WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin took to answering phones late Thursday morning from residents upset for the partial shutdown of the federal government.

Manchin said during a Wednesday floor speech he is “embarrassed” and “ashamed” of Congress.

“Shutting down the government is simply unacceptable,” said Manchin. “I’ve got too many people (in West Virginia) that need the services of government. I’ve got too many people that depend on it.”

As of late Thursday morning, there had been no movement from Congress on a resolution to end the first such shutdown in 17 years. That last shutdown lasted 21 days.

Since Tuesday, House Republicans have proposed piecemeal funding bills to pay for some services until there is a shutdown solution, but Senate Democrats and the White House have opposed that.

President Barack Obama had called Congressional leaders to the White House for a Wednesday afternoon meeting. He was reportedly urging the House to pass a stopgap funding bill to re-open the government.

Obama is also asking Congress to raise the debt ceiling weeks ahead of an Oct. 17 deadline.

Manchin said Congress can help itself out of the mess.

“This is self-inflicted. This didn’t happen by any outside forces. This has all been self-inflicted,” he said. “It not only hurts the people of West Virginia deeply, it hurts people all over this country and they’re feeling effects. This is only the second day, but it’s two days too long.”

House Republicans have continued to push for changes to the Affordable Care Act as conditions of passage of bills dealing with federal spending and raising the debt limit.

Manchin said some parts of the healthcare law need reformed, repaired or repealed. However, he said, “I do not believe we should hold our government hostage while we work through the health care law.”

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  • PMQ

    BloJoe, you are "unacceptable".

  • Bill

    Is this the same Joe that said "I will not vote for a government shutdown"? But every vote he has made was a vote for shutdown. Joe is nothing more than a yes man for the little dictator Harry Reid. It must be that Reid is the only one with a brain, because no other Democrat can think for them self on how to vote on any bill that comes before the Senate. Looks like the Democrats are nothing more than blind mice. No one has the guts to stand up and say let’s vote on this bill. If Reid says this is DOA, no other Democrat ever says, hey Harry let's talk this over, what is being asked is not unreasonable.

    • Shadow

      You give Harry Reid too much credit!

  • Magic Mike

    Joe has become a rubber stamp for Obama. If he was up for election in 2014 his stance would be different.

  • Medman

    According to the Washington Post, Shelley is the only one from WV who is not accepting pay during the shutdown.

    • liberty4all

      She is one of the many elected officials from both parties who are financially well off without any salary or perks from being a Congress woman.

  • John

    Way to go Joe! You vote with Harry and then you try to blindside the people of WV with a statement of embarrassment. Maybe you should look in the mirror. Why not delay implementing healthcare for one (1) year. If OBAMACARE is good enough for West Virginians, then why exempt congress and staff from OBAMACARE? Yes, OBAMACARE does include good and bad parts, but don't you think intelligent people (did I say intelligent people) could sit down a compromise?

  • Hillbilly

    Hey Joe do you and your wife take care of your money like You and the Feds take care of our Money YOU ALL REMIND ME OF A DUMB KID TRYING TO KEEP A CHECKING ACCOUNT IN BALANCE Sorry that child would do a better job then that bunch in DC

  • blugldmn

    Who is Manchin donating his salary to? Himself?

    Maybe this shines a light on the fact that under the Democratic Party way to many people have become dependent in lifetime politicians using the taxpayers money to buy votes from the people he so worried about!

  • scott

    Joe is typical Washington politician. does a good job for the state then go to Washington and do whatever it takes to fit in. was always a fan of his, but not now. hes just like the rest. gutless, spineless, me first attitude.

    • John

      Didn't take Joe long to jump into the pockets of Bloomberg and Harry!

  • Tim C

    Joe......you're killing us all. You dems have got stupid you haven't even used yet.

    • Ray

      You are right Tim, but it seams that they always find a way to amaze us. As Forest Gump would say "Stupid is as stupid does"

      • Nick

        Ray...it is seems not seams. I don't like democrats, but I hate republicans. I am an independent and probably will be voting democrat the rest of my life. I don't like seeing Shaniqua with 5 children and on welfare. That is what your going to get though.

        • Magic Mike

          If you are independent then going to vote democrat you are not a independent.

  • wvman75

    “I’ve got too many people (in West Virginia) that need the services of government. I’ve got too many people that depend on it.”

    That's because of your political party's rule in this state. You were the governor here. Why didn't you do something to address this when it was your job to do so?

    • WVU MOM

      Because the governorship was a stepping stone to Byrd's seat.

  • Ragweed

    Since when is Congress obliged to negotiate with he president? That certainly is not in the Constitution. He has nothing in this. It is up to the Senate and the House to come up with a solution. The president needs to stay-the-&$#* out of it until a bill is passed. Howver, he doesn't want the blame if he vetos it, and he doesn't want the blame if he signs it.

  • MB

    Congress and the Senate should not receive any pay.

    • Daniel

      That will never happen! First, and foremost, they are all about themselves! Secondly, they only care about who funds their next re-election campaign. Third, and most importantly, they are not the ones that suffer the most! Voters keep voting these self-absorbed, power-hungry, individualistic a-holes into office and this is the end result. Deal with it and quit whining!!! Change happens on election day!!! And I don't mean simply switching parties!!!

