The MetroNews high school football power rankings are voted upon weekly by a panel of radio broadcasters and sports writers across West Virginia. The rankings include season record, total points and first-place votes in parenthesis.

Class AAA

1HUNTINGTON (6-0)76 (9)
Last week: Defeated Capital, 24-10
This week: Bye
Ranking last week: 2
WVSSAC ranking last week: 1
Notes: The Highlanders make the jump to No. 1 after another impressive defensive showing, holding a high-scoring Capital offense to just 10 points. The voters, though, are split on Huntington and Martinsburg as both schools have nine first-place votes.
2MARTINSBURG (5-1)71 (9)
Last week: Defeated Washington, 34-0
This week: vs. Spring Mills
Ranking last week: 1
WVSSAC ranking last week: 7
Notes: While the off-field drama on the eligibility of quarterback Malique Watkins continues, the Bulldogs made business-like work of Washington last week, 34-0. RB Eric Brown put up 145 rushing yards and three scores on just 12 carries in the win.
Last week: Defeated East Liverpool, Oh. 52-0
This week: at Morgantown
Ranking last week: 5
WVSSAC ranking last week: T-2
Notes: Park benefits from Capital’s loss to Huntington as the Patriots jump up to No. 3. Wheeling Park will get a chance to prove itself again this week with a road matchup at Morgantown.
Last week: Defeated DuBois, Pa. 52-21
This week: vs. Wheeling Park
Ranking last week: 3
WVSSAC ranking last week: 11
Notes: The Mohigans last week cruised through their final out-of-state matchup. A lot of playoff bonus points will be on the line this week against Wheeling Park.
Last week: Defeated Princeton, 40-14
This week: vs. Hurricane
Ranking last week: Receiving votes
WVSSAC ranking last week: T-2
Notes: George Washington makes its debut in the top five this year after an undefeated 5-0 start. Running back Draven Riffe last week totaled 355 yards and three touchdowns on 36 carries in the win over Princeton.
Dropped from rankings:
Capital (4th)
Also receiving votes:
Cabell Midland 8, Capital 6, Pt. Pleasant 4, University 3

Class AA

1WAYNE (5-0)89 (17)
Last week: Defeated Mingo Central, 40-12
This week: vs. Scott
Ranking last week: 1
WVSSAC ranking last week: 3
Notes: The Pioneers overcame four turnovers against Mingo Central last week, extending their current winning streak out to 28 straight games.
2BRIDGEPORT (5-1)71 (1)
Last week: Defeated Fairmont Senior, 37-14
This week: vs. Keyser
Ranking last week: 2
WVSSAC ranking last week: 5
Notes: Bridgeport running back Anthony Bonamico ran for 280 yards and three touchdowns on 25 carries in last week’s win over Fairmont Senior. The Indians this week will be looking to avenge two losses from last year to Keyser.
3BLUEFIELD (4-1)49
Last week: Defeated Richlands, Va. 38-14
This week: at River View
Ranking last week: 4
WVSSAC ranking last week: 7
Notes:┬áThe Beavers jump up to No. 3 this week with Fairmont Senior’s loss to Bridgeport. A close loss to Princeton so far is the only setback this year for Bluefield.
4FRANKFORT (5-0)27
Last week: Defeated Mountain Ridge, Md. 50-14
This week: vs. Fairmont Senior
Ranking last week: 5
WVSSAC ranking last week: 4
Notes: The Falcons are off to a 5-0 start for the second straight year. A key test looms this week against Fairmont Senior.
Last week: Lost to Bridgeport, 37-14
This week: at Frankfort
Ranking last week: 3
WVSSAC ranking last week: 1
Notes: The Polar Bears fell short against Bridgeport last week, but have a prime opportunity to bounce back this week on the road at undefeated Frankfort.
Also receiving votes:
Keyser 10, Wyoming East 3, Sissonville 2

Class A

1MADONNA (5-0)86 (15)
Last week: Defeated Bridgeport, Oh. 55-0
This week: vs. Bishop Donahue
Ranking last week: 1
WVSSAC ranking last week: 3
Notes: The Blue Dons continue to win comfortably – they have scored at least 33 points every time out, and haven’t given up more than eight points in a game yet.
2ST. MARYS (5-0)65 (3)
Last week: Defeated Williamstown, 32-13
This week: at Calhoun County
Ranking last week: 4
WVSSAC ranking last week: 2
Notes: The Blue Devils gave Williamstown its first loss of the season, picking up a marquee win in the process.
3WAHAMA (5-1)35
Last week: Defeated Southern, Oh. 28-14
This week: vs. Federal Hocking, Oh.
Ranking last week: 2
WVSSAC ranking last week: 14
Notes: Wahama picked up an important win last week in terms of playoff bonus points, handing Southern, Oh. (5-1) its first loss of the year.
Last week: Defeated Kiski Prep, Pa. 20-18
This week: vs. Shadyside, Oh.
Ranking last week: 5
WVSSAC ranking last week: 10
Notes: The Maroon Knights needed a defensive stop late in the game as Kiski came up short on what would have been a game-tying two-point conversion.
Last week: Game vs. Valley (W) postponed to Monday
This week: Valley (W) and a bye
Ranking last week: Receiving votes
WVSSAC ranking last week: 11
Notes: After a week absence from the top five, the Cee Bees snag the final spot in Class A this week.
Dropped from rankings:
Williamstown (3rd)
Also receiving votes:
East Hardy 12, Greenbrier West 9, Moorefield 9, Williamstown 9, Valley Fayette 2, Man 2
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  • ryan

    The rb from martinsburg last season was expelled from a Fla school yet they found a place for him on their roster. They blatently cheat every year and somehow no-one ever gets fired

    • EP Haters

      How is that cheating? A kid transfers into the area because a lot of family members are local. He chose to enroll at MHS. He had the required GPA to participate.

