WASHINGTON, D.C. — A woman died following a shooting near the U.S. Capitol Thursday afternoon.

The woman, with a child in her car, tried to ram a security barrier at the White House and then took off toward the capitol with police in pursuit. Shots rang out on the north side of the capitol a short time later and the woman was killed. The 1-year-old child inside the car was not injured.

The car was leased from another state and the woman had no identification on her. Reports indicate the woman may be 34-years-old and from Stamford, Connecticut.

Authorities say a Capitol Police Force officer was injured along with someone in a Secret Service car that hit a barrier near the capitol and flipped over. Both are reportedly doing okay.

The incident unfolded as lawmakers were debating a series of small spending bills inside the U.S. Capitol building, amid the ongoing partial government shutdown. The capitol complex was put on lockdown shortly before 2:30 p.m. The all-clear was given by 3:15 p.m.

All members of Congress were told they could return to their regular business when the lockdown was lifted.


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    As I said before, it is law, passed by the congress, and signed by the President who has been elected twice. Get over it and do something productive!

    Amen!!!!, Al is right on....

  • David

    No one suspected that a black woman driving a car would have a history of mental health problems, while no would doubt it if it was a Caucasian male wearing a Tea Party cap in a pickup truck with a Romney bumpersticker and a Confederate Flag tinted back window.

  • CaptainQ

    Why do I have a feeling that this story would get a LOT more play with the News Media (both branches of it, Main Stream Media AND Right Wing Media) had this person been a Caucasian male wearing a Tea Party cap in a pickup truck with a Romney bumpersticker and a Confederate Flag tinted back window?

    • FungoJoe

      You are completely right. I watched in amazement last night as more details came out about the driver. Once it was revealed it was a woman, the coverage waned. Once it was revealed it was a black woman, the coverage almost ceased. It was incredible.

      • Larry

        You're both right, as soon as CNN found out who it was, not another word, I don't think they ever even showed a picture of her. There is no question that they, along with all of the network newscasts are arms of the democrat party.

  • Larry

    Another African-American Obama voter goes on a rampage.

  • wvman75

    Plus, promise free stuff.

    • al

      But it's ok for the republicans to give all the free stuff to big companies in the form of bail outs or their big tax breaks to the wealthy? That's OK? If your rebublican friends have their way, there will only be the very very rich and the very very poor. But that's ok with you, I'm sure>

      • 2XLPatriot

        Liberals. the most tolerant, accepting and peacful people until you present them with facts and disagree with them.

      • ConservativeRealist

        I do believe that the largest bailout in the history of our nation was ARRA - an Obama brainchild....at almost a trillion dollars...

      • wvman75

        I'll just respond with Solyndra, 123 Battery, and Detroit's labor unions.

  • wvman75

    Welcome to liberal America. Where everyone is scared and big government has the answer. Control behavior and limit rights.

  • Dr. Sarcasm

    Welcome to the Police State

  • leroy j gibbs

    Her car was the weapon.didn't you see how she was driving? She deserved what she got.she must have had a death wish

    • BigDave

      Her car was the weapon? Then she put down that weapon when she stopped. And she was still killed.

  • Harpers Ferry

    Maybe this is a dumb question, but if the Gestapo KNEW that she was unarmed, and more importantly, HAD A TODDLER IN THE CAR, why would they open fire on the vehicle risking, not only the TODDLER'S life, but all the thousands of people in the area? Did they run out of tire flats?

    • Lowlander

      The vehicle was a weapon, and they are not protecting everyday objects, they are protecting the White House and the Capital. No matter our feelings on the government or what they are doing right now, a blow to them is a blow to the country. The officer's acted most appropriately and should be commended that they were able to act appropriately and still protect the lives of everyone else involved, including the child in the vehicle.

      • Harpers Ferry

        Obviously you have never been to DC and have no clue what you are talking about. The barricades set up around the perimeter of the Capital and White House are a great deal of a distance from each place. She stopped her car, but if her car IS a weapon then why not throw tire flats in front of her? I can make this phone in my hand a weapon as well, does that mean I deserve to be executed by the Gestapo?

        How come our soldiers overseas, or those protecting our borders, shoot first, but the Gestapo can shoot first on their own citizens and be called "heroes"?

