WACO, Texas — Having grown up with a demanding offensive line coach for a father, Clint Trickett says he can accept hard coaching. And he took plenty Saturday night during a 73-42 loss to Baylor.

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West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett was 9-of-28 against Baylor.

Dana Holgorsen, in a theme repeated from the previous week, became frustrated by the inability of Trickett to decipher sideline signals and get West Virginia’s uptempo offense in motion. Holgorsen gave his transfer quarterback an earful on several occasions, twice replacing him mid-drive with backup Paul Millard during the first half.

“I’ve dealt with some tough people in my life—look who my father is,” Trickett said. “People are going to yell. I yell all the time. Coaches are going to yell—you just have to listen to what they’re saying and do it.”

While fans spent the week wondering whether Trickett’s right shoulder would be healthy, Holgorsen was more concerned about his quarterback’s game-management skills.

“I’m not doing something right evidently, because there was a lot of times in the first couple series where I was giving (Trickett) specific orders and they weren’t being followed,” Holgorsen said.

Asked specifically about the reasoning behind Millard’s early cameos, the coach answered: “Because we weren’t getting called what I felt like needed to get called.”

Trickett threw for 161 yards on just 9-of-28 passing, repeatedly taking downfield shots as Baylor’s safeties crowded the line of scrimmage. On the plus side, he connected with Kevin White for a 39-yard touchdown and another 37-yard hookup, and twice netted pass interference flags on Baylor cornerbacks. Yet Trickett also left a number of deep throws off-target, missing opportunities that were crucial as WVU sought to keep pace with Baylor’s fast-break offense.

Yes, WVU scored six touchdowns, but Trickett was on the field for only two of them.

“We worked all week on getting that ball out in front, leading (the receiver) across the field because the corner’s going to be chasing,” said offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson. “But there were times when we didn’t do that.”

Added Holgorsen: “We made a few plays down there, but we didn’t make nearly as many as we should have.”

After suffering three sacks and an interception, Trickett was lifted for good with 12:14 left in the game. By that juncture, WVU trailed 66-21, and from the coaches’ perspective, the benefits of giving Trickett more game reps became outweighed by the risk of further injury to a right arm he tellingly kept tucked to his side.

Asked if he had full range of motion in his throwing am, the quarterback said “Not necessarily,” though he didn’t fault the injury for any inaccuracies.

“I’m not going to make excuses or anything. I didn’t execute the way I need to for us to win the game, so I put that game on me,” he said. “I’m not a trainer, I’m not a doctor. I went out there and gave it all we had, and I’m proud of myself for that.”

And how did the arm feel afterward?

“Thank God for a bye week,” he said.

After Millard threw fourth-quarter touchdowns to Ronald Carswell (43 yards) and White (1 yard), Holgorsen suggested the quarterback competition would re-open during the off week, with Ford Childress also playing a role as his form pectoral heals.

“I probably could have put (Childress) in there, but he’s just not quite ready because he hasn’t had the practice reps,” Holgorsen said.

“We’re going to keep prepping them all and the guy who has the hot hand is the guy we’re probably end up going with.”

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  • scott

    I got an idea...if your qb cant lift a phone...why not just throw it long everytime?...or at least 7 of 9 plays ...in a row!!!!! You definitely want to get your defense back out as quick as possible so they can watch the receivers just run by them.

    I,m certainly not as smart as coach holgerson because i would of been wasting time going for 7 and 8 yard plays instead of 70 and 80, and maybe keeping Baylor off the field.

    My confidence in Holgy is slipping...the play calling made no sense, whether you are down 3 or 30...who does that?And if your qb cant read the signals by week 5 or 6, pretty good chance he aint never goin too.

    I just dont know......

  • Dougie

    As I stated last week, Clint was trying to play hurt. We would have been much better off with Millard at 100%. However, with that said, it wouldn't have made a difference as our defense did absolutely nothing. That one is hard to understand. But please people, quit calling for the coach to get fired after every loss. That is so childish.

  • Jephre

    With the talented freshmen QBs coming next year, wonder which (1,2,or 3) of the 3 current ones will be gone?


    we need to work on our small game....short passes / bubble screens & quick tosses... faster, faster & faster.... Let's Gooooo!! Mountaineers!!!