      Oh that's right. Since everyone thinks MHS cheats, they should turn away every kid that transfers in?

      • Ryan


        • EP Haters

          So with Malik, we should ignore bordering states rules and academic qualifications. But with Boyd, we should allow what happened in Fla effect the decisions we make? By the way, Boyd only played half the season last year....he is a good player, but they win the ring without him

          • EP Haters

            You just sound like a whiner. "they cheat every year" hahaha I know, it's against the rules to be better than another school. Bring some facts to the table

  • James

    Actually I have no kids at Martinsburg, I'm just speaking my opinion, I graduated from martinsburg in 98, not only did make all state football, basketball, and baseball, won a state championship in baseball as a freshman, was the state holder at quarterback for most total yards in a season, until Jr House broke my records, was all state in basketball, but my biggest accomplishment was my 3.5 gpa, so there you go Davey

  • wvman75

    I don't hjave a dog in this fight, but judging from the comments, they definitely concentrate more on football than academics at Martinsburg.

    • wvman75

      have lol

      I still stand by my observation.

  • Big Larry

    Martinsburg high school recruits college players from Maryland & Pennsylvania to play for them on Friday nights. In addition there are always one or two Pittsburg Steeler players who also suit up and at least one Penn State player that dresses for each game...

    Now is that fair?

  • Davy

    And for what it is worth, who really cares about the glorified power rankings, anyway? A panel of radio broadcasters and sportswriters matters not.

  • Davy

    If Steve and James' are any indication of MHS scholars, there is no doubt too much emphasis is placed on the sports and not the classroom.

  • Muddug44

    Where is greenbreir west rated in power ranking&in the wvssac

    • Steel Valley

      According to WVSSAC week 7 they are 7th.

    • Steel Valley

      Muddug44, as of week 5, they were 13th. Hope that answers your question. They might move up. WVSSAC rankings come out tomorrow after 2:00 pm.

  • Jrizzle

    Do these guys realize they're smack talking about high school football? A bunch of washed up "wish I could've beens" it sounds like. It sounds like Texas in varsity blues.....not quite the same level

    • Harpers Ferry

      I don't want, YOUR LIFE!

    • 1Prouddog

      Its not smack talk for all of us. Some of us are just plain tired of the disrespect/ unfair treatment that the Eastern Panhandle of WV gets. Being from Texas where things are bigger and better we don't expect you to understand. However I'm sure even Texans respect high school football teams that are 3 time champions!

      • Jrizzle

        Not from Texas..... Born and raised in wv. Simply stated that all of this chatter sounds like Texas football in the movie "Varstity Blues". A bunch of parents that are more worries about the status of their kids football team than their education because they are re-living their childhoods through them.

        Whoever you are, and whatever school you're supporting--- you'll get your chance in the playoffs. Your kid will be better off if you spend more time parenting and less time worrying about what the power rankings say about your football "status".

  • James

    I heard they are about to rename wheeling island, to bulldog island, since they have been there 7 years out of 10

    • 7 of 10

      7 of 4 losses and 3 wins...

    • Steel Valley

      Really? Dont hold your breathe on that one.

  • Donald

    Hey they better start paying attention to them Valley(Fayette) Greyhounds as the season goes on!

  • steve

    Huntington or GW Just call Martinsburgs AD for next year for a game unless u r chicken to be the best you got to beat the best bring it on dogs for life

  • JSpurlock

    For all we know Martinsburg is playing with an ineligable player!!! Huntington and GW are both better tham MBurg this season.

    • 304Livin

      GW has no defense? Morgantown will beat huntington in the playoffs. GW will lose to Martinsburg, just like the last 2 years.

    • James

      You must of fell and bumped your head if you think they are better then martinsburg, I'm pretty sure the bulldogs punish GW last year with the so called best player on their team, explain if they are so good, then why are they so scared to play the bulldo gs in the regular season, every season you folks down in the southern part of the state always talk how good your team is, and then the bulldogs destroy them, let's see, 46 and 1 in the last years, 38 and 0 against teams in the state, and a 3peat champion, it must suck to not be able to compete, only team I respect is morgantown, they are the only team with guts in the state that will play the dogs, the rest of the state is chicken, just ask the GW, or Huntington coach who refuses to play them

    • KeepItReal

      Hey Spurlock you obviously don't know much. Like the rest of the states new motto for high school football....IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM THEN CHEAT THEM!!!
      Cya in Wheeling if you get there!? 4 PEAT... GO DOGS!!!

  • EP Haters

    must go....this is merely an opinion poll. The other ranking is a computer ranking.

  • steve

    More disrespect for martinsburg untill some in Wv can beat them the voters are stupid we will show them dec 7 keep up the good work

    • Zach

      Really martinsburg getting no respect!? Seriously lol they are #2

  • must go

    MetroNews ranking? Why are the different than the WVSSAC?

    WVSSAC is the only ranking that means anything.