HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — The much anticipated unveiling of the new look Marshall mascot “Marco” is set for the Herd’s homecoming game this Saturday afternoon at Joan C. Edwards Stadium.

“He plans to come out a few minutes before kickoff,” said Matt Turner, Chief of Staff to Marshall President Stephen Kopp. “So I would encourage fans to be at the homecoming game before kickoff so they can catch it.”

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Friendly Marco to make a return this weekend.

The new mascot look isn’t really “new” at all. Marshall fans voted in an online poll to return Marco to his previous “friendly” look. The mascot took on a new look the last time the costume was revamped with a more muscular and aggressive Marco. He wasn’t well-received.

Turner said to make sure they got it right, they’ve sought a key consultant on the project.

“We’ve had some input from a mascot pro.” Turner said. “Dr. Allen Young is a name that will mean a lot to people.  Allen was Marco in the late 80s and early 90s and was named the nation’s top mascot.”

Turner said even this week the final details are being added to the costume to make sure it’s perfect.  He admits there’s no margin for error because the mascot becomes such a symbol and emblem of the university. Turner said fans are extremely sensitive about a mascot and the personae it projects.

“If it’s not right, we’re not going to have it there,” said Turner. “There’s still some details coming together and a lot of folks are putting a lot of effort into this, but it’s looking pretty good.”


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  • Marco

    I hope my name isn't too aggressive. Should I change it to Marky?

    • Chester


  • Marco

    Yeah, my family of Herd fans. I'm not real. No reason to be afraid of me.

  • A Little Herd Told Me

    So Marshall fans were scared of the new Marco and insisted that they go back to the more "friendly" looking Marco? Pssssssst. Hey Herd fans. Marco isn't real.

  • Just Thinkin'

    Might as well put back in the box someone won't like it!

  • Jeff

    Herd 98, they kicked your butt of the Gazette and the Daily Mail. Go away troll.

  • Herd98

    Get a life mauldawg. Go Herd! Can't wait to see the Marco I love.

    • pc

      Can't be too rough on muledork- -since his special ed reform school gave up sports, he has a lot of time on his hands!!

  • mauldawg

    Soft and sissy looking just like the herdies. Its hard to root for a team with a name like UTSA,but I will be. UTSA is that a HS team or a C-USA member? Same thing.

  • Habib Haddad

    Even Marco's name is comforting and reassuring.

  • thornton

    Children should love the new Marco as a team representative.....adorable would be the word.