  • Mr. Big

    Both sides are to blame and they all should be fired.

    • liberty4all


    • Shawn H

      Amen to that, Mr. Big. I'm getting sick of people blaming one side or the other. They are all weasels.

    • WVU MOM


    • John

      Exactly! A country founded by geniuses and run by idiots! Approx. 535!!!!!

  • David J.

    Manchin had the opportunity to vote on a fully funded ATA and the CR on Monday night when the house sent the CR over with the provision that would eliminate the subsidy for all government employees. It is obvious that he believes shutting the government down and denying our veterans and opportunity to see their monument is more important that eliminating subsidies to his staff and those of the White House.

  • bulldog95

    “I’ve got too many people (in West Virginia) that need the services of government. I’ve got too many people that depend on it.”

    Does anyone else have a problem with this? How about getting off the government teet.

    • Leo

      Everyone who accepts a welfare check should be made to work for it, whether they clean streets, toilets or jails and schools, doesn't matter, I am tired of paying for deadbeats. I know people need help, I am not talking about vets or anyone else who has earned their help, I am talking about the losers who have all those kids and their kids have kids and so on......with no jobs or any intention of working. So yes, I agree and I too have a problem with this.

      • Hillboy

        It costs money to hire people to do the work to check up on recipients to determine who really is or isn't a deadbeat. Are you in favor of paying for more government workers to do that job?

    • GregG

      I am not a fan of Joe Manchin, but good grief are you people that narrow minded? Do you not realize that there are people that WORK who are effected by this little republican childish fit throwing. Some of you people amaze me. Maybe some of you need to get off the republican...........and word isn't teet.

      • Wowbagger


        The House Republicans keep coming up with alternatives and Harry Reid refuses to allow a vote in the Senate. Then Reid argues that Bohener should allow a vote on his (Reid's) version of the bill in the House. Obama is willing to negotiate with Iran, but not other duly elected US officials. Sounds to me like the blame is pretty much equal. If nothing else the waivers to the "Affordable" Care Act for Congress and Staffers granted by Obama are illegal and shouldn't be allowed.

        Anyway, all of these non-essential laid off Federal employees who are not guarding various Parks and Monuments to keep the public (who actually own them) out are really just getting a retroactively paid vacation.

        • liberty4all

          Little consolation to the guys/gals whose bills will be due BEFORE the retroactive pay is received. As a libertarian, I'm all for a smaller government. But I also know the reality that too many fellow citizens live hand to mouth and budget on what they earn. Therefore, when a hardship occurs, there is no rainy day fund. Now, the arrogant ones who post on here as if their lives are perfect and as if they are part of the 1-2% who pay 90% of the federal taxes (hint - if you're posting on here, you're not part of that 1-2%, those folks don't have the time to waste) will say "It will teach them a lesson" and "they should be more responsible". It will technically be correct. However, being a true conservative and wanting a smaller federal government does not mean you lose the ability to have compassion and empathy for your fellow citizens.

          • WVMom

            I agree and unfortunately my husband and I do not have a rainy day fund to fall back on. My husband is a federal worker and a veteran, who is expected to still work but without a paycheck. I am sure they will pay him back but the credit damage will already be done. I can only hope that they reach an agreement soon or we will have to go bankrupt. We have learned our lesson. Save money and do not trust the government!

      • wv4evah

        I love reading comments on this site because they almost perfectly crystalize the no-knowingness that makes WV the backwater that it is.

        • Bigfish

          God that was a wonderful comment. Not the sharpest knives in the drawer around here.

      • Spell Checker

        Sorry, Greg. Low-information voters believe incorrectly that they have no need for government at any level. You will never convince them otherwise.

        Hang in there, Senator Manchin. You have my support and the support of informed voters.

      • mauldawg

        GregG Grow up and see the libs for what they really are,haters of freedom. The Libs want to control every move we make. That be be fine for a freeloader like your self,but not for real Americans.

        • Nick

          You are a dying breed old white mauldawg. Pretty soon the demographics will shift so much all the money and gerrymandering won't do any good.

          • Charleston,WV

            All the money and gerrymandering won't do any good anyhow for any public official when debt holders of the U.S. Treasury lose confidence of the almighty Greenback. The solution is simple: Cut the spending.

          • bulldog95

            What money? The rich will just leave.

    • HaywoodJablowme

      Policemen on the Govt teet
      Firefighters on the teet
      Natl Guardsmen on the teet
      WV State Rail
      National Parks Service

      The sheer ignorance of people who classify government workers as deadbeats amazes.

      • Magic Mike

        Police firefighters DMC DNR Highways are all state agencies.

        • wv4evah

          Bravo Hay.

    • mtnmanstan

      I couldn't make it past the second sentence either. I had read enough to that point and it speaks volumes.

      • Chris

        I couldn't either. He summed up most of our problems pretty well with that one statement.

    • RogerD

      Bulldog, I think Joe let slip a little truth in that statement. There are too many people dependent on government services. Why doesn't he and his colleagues begin looking into that?