  • cutty77

    I've said this many Times the way this O-Lines Blocks,we may need 12 QB's . But Boys and Girls Trickett can't play in the Big 12. Not fast enough,not strong enough. Great Kid,and Very Tuff but it ain't happening with him Game in Game out. Millard looked pretty good. This week off is well deserved, Baylor have already had 2 open weeks and it showed for sure.

  • pghmountaineer

    I have never seen a coaching staff this bad at WVU.

  • pghmountaineer

    One more point. Luck is on his way to Texas.

  • pghmountaineer

    Jim. Well said. You're spot on!
    Let's be honest no school is going to try and steal anyone on this staff.

  • pghmountaineer

    The total payroll for the coach's salaries in both major sports at WVU has never been higher and look at the state of both programs.
    Both programs are in a tailspin.

  • Jim

    WVU fans got led into this. Ken Kendrick used his money and Oliver Luck to get control of the program. Don Nelen, Bill Stewart, and yes Rich Rod as bad as I hate to say it got WVU national recognition. It will take years to dig out of this mess we are in now. It is a very difficult job to recruit to a small town in West Virginia with snow and cold weather. Our Florida pipeline has just about fizzled out and I do not see a very bright future. Recruiting against all the big Texas schools is probably not going to work very well for us with our past two season results. Not a big fan of the current administration.

    • Larry

      All good points, I suppose I will always root for WVU, but I am realistic, I don't think they'll ever win a national championship in football or basketball, just too small of a state with absolutely no d1 talent.

  • susanf

    It appears to me that the Holgertrolls don't want to face reality - the Wonder Boy just isn't working out very well, is he? And please stop w/the lame excuses and blaming everyone and everything else for this team's dismal record. Put the blame squarely where it belongs - the AD and the coaching staff. I have always said that WVU would rue the day that Oliver Luck became the Athletic Director. We are seeing the consequences of the bad decisions he has made.

  • Hoss

    The guy who thumped WVU ,Art Briles, has been there going on 8 years. Here is his record, His & Baylor's success did not come overnight .........
    Baylor Bears (Big 12 Conference) (2008–present)
    2008 Baylor 4–8 2–6 T–5th (South)
    2009 Baylor 4–8 1–7 6th (South)
    2010 Baylor 7–6 4–4 4th (South) L Texas
    2011 Baylor 10–3 6–3 T–3rd W Alamo 12 13
    2012 Baylor 8–5 4–5 T–5th W Holiday

    GROW UP.

  • Rock Solid

    Let us hope that Baylor was that GOOD, because their third stringers had speed to run circles around us. Speed kills, and we got drilled,killed, embarassed on national TV. Well we won't be picked for national telecast very often after this. Also stop worrying about a bowl. Why would you want to go back to the Pinstripe anyway? Have we not been punished enough? The only thing we lose are the extra practices, and it is obvious that we have problems that extra practice isn't going to fix. We need athletes with speed, and a duel threat quarterback! God love the boys for trying, they really left it on the field. Hey We arn't as bad as a lot of teams, but Baylor is the real deal THIS YEAR.

  • big tom

    why is it that people post after me and get posted and I can't,,,,,seems taylor is a homer and doesn't like me being realistic and stepping on his toes.

  • Adam

    So sick of this coaching staff and the play calling. We consistently hand the ball off up the middle which is either a 1 yard gain, a loss, or no gain at all. Use the back for other things since your O-line obviously can't block! Not to mention,the 50 yard bombs every other play?! That is the type of play calling of a backyard football game! Total desparation and lack of any innovation!!! Holgorsen is supposed to be some offensive "guru"? Our team cannot be that horrible to where they can't even compete with other teams. Shannon Dawson needs to go back to WHO CARES UNIVERSITY where he came from. Doesn't belong in D-1.

    • JimJim

      Yes, what happened to the Offensive Guru??? I have seen nothing new in three years. Same plays all the time. Did the opposing coaches see the game film??? The Dude said that it only took three days to install the offense, well, it took the opposing coaches that long to stop it.