WACO, Texas — The live-game blog from Floyd Casey Stadium where West Virginia took a beating from No. 17 Baylor:


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  • peleliu

    will someone teach our defensive line to keep their pads lower than the offensive line. to much standing up. I was taught that 50 years ago and my coach only made 500.00 for coaching.

  • Fuz

    coach needs to get players up for game.It all falls back on the coach.

  • David Warnick

    The only thing good about this game is it's over. If something drastic isn't done there will be many repeats before this sad season is done.

  • wvtd

    it is a very hard day to be a mountaineer.

  • H.

    I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to Oliver & Dana for transforming our football program... Way to go guys!!! It's too bad we don't have recall!!

  • Rick

    Luck has no guts. He was there and could have done a USC one better and fired what's his name right then and there.

    • BH

      With the contract he has , Coach Holgerson is not going anywhere. USC is a whole different animal

  • Joe blow

    Baylor made a believer out of me in this game. Though the rankings will disagree, I believe this could be the best team in the country, including Bama. I've never EVER seen a team this fast. The offense looks like an Oregon all-star team on crack. Every player on the team , QB included, ran as fast as lightning and were very elusive and shifty. They snapped the ball as fast as the refs could spot it, and the defense was stellar as well. This team seems to be light years ahead of the rest of the Big 12 (and anybody else for that matter), and will more than likely blow out every team they play this year as long as they're this consistent.

    With that being said, Trickett proved to me that he is for sure the toughest player on the team. He took shot after shot and kept playing. The receivers made lots of tough catches in double coverage which is something we needed to work on. BUT the O line needs LOTS of improvement so we can establish a running game and not kill our QB's. And the D got torched until the 2nd string came in. But that will happen to anybody playing this team. I believe our D is still VERY good and will recover from this loss. We will have at least 4 more wins this year. Go WVU!

  • big tom

    early in the game, very early, wvu gave up,, quit playing,,, then later against their scrubs, we score,,,moral victory, right? LOL again and again.

    this is the most embarrassing team we have ever fielded, and why dana started clint, is the biggest farce of this decade.
    the man is hurt, he can't throw and at h is best, he still can't throw... from top to bottom we suck

  • lifetimehunter

    Wow lots of bad calls and no calls. These officials can kiss my @!#\ for one. And I agree holgs shows no composure throws tantrums like a two yr old

    • Harpers Ferry

      Yeah, because clearly the Refs made the difference in the ball game. Idiot!

      • lifetimehunter

        Go play with your dog and a big jar of peanut butter. And yes both targeting calls were wrong along with multiple misses taunting calls. Baylor is nothing but a bunch of no class bums

        • lifetimehunter

          Nope just dont like flags on hard hits but the crap after the play that followed needs to stop.

  • tw eagle

    what did they flag pankey for ? a great block ?

  • Doug

    Looks like the worst beating in the modern era, with no improvement in sight for this coaching staff.

    • Bryan

      A bad beating yes, however coaching staff is doing fine keeping these young men competing. Continue to fight and learn and we'll play another one next week

      • Bert

        Next week we have a BYE.

        • Rick

          So what's the chances of winning against BYE?

        • Bryan

          Guess that gives us two weeks then to continue in our qwest to improve as a team. Thanks to all the coaches and players who have chosen to represent our Mountaineers this year, and I am looking forward to seeing what kind of progress we are making in the next game. Let's go Mountaineers!

  • Bert

    Remember last year ??? Don't you think Geno, Tevon, and Stedman are worth at least 35 points ??? I have to give our guys (the players) credit for still playing.

    • Rick

      And Pat White, Steve Slaton, and Jock Sanders are worth 28 more.

  • James

    Just embarrassing, 850 yards giving up by the defense, that's all, goodnite mountaineer nation

  • steve

    note--Holgerson, Luck, and Obama need to go.............all in the same patti wagon..............

  • Outdoor Man

    Might as well put the Waterboy in so he can score too....