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Baylor cornerback Joe Williams deflects a pass away from West Virginia receiver Ronald Carswell during the Mountaineers’ 73-42 loss.


WACO, Texas — “It counts as one loss,” summarized head damage controller Dana Holgorsen.

And he was correct. It only counts as one yecchy, discommodious, here-we-fold-again, confidence-stripping loss. Just like the Hindenburg only counted as one fire.

With that reassurance in mind, let’s recap West Virginia’s supporting role in Saturday night’s 3-hour and 50-minute prime-time infomercial for the advancement of Baylor athletics:

With Clint Trickett focusing deep on seemingly every throw, this didn’t resemble WVU’s quick-game Air Raid. But Holgorsen and offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson suggested those repeated downfield shots against man coverage targeted the vulnerable points of Baylor’s box-loaded defense.
The way Trickett kept his sore right arm tucked to his side, it’s surprising he had any zip on those deep throws. He made 17 attempts of 20-plus yards downfield (including three that resulted in pass interference flags), all of which added up to an ugly 9-of-28 passing night for 161 yards, one TD and one interception. Baylor defensive backs did him a favor by dropping two more potential interceptions.
Paul Millard—inserted twice in the first half when Holgorsen was perturbed by Trickett’s inability to interpret sideline signals—also played the majority of the fourth period and finished 8-of-13 for 115 yards with two touchdowns.
Asked who the starter was heading into the bye week, Dawson said “It’s Clint.” And he said it with only a momentary pause.
Despite finding few holes, Charles Sims ran for 92 yards on 19 carries. His 39-yard touchdown run in the third quarter came after making two tacklers miss near the line of scrimmage. After catching 13 passes in his previous two games, Sims’ role in the passing game diminished (two receptions for 16 yards) with Trickett looking downfield almost exclusively.
Dreamius Smith had a 19-yard run in the fourth quarter but otherwise managed 7 yards on seven carries. He never had a chance on a first-quarter fourth-and-2 at WVU’s 49, with Baylor overloading the line.
Cody Clay stalled a first-quarter drive with a holding call after he was outmanned by an edge rusher. The big blocking back, who made three first-down grabs against Oklahoma State, was blanketed on a fourth-and-6 target at the Baylor 10.

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West Virginia receiver Kevin White (11) catches a touchdown pass over Baylor cornerback Ryan Reid (19) during the second half at Floyd Casey Stadium.
Working most of the night against man coverage from Baylor’s two senior cornerbacks, Kevin White finished with seven catches for 130 yards and two touchdowns. (In fairness, though, his second score came on a 1-yard fade route against 5-foot-11 freshman Ryan Reid.)
At the opposite outside receiver, Ronald Carswell forced two pass interference flags and deserved a third (somehow Baylor’s Demetri Goodson got away with a blatant first-quarter grab downfield). The highlight for Carswell was the long touchdown catch on a ball Millard winged into double-coverage.
Daikiel Shorts only had two catches for 35 yards but both were leaping, athletic grabs against tight coverage. The freshman continues to impress with concentration and ball-tracking skills.
Ivan McCartney missed the game reportedly with concussion symptoms lingering from the win over OSU.
Unable to contain Baylor’s blitzes, the WVU line surrendered seven quarterback hurries and four sacks (with a fifth negated by a face-mask). West Virginia’s running game didn’t fare much better, netting 3.5 yards per carry.
On a perfectly staged third-and-10 screen play, Quinton Spain was escorting Sims on what looked to be a huge gainer. But safety Ahmad Dixon slipped past Spain and tracked down Sims for only a gain of 8. On the next snap, WVU’s fourth-and-2 run near midfield was ambushed by weakside linebacker Eddie Lackey barreling through unblocked.
Spain had a knockdown block on Sims’ third-quarter touchdown run but left soon after with an undisclosed injury—a scary proposition for a unit that has been uneven all season.
Redshirt freshman tackle Adam Pankey, playing in his second game since returning from offseason knee surgery, was properly flagged for targeting on a peel-back block against defensive lineman Byron Bonds late in the fourth quarter. Pankey must sit out the opening half of WVU’s next game the Texas Tech.
Baylor ran wild for 468 yards—311 more than WVU allowed on average in its first five games—and scored eight rushing touchdowns, doubling what the Mountaineers had allowed all season.
Heisman hopeful Lache Seastrunk, who would be considered lightning-quick if lightning was quicker, gained 172 yards on 15 carries. But even Baylor’s backups posted impressive numbers against a WVU defensive line that was overmatched: See Shock Linwood (14 for 126 yards), Glasco Martin (12 for 63 yards) and Devin Chafin (10 for 56 yards). The
After generating so much penetration in earlier games, the trio of Will Clarke, Shaq Rowell and Dontrill Hyman were pushed around by Baylor’s offensive line. On an all-around deplorable night for West Virginia’s defense, the line’s soft play was the primary reason record speculators starting looking the FBS single-game yardage mark 617 yards at halftime. (Alas, Houston’s 1,021-yard performance from 1989 remains atop the list, as Baylor settled for a Big 12-record 864.)
The unit clearly could have used Nick Kwiatkoski, who missed his second consecutive game with what coaches have labeled a hamstring injury. But neither Kwiatkoski, or Sam Huff for matter, would have made a difference Saturday night.
Jared Barber made a team-high 11 tackles but missed a chance to drop Seastrunk behind the line on what became an 80-yard touchdown run. (Doug Rigg also missed a tackle on the same play before Seastrunk bounced outside.)
Rigg (nine tackles) allowed Jordan Najvar to slip through his purview untouched on an 18-yard catch that bailed Baylor out of a second-and-22 situation.
On the outside, Brandon Golson made six stops and Isaiah Bruce had four, but neither was much of a factor. On a night when Baylor ran 95 plays, pay less attention to the elevated tackle totals and more focus on the 9.1 yards per snap.

