WACO, Texas — Having grown up with a demanding offensive line coach for a father, Clint Trickett says he can accept hard coaching. And he took plenty Saturday night during a 73-42 loss to Baylor.

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West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett was 9-of-28 against Baylor.

Dana Holgorsen, in a theme repeated from the previous week, became frustrated by the inability of Trickett to decipher sideline signals and get West Virginia’s uptempo offense in motion. Holgorsen gave his transfer quarterback an earful on several occasions, twice replacing him mid-drive with backup Paul Millard during the first half.

“I’ve dealt with some tough people in my life—look who my father is,” Trickett said. “People are going to yell. I yell all the time. Coaches are going to yell—you just have to listen to what they’re saying and do it.”

While fans spent the week wondering whether Trickett’s right shoulder would be healthy, Holgorsen was more concerned about his quarterback’s game-management skills.

“I’m not doing something right evidently, because there was a lot of times in the first couple series where I was giving (Trickett) specific orders and they weren’t being followed,” Holgorsen said.

Asked specifically about the reasoning behind Millard’s early cameos, the coach answered: “Because we weren’t getting called what I felt like needed to get called.”

Trickett threw for 161 yards on just 9-of-28 passing, repeatedly taking downfield shots as Baylor’s safeties crowded the line of scrimmage. On the plus side, he connected with Kevin White for a 39-yard touchdown and another 37-yard hookup, and twice netted pass interference flags on Baylor cornerbacks. Yet Trickett also left a number of deep throws off-target, missing opportunities that were crucial as WVU sought to keep pace with Baylor’s fast-break offense.

Yes, WVU scored six touchdowns, but Trickett was on the field for only two of them.

“We worked all week on getting that ball out in front, leading (the receiver) across the field because the corner’s going to be chasing,” said offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson. “But there were times when we didn’t do that.”

Added Holgorsen: “We made a few plays down there, but we didn’t make nearly as many as we should have.”

After suffering three sacks and an interception, Trickett was lifted for good with 12:14 left in the game. By that juncture, WVU trailed 66-21, and from the coaches’ perspective, the benefits of giving Trickett more game reps became outweighed by the risk of further injury to a right arm he tellingly kept tucked to his side.

Asked if he had full range of motion in his throwing am, the quarterback said “Not necessarily,” though he didn’t fault the injury for any inaccuracies.

“I’m not going to make excuses or anything. I didn’t execute the way I need to for us to win the game, so I put that game on me,” he said. “I’m not a trainer, I’m not a doctor. I went out there and gave it all we had, and I’m proud of myself for that.”

And how did the arm feel afterward?

“Thank God for a bye week,” he said.

After Millard threw fourth-quarter touchdowns to Ronald Carswell (43 yards) and White (1 yard), Holgorsen suggested the quarterback competition would re-open during the off week, with Ford Childress also playing a role as his form pectoral heals.

“I probably could have put (Childress) in there, but he’s just not quite ready because he hasn’t had the practice reps,” Holgorsen said.

“We’re going to keep prepping them all and the guy who has the hot hand is the guy we’re probably end up going with.”

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  • john

    Just a matter of time, WVU will be everyones homecoming game!

    • Mister Man

      Do you really think WVU will stoop to Marshall's level?

      • Spell Checker

        West Virginians support WVU and Marshall.

    • RJ

      AMEN! Well stated!!

  • Big Larry

    Look for the Holgorsen Trolls to come back around Thursday and start talking smack again...

    • Charleston,WV

      Big Larry = Misery = Loves Company. Hope you enjoy your work, loser.

  • Big Larry

    Where are all the Holgorsen Trolls and relatives who were predicting a WVU win?

    What in Heaven's sweet name were they thinking?

    Here were some of their comments:

    1. Papers read "Upset it Waco"...WVU WINS!
    2. WVU will upset Baylor and win by two touchdowns.
    3. Baylor has only played cupcakes...they have not faced a defense like WVU.
    4.Baylor coming off a bye week will be rusty and WVU will win.
    5. Our offense is coming together and if the defense tightens up, WVU will win.
    6. Baylor will be overlooking WVU
    7. WVU has not shown all their offensive weapons.
    8. Holgorsen will have this team ready to play in Waco.

    These are just a few of their comments but I think you see where I'm driving this bus...

    • wvrefugee

      Wheels on the bus go round and round!

  • JimJim

    Now, let me get this straight, Was it the band members or ball boys who finished the game for Baylor???

    • Luke

      Exactly. Had the game been 4 hours and 30 seconds long, WVU would have lost the second half to the Baylor second and third teams.

      As an athletics league, the Big XII is a very good advertising organization. Things are so bad at Texas that each of the coaches of the major sports teams could be gone soon. Their budget? $163 million last year, so for those who think it is all about the money.....think again.

