WACO, Texas — Following West Virginia’s 73-42 loss to No. 17 Baylor, coach Dana Holgorsen cited a laundry list of issues, including a brutal defensive regression and continued communication problems between himself and quarterback Clint Trickett.

“We said it all week—if we got into a track meet we wouldn’t be in good shape,” he said. “Offensively we’re not equipped to be able to keep up.”

Click on the video to see all of Holgorsen’s postgame comments.

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  • Justin

    we're in a better conference with better teams therefore we need better recruits. i just hope holgerson can get it done. the sad thing is wv might need a gimmick offense (like rich rods) just to compete with the big 12 because i dont know if we can get the talent we need to be successful unless we start paying players

  • David Elswick

    Dana acts like he believes the victory is based upon who runs the fastest offense. It isn't - its who outscores their oppoent - by any means "legal".

    And when you cannot run match up with your opponent - the best thing to do is slow down your offense - so you run down the clock - so your opponent doesn't get back on the field - again - with yet another opportunity to.."score again".

    Dana doesn't do this. But other coaches - successful coaches like Mike Stoops and Grunday do. Both have more victories than Dana as a head coach. And both have won Big 12 titles.

    Maybe it time to borrow USC's AD Pat Haden so he can "advise" WVU AD Oliver Luck on how to handle Dana?

  • shepherd

    Holgerson isnt half the coach Stew was. There is alot more to coaching then x and o. You gotta have heart, when Stew was the Coach his players would have ran thru a wall for him. I dont see that from Holgs players. Just my opinion. Watch the sidelines during a game, maybe Im wrong but I dont think so.

  • tony

    ..ah the parade of small ..... begins

  • Larry

    Did Holgersons dad ever get that house built for him?

  • Jack

    Don Nehlen took over a program that was one of the worst in the country and turned it into something special. Rich Rod struggled for a couple of years and then had WVU positioned to play for a national championship. Bobby Bowden talked about how much easier it was to recruit at Florida State than it was at WVU. Even Don Nehlen said he had to recruit second and third tier level players. Give the coaching staff a chance because we won't be able to attract any big name coaches anyway.

  • Hoss

    The guy who thumped WVU ,Art Briles, has been there going on 8 years. Here is his record, His & Baylor's success did not come overnight .........
    Baylor Bears (Big 12 Conference) (2008–present)
    2008 Baylor 4–8 2–6 T–5th (South)
    2009 Baylor 4–8 1–7 6th (South)
    2010 Baylor 7–6 4–4 4th (South) L Texas
    2011 Baylor 10–3 6–3 T–3rd W Alamo 12 13
    2012 Baylor 8–5 4–5 T–5th W Holiday

    GROW UP.

  • JL

    IF Bill Stewart tried to have a Pittsburgh reporter dig up dirt on Holgerson it was AFTER Dana was hired by Luck and Bill was given the news that he would be departing after a "transition" year. The quote by Luck still is relevant. He said Stewart had the Mountaineers heading in the wrong direction. This direction were are heading in now is absolutely the worse. Our University is being led by inexperience. This was Luck's first coaching hire and it is a monumental mistake.

  • Bryan

    Up and down weeks are to be expected while try to build or rebuild a program and patience is a virtue. If I recall all was great when we had an experienced team that had under achieved and Holerson led them to a 70-33 win. And did Clemson Gould up and quit, fire all their coaches, ad's, players and fans? No they regrouped and moved on. Same as WVU will do and when this staff and team come together and become competitive every week all will be forgotten by our narrow minded fans. Until then cheer on what we have, it's still exciting because we never know what we will get from game to game. LETS GO MOUNTAINEERS NOW AND FOREVER UNCONTIONALLY!!!!

    • Bryan



    Do you people FORGET when Billy Boy tried to get the reporter from The Pittsburgh Press To DIG UP DIRT on Dana Holgerson?? Whether it was him or his wife, It still led to his demise!

    • susanf

      I don't blame him for trying to get someone to investigate. He had WVU's best interests at heart. In

    • William

      The dirt was all TRUE. When you don't hire good people with GREAT CHARACTER things can get VERY UGLY and BAD!

  • WVUBig12

    Coach Stewart had 9 win seasons in the Big Least. The program started to regress after RR left for Michigan. Anyone that thinks Stewart was a divion 1 coach is completely clueless about football.

  • eduardo

    Its about how and how not to treat people, much more than just the game. We should collectively put our arms around Coach and tell him to keep his chin up. Show the man some love his time is gonna come. The way we have treated Dana is a black eye for the state of West Virginia.

    • susanf

      And I guess you think the way Coach Stewart was treated was perfectly o.k.?? What hypocricy!

  • eduardo

    What appalls me is the amount of crying our fickle fan base does. Win or lose real fans support their coach. I wonder how many fans who want rid of AD and Coach are alums. I bet very few.
    What happenned to showing some loyalty to a man who clearly is passionate about his football team? Nobody ever gives us a chance, not in any of our BCS wins, we have always been the underdog. Why cant we have realistic expectations? We are in a rebuilding year in a conference that has several teams that are better than any team in the BE. Remember we were middle of the pack there until all the good teams left for the ACC. Give this man some TIME. He has had little time to recruit due to the dire situation of his first year and had to piecemeal a team of Juco players this year

    • susanf

      LOYALTY?? You want to talk about loyalty?? Where the HELL was the loyalty for Coach Stewart who lived and breathed WVU football and who loved this state?? You Holgersen sycophants make me want to throw up!

  • Fuz

    Why would a coach put a player out their when you know he is hurt other than make him look bad. was it so he could start his chosen one the next game.

  • Bob Colson

    Both West Virginia and TCU were winning tons of games until moving to the Big 12. I don't think that's a coincidence. WVU brought everyone back last year and was #5 in the country when their Big 12 schedule started wearing them down. TCU similarly went from being a 10 win team to a 7 win team and look like it will struggle to even get to 7 wins this year. While the Big 12 may be down this season, top to bottom it's much different than the weekly pillow fights in the Big East and Mountain West conferences.

    With that said, WVU appeared to just be lofting the ball and throwing bombs yesterday hoping someone downfield would be there to make the catch. Because of all those 3 and outs it gave Baylor tons more possessions than they should have had.

    Baylor has an offense that, if you let it, can score at will. They will lose a couple of games down the road as the play some of the better defenses and a blueprint is drawn up to stop them. But WVU's careless handling of it's possessions yesterday made Baylor look much better than they probably are.