WACO, Texas — The superlatives from Baylor’s 73-42 full-throttle blistering of West Virginia:

Best evidence Baylor’s offense isn’t just abusive toward mid-majors and FCS teams: The ease with which the Bears piled up 56 first-half points against WVU was astonishing. “I just think it’s funny how people still say we still have something to prove, when we’ve had four (great) weeks,” said quarterback Bryce Petty. “I guess 70 points isn’t enough. We know that we’re the best—it doesn’t matter what someone on ESPN says or whoever.”

Worst reason to forget about the pain in your shoulder: West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett appeared to be kicked in the groin inadvertently after a knockdown.

Best response to a special-teams blunder: After WVU pounced on Levi Norwood’s fumbled punt for a first-quarter touchdown, the Bears reeled off 35 unanswered points in the next 13 minutes. “We felt like we might move and score some more, and that wasn’t an issue at all,” said coach Art Briles.

Worst opening act for a defense that mistakenly thought it had regained swagger: WVU’s secondary blowing an assignment on the game’s third play, resulting in Antwan Goodley’s 61-yard TD. “We bust a coverage right off the get-go,” said defensive coordinator Keith Patterson. “I don’t know how to explain it, but from that point on it was like we were on the ropes.”

Worst moment of panic that wound up being justified: Dana Holgorsen tried a fourth-and-2 at midfield with 6:34 left in the first quarter and WVU trailing only 14-7. The decision generated much squawking when Dreamius Smith was stuffed, but given the way Baylor’s offense zoomed up and the down the field, Holgorsen would have been correct to go for it on every fourth down.

Best pick-six that didn’t impact the outcome: Darwin Cook’s 32-yard touchdown return off a fourth-quarter interception and lateral from WVU cornerback Travis Bell. “If it had been anybody else, I wouldn’t have expected him to pitch not, but Travis is always trying to make a play,” said Cook.

Worst way to spend the first half of the upcoming Texas Tech game: Being suspended for targeting, which is the case for WVU offensive tackle Adam Pankey after his crack-back block on a defender with only 2:17 left.

Best freshman-on-freshman slobberknocker: Baylor receiver Corey Coleman belted WVU cornerback Daryl Worley after an interception.

Best receiving night for a player not wearing a chrome helmet: West Virginia’s Kevin White had seven catches for 130 yards and two scores in a breakthrough game overshadowed for obvious reasons.

Best rushing night for a player not wearing a chrome helmet: WVU’s Charles Sims made two tacklers miss on a 39-yard touchdown early in the second half and finished 92 yards on 19 carries.

Worst tackling: WVU linebackers Jared Barber and Doug Rigg—so solid throughout the first five weeks—each whiffed on Lache Seastrunk’s 80-yard touchdown run. (Recall Rigg’s rather prescient scouting report on Baylor’s running backs earlier this week: “If they break it through a seam, we’re not going to catch them.”)

Best reason (beside Vitek’s BBQ “gut pack”) to come back to Waco: Baylor’s Nov. 7 game against Oklahoma should be a dandy.

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Baylor’s Levi Norwood (42) fumbles a punt that West Virginia recovers for a touchdown during the first quarter at Floyd Casey Stadium.
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  • Stemple in Michigan

    There are obvious bad signs on the team. Notice Clint walking away from Holgerson as the coach gives him a ear full. Look at the players body language in the fist half.. The young men do not have much support from the head coach. Credit the players for not giving up in the second half.

  • Bernie

    Interesting comments, but being an old Mountaineer and remembering the times that Penn State, Pitt, and Syracuse beat the hell out of us, then Nehlen brought us to another level but had some rough years (Remember those) Rich Rod also struggled in the beginning, so lets settle down and give this thing a chance. A new tough conference which we will adapt to hopefully by next year. A steep learning curve for coaches and players but given some games that are ugly we take our licks and get ready for the next game. For those of you who are not old enough to understand what it takes to build a program, take a seat and support these young men! You might be surprised!!

    • wvangler

      I'm inclined to agree with you Bernie. I think Holgerson is a better coach than Stewart (Stewart's competition was woefully short of what we are facing now and struggled against the South Floridas and Cincys - seriously?!). I'm not sold on some of the asst coaches though, particularly from a recruiting/leadership standpoint.

      My deepest concern is talent. I think his schemes can be successful, but I am not seeing the speed and athleticism we have gotten over the past 20 years - but I'm just a fan, not an expert. The competition is much more difficult than anything we faced in the Big East, but stepping back and just looking at this team, it doesn't look to have budding playmakers. I hope Dana can do something magic in the next year. I believe Oliver is a much better AD than Pastilong and is driven toward excellence more than maintaining mediocrity.