  • Rick

    Is Baylor for real...the question asked when the first 3 teams played were Wofford, Buffalo and La-Monroe...
    Well, after MD got shellacked by FSU, you might still ask the question of Baylor after 4 games...are they for real.
    Luck was there and should have pulled a USC one better, just not allow him on the bus to go to the airport.
    WVU played their hearts out. To be in a game like that shows real character for the team...the preparation was terrible again and there is only one person who is at fault and the season will get no better until he is gone...

  • Allan

    After this game I wonder if the AD position at Texas is looking good to Mr. Luck or does he embrace the challenge of sticking it out and really being a man of his word about bringing a National Championship to Morgantown? If we need a new coach, Lane Kiffen is available.

    • Larry

      WVU will never win a national championship, I'd love to see it, but no, it will never happen, if you want to root for a team that wins championships, better switch allegiances to Alabama.

    • len

      Lane Kiffin????? Whatever your opinion of Dana is (god, bad , or indifferent) Kiffin would be worse.....

    • WVWho

      The bigger question is, if he goes (which looks likely) who does WVU replace him with? and does that result in additional coaching turnover? A lot more big picture questions that who plays QB in two weeks.

      • WVWho


  • Allan

    Let's face it, we have no QB! None of them will be able to run DH's offense. let's hope the freshmen coming in next year can run the offense. We had some opportunities to score, just couldn't, Trickett is a tough kid, but that's all he has...he has a weak and inaccurate arm and the TD's he threw were more a defensive let down or a great catch by the receiver. Too many long bombs the first quarter with no possibility of hooking up. Need to throw shorter passes, what happen to the tight end or the back out of backfield and the Offensive line is offensive and down right pitiful. But saying this, I give Baylor all the credit...they are a well oiled machine and great athletes and well coached.

    • Shadow

      Maybe it was the signals were missed, but I thought the game plan was to throw long into two safeties! First time I ever heard the plan to "throw long, it opens up the short".

  • Tim C

    Anytime a QB is dangling his throwing arm after every throw because he is injured spells loss. Trickett is a good QB but he is hurt and it and it showed last night. Bad coaching move not to pull him early.

    • unclec

      Does the coaching staff want him out for the season? Letting him play could take him out for a long time. Need to get things in order NOW

  • Robin

    "What we have here is a failure to communicate."

    Well then that falls on coaching. YOU adapt DH and YOU figure out the best way to have players understand. The team is not playing up tempo ball so why not run a player in with the play? They don't have to huddle he can tell the quarterback and then it can be relayed at the line. Either way it is your responsibility to correct this.

    As for Millard scoring touchdowns, by that time the game was so out of control Baylor had the ball boys suited up and playing defense.

    • Scott

      You got it right Robin. Since DH has been there he has complained about communication problems with qb's, so DH, simplify your signals, because it must be starting with you. but it looks like he just likes blaming the qb's. But this is just not a good team and it all starts with coaching. I doubt DH is around long though, he will find another head job somewhere soon and this debacle from the start of his coming to WVU will be over, and please take your coaching friends along.

      • Scott

        I want people to know their is 2 different Scott's posting on this sight

  • leroy j gibbs

    We had a great scrimmage with a great team. The rest of the schedual are cupcake teams compared to Baylor. We should finish with a winning season. Having said that, the coach/quarterback issue is a serious cluster

    • RJ

      Cupcakes? Really! Texas Tech is undefeated and they are good. The only cupcake left---a lateral team with us, is Kansas! No cupcakes I see!!! As Coach Nehlen use to say, "if we win any game we are going to have to play like a bunch of little roosters!" We may well end up the year with a losing record!

  • RJ

    Don't blame Trickett you could tell from the start he wasn't 100%, our "O" is lousy and "D" is at best mediocre ! I guess all you will hear up there this week is "we are young"! Funny, been hearing this for years in Motown. When are they going to we are maturer? Don't look for a Bowl this year, as Coach Nehlen use to say, "the only bowl we will go to this year is the "toilet bowl"! That just about sums it up. Have you noticed since Rod and Doc left our talent level has been slowly going down? Hmmm! Glad we are not playing Marshall this year!!

    • Ragweed

      RJ - "we are young"! Funny, been hearing this for years in Motown. So, Geno and his team was young? Pat Whie and his team was young. Next time think before you make an idiotic statement.

    • will

      Amen to that one.

  • wvajoker

    Very big crappymess on the postings in here. William must want Holgorsen or his high school coach. That can't be right, he is in grade school.

  • William

    Very big Quarterback mess in Morgantown, not only this year but many years to come!
    Holgorsen would make a great High school coach.

    • Williamisaloser

      You would make a great idiot.....oh wait you have a PhD in that already.

  • Joe

    What a clusterf!?k this qb situation and communication is!

  • Dave

    Fans are thanking God for a bye week as well. Although that may disrupt our rhythm of wins on odd number weeks.