WACO, Texas — Please use caution while watching the highlights from West Virginia’s 73-42 loss Saturday night, because Baylor players within the camera frame are even faster than they appear.

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  • Jack

    The announcers for the game last night stated that WVU had to replace 92 percent of their offense from last year, but is that really an excuse. All teams have to replace players every year and just like Florida State, they lost E.J. Manuel to the NFL and they are starting a red shirt freshman. Now WVU is not one of your elite programs like Florida State, but you shouldn't fall off the face of the earth.

  • Big Larry

    Why is the West Virginia football team like a possum?...Because they play dead at home and get killed on the road.

  • Tim

    Yes, we lost two games, and gave up a ton of points. Well put down the kool-aid, already. Just how good, did we really expect this season to be?

    Honestly, the defense is actually a bit better this year, but the offense is suffering we lost six key playmakers, a few offensive linemen, and we wonder why this team struggles for consistency?

    Wake up. This team is young, but it still has heart. Many other teams would have just packed it in after that first half, or team said, no. They fight until the final gun. That shows tremendous character.

    Remember how bad it was when Major Harris left? Look there is no doubt we have a tough season in front of us, but real strength is not just given. It is forged through fire. We are in that fire now. It is always darkest right before dawn.

    Therefore, we must press forward, root for the old gold and blue and know that the hearts in each of us, although we are now hurting, all look to those mountains, because mountaineers are always free.

  • Rick

    "I put Paul in the game because I was having an issue communicating with Clint," said Holgorsen.
    WE have a communications issue with YOU but we can't sit you on the bench or can we.

  • Big Larry

    For a minute we were in with a great chance.

    ...Then the game started.

  • Rick

    Is Baylor for real...the question asked when the first 3 teams played were Wofford, Buffalo and La-Monroe...
    Well, after MD got shellacked by FSU, you might still ask the question of Baylor after 4 games...are they for real.
    Luck was there and should have pulled a USC one better, just not allow him on the bus to go to the airport.
    WVU played their hearts out. To be in a game like that shows real character for the team...the preparation was terrible again and there is only one person who is at fault and the season will get no better until he is gone...