      The chasm of talent between Baylor and WVU was so ridiculous - it makes everything hard to swallow right now. By the end of the season I still think we will go to a bowl against a "we're playing who?" and have some reasons to be hopeful for next year (except against Alabama). I know I am praying for a freshman phenom. There are QB's and recievers on the FCS level with more star power than what we are seeing here it seems.

    • William

      Holgorsen is not a Mountaineer and NRVER will be> He is only here for that outrageous salary and will run out of Morgantown very soon.

  • zero tolerance

    Come on folks we are only one step away from a National Championship as promised by WVU "old money" donors who sent Coach Stewart down the road.

    Horse Woman's recruits
    Horse Woman's offense
    Horse Woman's coaches
    Horse Woman's TEAM

    NO excuses!

  • Rick139

    As I said at the beginning of the season, this is going to be a difficult year. There are too many underclassmen just learning their jobs with a smattering of seniors to provide leadership (kudos to Shaq, to mention one, for hustling his heart out-nose tackles are rarely seen downfield making plays). You have to have the horses regardless of the system or scheme. We have a bunch of colts. The talent is there. They need to be blooded, which is happening this year. We need to show patience and support as this team grows. The goal is to build the program into a contender in a new, big-time conference. That doesn't happen overnight.

    • Ragweed

      Agreed, Rick - I am sick and tired of hearing all the armchair coaches saying that Holgerson should have done this, or so and so should have done this, or that player should have caught that ball, or should have run this way or that.........ad infinitum.... ad nauseum.

      Rrealize it or not, we are rebuilding. We have the makings of an excellent team. It takes time. If you don't like the way things are being done, go to Motown and volunteer your time and all your great talents. Otherwise just be quiet.

      • Bob Smithers

        That's what I've been saying too guys.These are the same clowns that wanted Stewart gone.RIP Bill.If Saban,Lombardi or even Tom Landry was WVU'S coach,these 3 or 4 boobs would be saying the same thing.I'm getting rather sick of it myself.

  • JJ

    I think Dana has to go, he is a USC version of Lane Kiffin. Oliver Luck should of tried to hire Jimbo Fisher when we still had a chance. No if he gets rid of Dana, it is just going to be a rebuilding process for the next 5 years.

  • Jack

    I'm a WVU fan forever, but watching the game last night, Baylor could have easily scored over 100 if the coaches had not taken mercy. To compete in the Big 12, you have to have great athletes to go with great coaches. You always want to be able to compete especially with teams within your own conference. Speed kills and Baylor had plenty of it.

  • kevins

    Well said JoeM...you guys disgust me...if it is so bad please leave our state and quit bashing everything....

    • WVWho

      There are plenty of people who "live in the state" and root for neither WVU or Marshall. What does proximity have to do with anything?

      • Larry

        It has really everything to do with it, most people root for teams that are located closest to them.

      • wvangler

        It has to do with everything. It is state pride when a team that goes simply by "West Virginia" does well. I'd say at least 90% of WVU football fans have never set foot in a classroom in Morgantown. It is the state team like it or not.

  • JoeM

    Relax, take a deep breath, and remember where you're from. If your first, knee-jerk reaction is to spit venom and hate, then take some time to settle down. We are Mountaineers, and we are better than this. If you can't see that, then go ahead and root for Pitt. They need your kind of "love."

    • Shadow

      Don't forget, Marshall is a WV School and they won. Don't have to support Pitt!

      • wvangler

        Marshall plays WVIAC competition. I'd rather cheer for West Virginia State, at least they are our other land grant University. I can't tell the difference between Texas-San Antonio and Concord University.

  • Matt

    After halftime, Is it wrong to haved hoped Baylor would brake 100.....?

  • Big Larry

    Allan Taylor's describe the WVU play as "FLATLINING" which is an accurate description...

    Had Bayloy left their starters in for one more quarter, they could easily scored over 100 points.

    More Holgorsen Tirades on the side line is getting old...What is the man's problem?

    There is only one head coach that I know of who shows his hind end more than Holgorsen and that is Bob "Sweatsuit" Huggins...

    And yes, it great to see Marshall return to the field and win big...

  • Tim C

    I'm a big Holgersen fan....but this is ridiculous. This defense played worse in this game than any game last year. If this was the best game plan Patterson could come up with then he is no better than Deforest. How about lining up, pressuring the QB, smacking the receivers in the mouth off the line, and putting 7-8 guys in the box to stop the run? That's the way the spread is stopped in the NFL.....learn from them!

