MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Former Martinsburg basketball standout Donte Grantham announced via Twitter on Friday that he has committed to Clemson for 2014.

Grantham, who led Martinsburg to a state championship last year, was named the Evans Award winner as the state’s top high school basketball player. West Virginia offered Grantham a scholarship, but he ultimately chose to spend this year at Hargrave Military Academy in hopes of expanding his options.

Grantham’s list of offers grew to included Michigan, Miami, Texas, Connecticut and Cincinnati.

“This decision was the hardest of my life,” Grantham tweeted. “I just wanna thank everybody back home (in) Martinsburg for your help, and here at Hargrave!”

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  • 1Prouddog

    Congrats to Budda! Martinsburg won the Basketball and Football title in AAA last year. Budda and his class of graduates was the best to ever come out of Martinsburg High School academically and athletically! A lot of winners! May have also been the largest class ever at MHS! Budda gets to keep hi high school colors too! smile

  • Another Martinsburg Parent

    Congrats Buddy!

  • Chad

    Why go to WVU and get yelled at and pulled out of the game if you make one mistake.

  • Hughesknight

    Wish the young man all the best. We have a spot for drew payne's kid, we have a spot for Rick Romeo's kid amd a spot for Glen Adrian 's nephew. But we don't have a spot for Mr and mrs grantham's kid. Guess they don't know the secret handshake.

  • MojoJojo

    Recruited the felons and passed on the in-state recruit. That is a HOF coach for you.
    Thuggins' recruiting takes another hit. I don't know why Thuggins can't get it thru his thick head that 1.9 miilion state residents would cheer on an instate recruit much more than a junior college felon.

    • Concerned

      Must have missed the part where wvu offered?

  • EP Haters

    Huggs could've had him last year before anyone else was interested......instead he made the homer pick and signed Adrian early.

    • Chet Ubetcha

      You're right, but in fact WVU was first to offer, but pushed him to commit. He didn't so they moved on, nobody is at fault, not the right fit is all

      • EP Haters

        My point was that if Huggs would've offered during the early signing period last year, he most likely would've signed then. But as the year went on and more teams got involved, he took his time and weighed his options. It's always a gamble for the player and school during the early signing period

        • Chet Ubetcha

          Nah WVU was the first hand in the pot by months, he didn't commit because his family didn't want him to, WVU moved on. Good kid, but just didn't work out

          • EP Haters

            Not true....Huggins didn't offer until after the college season ended and several players had scholly's pulled. Clemson offered a full-ride after seeing him play during the season

  • DWM

    I don't think anyone is at fault here, kid worked hard and really developed late. He was off everyone's radar until midseason. Wish him the best in the ACC, hope for great things for him.

  • Justin

    no wvu? grantham is a trader

    • Concerned

      What's he a trader of?

  • EP Haters

    Hard work pays off

  • Greg

    Good Luck young man.