CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Add those with the Williamson Daily News to the growing list of people calling for the immediate resignation of Mingo County Commissioner David Baisden who plead guilty to a federal extortion charge this week.

“It’s a travesty, but it’s the good old boy mentality of politics in southern West Virginia,” said Kyle Lovern, an editor with the Williamson Daily News.

Baisden has indicated he’ll wait until shortly before he is sentenced on Jan. 14 for extortion to submit his resignation.  He broke the law by ending Mingo County’s business with Appalachian Tire when the company denied him the county price for tires for his personal vehicle.

Baisden has stepped down from his purchasing role for Mingo County, but he is still being paid as a member of the Mingo County Commission.

“He (Baisden) has not been to the last four meetings.  He’s really not making any decisions, which he shouldn’t,” said Lovern.  “If he continues to stay in that position the rest of the year, he’ll be making $9,000 to $10,000, or even going into January, because his sentencing is not until the middle of January.”

Up to now, the two other members of the Mingo County Commission, John Hubbard and Greg “Hootie” Smith, have refused to publicly call for Baisden’s resignation.

The next Mingo County Commission meeting is scheduled for Oct. 16 at 9 a.m.

Lovern was a guest on Friday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

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  • sassy

    baisden should have been taken out of politics years ago its not like everyone in mingo doesn't know of his dirty dealings and using his position to get what he wants!!!!

  • randy

    Check with West Virginia codes-6-6-1 and 6-5-5 as both states upon his conviction his position is terminated

  • randy

    Check with West Virginia codes-6-6-1 and 6-5-5 as both states upon his conviction his position is terminated.

  • David Kennedy

    Just who is out there to call this joker to task?
    I'm sure he's a member of the country ruling party and they are not going to chastise one of their own...
    He has power and he is calling the shots...
    It's a product of our times when guilty men and women have little respect for morality and accountability.
    I'm sure he is a part of the system that keeps the 'right kind of people in office.
    It's generational too...making sure the vote gets done the 'right way and the 'right people get elected to govern the people year after year.
    We are the 'chumps by our own choosing.
    We deserve what we get...

    • David Kennedy

      Thank You, Glen Gainer. It didn't take you very long to get the message...

  • Brian

    Sounds to me like the other two Commissioners are guilty themselves and when they are charged/plead they want to be able to do the same thing. Just as they did at the meeting earlier this week, the people of Mingo County need to show up at every commission meeting and demand action.