    • mike

      The defense played worse than any WVU game in modern history. I'm old--saw my first WVU game on 9 Nov 1957 in Pitt Stadium (WVU 7 Pitt 6) and have only missed listening, attending or watching tv games during my years in the US Navy and when I was playing HS and small college football on conflicting dates. As you can imagine I have seen a lot of good and BAD such as--36-35 in '70, (Pitt) 62-13 (PSU)in '73, 54-16 in 78(lowly Colorado State), 52-3 in 78 (Pitt) 20-14 in '59 (Citadel), 38-17 in'73 (Richmond)
      58-14 in '86 (Miami) THE 13-9 game and the 0-8-2 1960 season which included 42-0 loss to Pitt and a 45-0 loss to #1 Syracuse. There were many more... BUT Saturday night was-without question- the worst thing I have ever seen. We simply NEVER stopped them. It was as if we never prepared for them and we were a bad single A team playing a AAA power! To me it was even more astounding after the excellent performance against a pretty good OSU team. In fact, at this point, even after being a die hard fan all these years I find it hard to predict where this team will end up. However, at this point in time I'm sure most are expecting the worst-such as in we've experienced our last victory. As for the anti Holgerson feeling- I would object to that. He is proven and I'm supporting this regime even if we have the losing season which looks quite possible. I am also pleased that we are in the Big 12 with schools and populations in which we share both academic and cultural attributes--not to mention the sports revenue! 9 Nov 2013 is my anniversary, WVU vs Texas, and I'll be there. Keep the faith.

    • Heart Shot

      I am not a Holgorsen fan at all!! I'd like to know what Stewart knew about him, maybe it the same thing SI was reporting. We need to get rid of him ASAP! After all luck got him locked in so Pitt couldn't have him wow I think Pitt got the better end of that deal!

    • Rick

      Why are you a fan of his. What has he done, really. No recruits, any laurels were with other coaches players, No offence from an offensive guru...So what has he done for us at WVU...really... I want to know why you are his fan?

      • Heart Shot

        Ha! Luck locked him in so Pitt couldn't get him. Looks like Pitt got the better deal. He should have gave it to Doc!

  • Rick

    Is Baylor for real...the question asked when the first 3 teams played were Wofford, Buffalo and La-Monroe...
    Well, after MD got shellacked by FSU, you might still ask the question of Baylor after 4 games...are they for real.
    Luck was there and should have pulled a USC one better, just not allow him on the bus to go to the airport.
    WVU played their hearts out. To be in a game like that shows real character for the team...the preparation was terrible again and there is only one person who is at fault and the season will get no better until he is gone...

  • John

    I hope the days till Ollie leaves is correct. No other AD would have created this train wreck.

    • wvrefugee

      Maybe a positive is if OL leaves for Texas then we are assured that he will wreak havoc on their programs as well virtually assuring us of wins moving forward!! :o)

    • Shadow

      After watching the first half, I couldn't take any more. The question that I asked afterwards was: Was it more fun to win in the Big East or lose terribly in the Big 12?

    • zero tolerance


  • William's Daddy

    William, you are an embarrassment. Not only are you wrong...but you keep on talking.

    Remember..."Even a fool when he is silent, is thought to be wise."

    • Jason

      yet...you all continue to acknowledge his comments. Which validates (in his mind) his postings. Which is fine by me, I find comedy in all of this. WVU imploding, is something I saw coming as soon as they joined the Big XII. I called it that last year was going to be their best shot at doing something in the conf..then from this current year on...it would be seasons of hanging around kind of middle of the pack in the conference. However, WVU will still make good $ being associated with the conference, and that is really the bottom line to the WVU brass that runs the school. College and Pro sports is a business, make no mistake..in today's day and age, pride comes 2nd to the almighty dollar.

  • William

    68,978 - Number of pissed off WVU fans.
    23,460 - Number of empty seats at next home game
    41,000 - Number of WVU fans that wants Holgerson run out of Morgantown
    275,450 - Number of WVU fans that wants Joe Deforest fired
    27,500 - Number of WVU tickets for give away on Craigslist
    0 - Number of fires in Morgantown till end of season
    5 - Number of touchdown in remaining games
    2 - Number of quarterbacks that quit team
    69 - Number of turnovers for rest of season
    3 - Number of new shady deals by WVU by end of year.
    18,999 - Number of season ticket sales that drops for next year
    71 - Number of times that Holgerson says "YOU KNOW" in a 6 minute interview
    0 - How many blue or gold shirts that Holgorsen owns
    55 - Number of days till Oliver Luck leaves WVU
    It is very sad time to be a MOUNTAINEER FAN no matter where you may be

    • Bob Smithers

      what an idiot.

    • William

      0- the number of lives I have.

      • Ragweed

        0 - your IQ !!!

    • Yogi Wahoo

      Gomer cut and paste.....wow what a genius. However you forgot one vital stat.........True Mountaineer fans that think your a douche canoe....1.3 million

    • Kevin

      Wow, you had to go back a ways to cut n paste that one. Funny thing is, you're too lazy to change the numbers after last night's shellacking. You're just a lazy bum idiot that evidently has the cut n paste operation down to a science. Congrats. You can move on to second grade now.