CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The West Virginia Democratic Party announced Saturday that it has postponed its 2013 Jefferson-Jackson Dinner from Oct. 12 to Nov. 2 because of the federal government shutdown.

Democratic Party Chairman Larry Puccio said Sen. Jay Rockefeller, Sen. Joe Manchin and 3rd District Congressman Nick Rahall want to focus their efforts on what’s happening in Washington.

“We support our democratic statesmen as they work to overcome the political games of House republicans, and to restore critical government services,” Puccio said in a news release.

The dinner, when it does take place at the Charleston Civic Center, will honor Sen. Rockefeller who has announced he will not seek reelection next year. Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to be on hand.

Rockefeller said the postponement is the right move for this time.

“My heart goes out to all West Virginians who are suffering or frustrated as a result of the federal government shut down. Reopening the government so our veterans, our miners, our seniors and our families can access the services they need and deserve is my number one priority,” Rockefeller said.


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  • Mackie Christenson

    These are the folks who closed the Mall to the ancient World War II Veterans but opened it today for a demonstration on Immigration.

  • Mackie Christenson

    Sounds like tickets sales are down.

  • Dave Miller

    Cancelled Why? Democrats against Coal mining , coal fired power plants , against hydraulic fracturing therefore against jobs for West Virginia ?

    Good reason to cancel the feast!

  • Fubar

    You just can't make this stuff up.
    Democrats are a funny breed to watch until you realize they control our State, the Senate, and the White House.

  • Jim Donnan

    There was a massive protest of union & non-union coal miners planned for that evening outside the Civic Center. Several elected Democrats from southern West Virginia who actually oppose Obama were to be a part of the protest.

    Joe Biden. Seriously.

  • Joe

    Puccio actually used the word 'statesmen'!!

  • Joe

    This may possibly be the funniest article I have ever read. The quotes are priceless.

    Tell you what delegation, how you all look in the mirror everyday is beyond me. The hypocracy is beyond believable.

    • Spell Checker

      That should be "hypocrisy".

      There's nothing like spelling words correctly to elevate the discussion.

      • Joe

        I bet you are just the center of attention at your high school reunions. Let me guess, all-conference football player from another state?! Everybody loves you.

  • WV Worker

    Cancel a dinner for they can focus their effects. Come on. The Speakers, the Dem, the Rep. and Pres. knew this was coming. Its a game they play but the losers are the American citizens who pay for all their bone head ideas. I don't understand how they can come back to their home States and said we tried. Not just the WV reps but any state rep. You think the Mountaineers made WV look bad last night, our bunch in Washington make us look bad daily. Its time for every elected official in Washington to be removed. They only reason their at a stand still is because they Obmacare puts their insurance and their family in the same policy as the working and none working AMERICANS. Are they better than us, NO, NO, NO. I wonder how much they are spending while our programs are running out of money. They and when I say they I mean every last one of the elected official in Washington needs their credit cards issued to them CUT OFF, make the park their Government cars in a garage and get around best they can, make them pay for their own meals, and positively NOT PAY CHECKS WHAT SO EVER. CUT EVERYTHING THE GOVERNMENT PAYS FOR OFF AND if they have been spending the next payday TAKE IT BACK. Let them live on nothing for a while and see if they don't straighten up.

  • Bobby

    C.F.T. ,

    You just watch the attendance. And I will watch for your comments after that.

    • C. F. T.


  • JTC

    That's great now I can go!

  • CaptainQ

    This is so incredibly stupid, it requires no further elaboration.

  • C. F. T.

    The Dem.'s have no shame, but to tell us these big lies. Ticket sales probably were so bad, that the cost to hold the dinner could not be covered.

    • Mr. Big

      You nailed it!!

  • Dale

    What BS!!

    • Teufel

      My sentiments exactly.....