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Baylor receiver Antwan Goodley (5) scores a touchdown against WVU on the thrd play of the game.
From the game’s third play this unit was in trouble, when slot receiver Antwan Goodley enjoyed a clean release off the line of scrimmage and race untouched on a 61-yard touchdown catch. (Cornerback Travis Bell was lined up on Goodly presnap but picked up a man motioning outside without a replacement picking up the slot responsibility.)
On Baylor’s second touchdown drive, Bell surrendered an inside slant to Goodley on third-and-7, despite the receiver lining up only a couple steps from the boundary.
Goodley later used his physicality to beat Bell on a 42-yard catch and finished with 170 yards on seven grabs. Bell’s difficult night ended on a positive note when he intercepted backup quarterback Seth Russell in the final four minutes, then lateraled to Darwin Cook for a 32-yard touchdown return.
Cook also picked off Russell, as WVU managed some success against Baylor’s second-stringers.
Starting quarterback Bryce Petty fared much better, hitting on 17-of-25 passes for 347 yards despite suffering three drops on a first-half drive that ended in a touchdown anyway. He was lifted after Baylor’s first drive of the second half leading 63-21. The junior’s only ill-advised throw was a first-half force that became Daryl Worley first college interception.
Kevin Reese burned Icky Banks on a self-tipped 47-yard touchdown, and Clay Fuller was left uncovered in the slot several times on his way to a four-catch 55-yard night.
Defensive coordinator Keith Patterson on the debacle: “There were a lot of things that are uncharacteristic of what I’ve seen throughout fall camp and the season.”
For once a fumbled punt went went WVU’s way, as Levi Norwood muffed a fair catch that trickled into the end zone where Joseph recovered for a touchdown. (Credit Bruce, Ricky Rumph and John DePalma for being on the spot, and Nick O’Toole for getting ample hang time in the Waco winds.)
O’Toole averaged 43.7 on seven punts, which is seven more than Baylor had. The Bears kicked off plenty, though, and Wendell Smallwood averaged 22 yards per kick return—not dazzling, but a large uptick from WVU’s previous efforts.
Trailing by 31 with 3:01 to play in the game, WVU attempted an onside kick that Shorts recovered.
The past three weeks have produced two outright embarrassments sandwiched around an upset of then-No. 11 Oklahoma State. (Do we dare to guess what frame of mind West Virginia will show when Texas Tech visits Morgantown in two weeks?)
While it’s possible this is an overmatched roster that simply played over its head against Oklahoma and OSU, the inability of WVU to keep the Baylor game competitive for even one quarter reflects foundational cracks Holgorsen and his staff must fix.
The interaction between Holgorsen and Trickett feels far from constructive, and the yo-yoing of quarterbacks mid-series reveals frustrations are boiling over. Trickett’s ailing shoulder clouds the issue somewhat, but clearly there’s doubt as to when or if he’ll become capable of operating the offense to the staff’s liking.

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West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen walks the sidelines during Saturday’s 73-42 loss at Baylor.
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  • joe

    Dustin is hurt did not play.

  • The Wisetalker

    Things are out of control up at WVU and it is happening on Oliver Luck's watch.

  • Larry

    Everyone can say that they'll support the team no matter what, but if they dont't figure out a way to improve a little and keep losing these one sided massacres, eventually you will lose interest, it's just human nature.

