Randolph, and Rockefeller; Manchin just can't perfect the hypocrisy of the other three that were able to play the Party line in Washington, and also deliver the pork and disability checks back home.


    What kills me is that he acts like he is voting for the people. He voted to shut the gov't down. He could have kept the gov't open by voting to DELAY Obamacare for a year. He is a two faced hypocrite.

  • winston

    say thanks Joe you have my last vote. o's boy

  • Stan the Man

    Go ahead and bash Joe, he needs it. What about Rockefeller? Where is he? In a rubber room, wearing diapers and getting spoon fed. He has never helped WV. The only way to remedy the situation is vote out the incumbents on election day.

    • PMQ

      Stan the Man, there in lies the PROBLEM....when 50-60% of the population depends on the government dole...you get what we have. That group will not bite the hand that feeds them. We are a "welfare state". That is why the Dems have a lock on this state; that is also why we have the Manchin's, Rockefeller, Tennant, Tomblin, et al. Downward spiral that will be almost impossible to reverse.
      When Jay's professor at Princeton was asked what kind of student he was for a 1970 interview with Time magazine, he thought for a bit, and said....."TALL"! Intellectual midget. It is still amazing to me, that BloJoe has not been held responsible for his "man love" for Obama.

  • PMQ

    BloJoe, we are “embarrassed” and “ashamed” of YOU!

  • Tim C

    I think Joe should get paid for answering the phone....it's the first bit of work he's done that legit.

  • C.H

    Time to go Independant, Both Partys are nothing more than puppets for special intrest lobby . Dog and Cat poop both smell,we shouldnt have to hold our nose while we go to the ballot box. We, as a Country deserve better choices than we are getting on both sides.

    • WVU MOM

      If you go independent you lose your ability to choose the field of candidates.

  • Magic Mike

    Joe rubber stamp Manchin. Joe you lied to West Virginians. You ran against Obamacare then you voted for it. You are a fraud Manchin.

  • Shadow

    Joe never misses a photo op. The only thing missing from this photo is the long gun that he was holding when he was telling how much he loved the Second Amendment. I wonder how many calls he handled?

  • Bob Melphis

    “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a Republican. But I repeat myself.”
    ~Harry Truman

  • FungoJoe

    Remember people,
    Joe Biden is coming to WV for the Jefferson/Jackson day dinner soon. Time we gather everybody up, go down to the Charleston Civic Center and let ole Joe Biden know just what we West Virginians think of him, his liberal democrats and his boss Obama. Lets give him a reception and message "from the people" that he can take back to report on to Obama.
    We can do it, and we can do it up right too.

    • doug

      I could not agree more. When is this?

  • grey4449


  • grey4449

    ITS THE SENATES FAULT THEIRS A SHUTDOWN. Most people don't want Obamacare My son who makes around 11 Dollars an hour just got told his insurance is canceled as of Dec. 31. The company would rather pay the fine then get on that train wreak. My son has rent, cell phone, auto ins. gas, clothes and food to buy hes 27. SENATOR JOE NEEDS TO HELP TURN BACK OBAMACARE. I already got my insurance canceled this past Dec. 31 SENATOR JOE YOU WANT TO HELP PEOPLE IN OUT STATE. FIGHT OBAMACARE!!!!!!!!!!!