ST. ALBANS, W.Va. — Police in Kanawha County released the name of the woman Friday who was struck and killed by a truck Thursday night as she walked along U.S. Route 60 west of St. Albans.

Troopers said Angela Oxley, 34, of St. Albans was walking east pulling her two two children in a wagon near Arborland Acres when she was struck from behind. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The children were not injured.

The driver of the truck was not cited in the accident. It happened about 7:50 p.m. Thursday.



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  • tuffy

    This whole scenario makes no sense.

  • Tomgone12

    Terribly sad and sensless. How do you not have enough time to stop? At dusk or dark would you not be driving too fast for your headlights? Makes me curious if the driver was paying attention. Was the driver busy on the cell phone or texting? I hope the PD investigates. Maybe they are satisfied that, indeed, the driver could not see. I'd check the cell records. I still observe a lot of folks not obeying new law.

  • BIG J

    Probably a cell phone involved some way. Very sad indeed. People need to watch when they drive and be aware of what's going on around them but most don't !!!!!!! I don't care what the law says use of good common sense goes a long way, but most people just don't have this trait !!!!

  • Just Thinkin'

    Ditto there J, bet the truck was speeding and not watching, I've seen her before and she was ALWAYS very careful.

    • Larry

      They said no charges would be filed, the woman was wearing dark colored clothing and walking with traffic.

      • DonaldH

        I often wondered if in a case as this if the driver would of had 1 or 2 beers in him would he be charged with something... I'm not trying to make light of this in anyway,, I've seen this family, sometimes in the company of a male, many times along Coal River Road over the summer and thought GOD must be watching out for them... This is just terrible for all involved...

  • JGriffith

    could someone, anyone explain how a person pulling a wagon be stuck from behind & be killed & the children in the wagon she was puling behind her not be killed. They would have been hit first.

    • Larry

      One of the newscasts reported that one child was pulling the other.

    • Greg

      Good question. Curious too.

  • Larry

    If I could give some advice to the people of Kanawha Co., it would be to not walk along unlit roadways at night unless it's an emergency and to stay off railroad tracks at all times.