        • Harpers Ferry

          Our soldiers can't shoot first , but the SS here can

  • tw eagle

    I like conspiricies . . .wouldn't surprise me that this was a run by terrorists to see who responded to this type of situation . . .then to duplicate the equipment and uniforms of the responders when a real target was being hit . . .
    having themselves waved into a bad situation
    as helpers only to unleash further mayhem . . .
    driving a rental with no personal id says a lot to me that this is a terroristic ploy . . .and we surely know that they have no regard at all for human life , even children . . .rather than have the false helpers create havoc , I feel it's past time to have the PD , FD , EMT's , and other institutions who respond to emergencies work
    under secret codes changed daily , much like the military uses to clear personnel into and out of installations . . .better safe than sorry . . .

    • Sid

      Everyone stand aside, Jack Bauer is here.

  • al

    Regular business? Seriously! All they are doing right now is sitting around waiting for the next Tea Bagger to stand up to the next TV camera and tell the American public how they are trying to "save" us from Obamacare. Do your job, you bunch of fat jokers, and run the government. Obamacare is law, passed by the congress, signed by the president who was elected twice. Get over it!!!

    • Alum

      Well now if you want to talk about law I'm game. How about this one, Gramm–Rudman–Hollings? It's only been on the books since 1986 and Congress ignores it daily. Maybe there are a few who recognize the runaway spending from both parties is not sustainable. I'm not necessarily sure their approach is right but the guy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue wants no debt ceiling so he can takes us right on over the fiscal cliff. It's that little old Alinsky strategy - crash it so you can make it as you want it to be.

      You like rock and roll al? Start with some Rush and here are three for you - Bastille Day, Something for Nothing, and The Trees. I suspect you wouldn't get any of them. If you can't relate to that try Elected by Alice Cooper in 1973 - he had it figured out 40 years ago. Too bad you are a bit slow (or maybe your one of those entitlement people, you know, give it to me for free) or maybe you don't want to exercise your brain and figure it out.

      One last thing, you can keep your vulgar comments about some politicians you disagree with to yourself; then again, the left often wished harm and death on the 43rd President so this is no surprise.

      I think I'll modify the name of a movie in your honor Shallow Al.

      • al

        Vulgar comments? What are you talking about??
        As for the 43rd president, I never wished him harm. I just wished him back to Texas. Dumbest man to ever occupy the White House.

        • wvman75

          Until Obama.

        • al

          Sorry, I shouldn't have said "dumbest". Was that to "vulgar" for your sensitive ears?

          • Crystal

            He probably meant "Tea bagger".

      • al

        As I said before, it is law, passed by the congress, and signed by the President who has been elected twice. Get over it and do something productive!

        • MP

          Then why does Obama get to pick and choose how he wants to implement the law? It's o.k. when he doesn't follow the letter of the law on ACA (which has been dozens of times), but you want the law followed vigorously now? Hypocrisy at its finest.

        • wvman75

          So was the Second Amendment. Liberals want to change that.

          • al

            Yes, and the second amendment was written for a totally different time and you know it.

          • wvman75

            Plus, Obama and the liberals have already changed it. You know, the law that passed Congress...

        • doug

          Al with all due respect do your research on how the law was passed. Democrates did not have the normal majority required to pass the law. So they passed it by changing the votes needed to do so. Before you respond, look it up.

          • Sid

            Ah yes, Democrates. My favorite Greek philosopher.

          • al

            A bill can't be passed without a majority. I think you mean a super majority.

    • wvman75

      Have you signed up for Obamacare yet? And if so, are your premiums cheaper or more expensive than you paid before? Are the doctors you like to see on the list or do you have to find another who is?

      • al

        I bet you like the Affordable Care Act, don't you? Just not Obamacare, right?

        • al

          Many Republicans don't know it's the same thing, but the seem to like it much better when it is called the ACA. I'm sure the democrats don't know that it's the same also, but they are not the ones shutting down the government because of it.

        • wvman75

          You're a knothead. Why not answer the question?

          • al

            No, I have not signed up for it because I do not need it. I have health insurance. But I know a few people who are in need of it, and not one said it was higher.

          • wvman75

            I've talked to several people who checked it out, and they would be paying double what they were. And their doctors weren't on the list of providers. How about you, Einstein?

  • John

    I like the last sentence! Return to regular business doing absolutely nothing!

  • cb

    You might want to hold back on that woman killed information. Most credible news sources are reporting that the woman in custody. There were reports that she was killed but those appear to not be true.

    In the rush to break a story, I think it is still important to fact check and wait for confirmation.