BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — The man wanted in connection with a shooting spree at a Huntington apartment complex has been arrested.

Police say Antonio Smith, 31, taken into custody Thursday night in Brooklyn, New York by an FBI swat team.

Smith had been on the run for over a week now. He was wanted for six counts of malicious wounding and once count of wanton endangerment.

Smith is accused of shooting six people on September 24 at the Northcott Court in Huntington.

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  • Curly Joe

    Well, maybe he didn't get an Obamaphone. Give me a break.

  • Tim C

    It's all you "educated" people that can't balance a budget, got the country 17 trillion in debt, huge deficits, gave us "projects" with no police force to control these convicts so the people there can live a normal life, allowed the perps to have more rights than the victims, socialized medicine, free phones, giving benefits to illegals, drug free and gun free zones which are neither. If I left anything out please add it to the list. Now that's as "real" as it gets.

  • KeepItReal

    Go blow Joe.
    That's what I mean...its people like you that make the world and Huntington's problems what it is! Blame others, racist, bigot, pigs! Living in Huntington you know the problems this community faces. Do something constructive....put your beer down, stump out your cigarette, go get an education and get off your fat butt and join a neighborhood watch program. (Then again we don't need another George Zimmerman). So lets try the others first. And YES earth creatures like you need to pray cause 'HELL IS FIRE'!!!

  • Joe

    No, KeepitReal. This is not funny. It is beyond disgusting and repulsive, and has gone on far too long. Decent and hardworking society has reached the limit of these unrestrained animals raging havoc an violence in what not long ago were family friendly neighborhoods. In this case, the victims are as bad as the perp.

    Now, perhaps you have a solution for this, and please tell us it is not praying.

  • KeepItReal

    Sad that these post think this is a funny crime. Pray it doesn't happen to nobody you know. Great job by the NYPD and Swat Team. Hopefully they can make these crimes stick and this fella gets his just reward. HPD has a tough job ahead of cleaning up the drug scene on Hal Greer. Good luck!

  • Curly Joe

    He got Obamaphone

  • Jesus

    Knot head? That's not very nice.... by the looks of his face tats and criminal history he was a pretty good guy....def a democrat lol. Wonder if he signed up for Obamacare yet (was actually already on welfare....... lol )

  • wvman75

    Was this knothead from New York or hiding in New York?