  • Mike

    You are correct. If you are a true fan of any team you support them no matter what. Your either a fan or your not. We are not going to win them all. We are WVU and we will never lure the 5 star recruits to this state. I don't care if Saban was the head coach it's not going to happen. Support the team and get on to the next game or jump ship. No room for part time fans that only come out when we win. Accept the loses and move on.
    Another thing about the outburst of profanity by Holgs. It's a part of the game. If any of these young men have never had a coach in there face like that then they have never played sports at a high level. It's apart of the game. I had it from Jr high on up. Yeah coach Stewart (Rest his sole) may not have did that but he was not head coaching material. He would be winless in the Big 12. Loved the man for who he was but not as a coach. Again I took his wins and loses the same way. Even after going to a bowl game in FL to watch us lay an egg against an inferior team like NC State. I take the wins and the loses. I'm a fan 1st. A critic of Holgs is a critic to the team. No room for that.

    • scott

      Mike and Jane,

      Ive supported the mountaineers through thick and alot of thin for about 37 years. Ive stood in the rain at ECU and the blowing snow of Mo town and endured the rants of drunkin college kids at ive earned the right to observe and comment. Have you guys ever went to anybody elses team pages....very similar, and they didnt give up 77 or whatever it was and throw deep ball after deep ball after deep ball and wonder why the d folded.i played on alot of teams in high school, and i know motivators and intimidators, and the motivators are far more successful. Ollie would never say it in public, but i,m not the AD, so i can. What we have seen the last few weeks is very troubling. From play calling to player treatment, and its mostly the head guy, and thats Dana Holgorson. I dont care if he wears a velvet mini and a halter top, i want the team to look like it practiced, and to play like a team!!!! I give the new d coordinator all the credit in the world for the progress on that side of the ball. Baylor is the oregon of the other 49 states, and they were going to score a bunch of points. Again, your qb cant lift a telephone coach...go deep again? Its great that you guys are fans, but to think people are going to watch that game and not talk about it, not be critical, is just silly. You must not know much about team sports, or anything about football.

    • Big Larry

      Oh Please......

  • JaneM

    So many of the Fairweather fans jumped all ship again after this weekend, notice the negative post... After West Virginia beat Oklahoma State the Fairweather fans got back on board again, well good news WVU is going to win the next six games... Holgersen will be the hero of the state... Oliver Luck maybe gone after this season " I hope not " but WVU will continue to be winners year after year. This season is only half over... Oh ye of little faith....

    • Marcus

      WINNERS?? Did you watch the game Saturday night?? Getting the Dog Crap beat out of us doesn't put us in that category! There is a reason Ohio St., USC, Michigan etc WIN they don't put up with this CRAP!!!

      • Bryan

        News flash, apparently WVU was the only team in football to loose this weekend. Amazing combined record for games this weekend 120-1. Get real folks win some lose some, coaches are fine, if they didn't care they wouldn't throw the tantrums, and can't say as I blame them. As the head coach matures and gets experience as a head coach and the player mature and get experience all will work itself out. Who knows maybe in two weeks all 121 teams will win.

    • Marcus

      Winners?? Did you tune in Saturday night?? Getting Whipped like a red headed step child doesn't put you in that sentence!! I love WVU but you have to get in the NOW!!! There is a reason Ohio St., USC, Michigan etc. WIN they don't put up with this CRAP!!!

      • Ryan

        Check out those schools' athletic budgets and geographic locations and get back to me.

    • Joe

      Iron my shirts!

    • Jeff

      I will never jump off the bandwagon. I support the University and the players. I do not support the coach. Never have. Now get back in that kitchen

    • Big Larry

      This ship is sinking faster than the Titanic and you want to stay on it?

      • leroy jethro gibbs

        you all are idiots, wvu will win out, just wait and see

      • MojoJojo

        JaneM is too busy re-arranging the deck chairs to notice the ship is sinking.

  • JaneM

    Just wondering if anybody noticed last week William had very little to say.. Big Larry said so much that he didn't say anything ... now that West Virginia went through a bad weekend at Baylor they have taken over the posting on here to make a true West Virginia fan sick ... I have noticed a lot of true West Virginia fans don't post anything no more ....I'm almost to the point myself I just read it....It's of their stupidity it's a shame this is only entertainment and a lot of people like to get on here and enjoy ..not much of that anymore ....

    • Jeff


      there will be more bad weekends to come. Get back in the kitchen and cook some dinner,

    • Big Larry


      Get over it...

      It is what it is...

      • JaneM

        Yes Big Larry I agree it is what it is you are not very smart you only live a small world ... Most people don't read the junk that you put on there anyway and William that is is what it not smart as you think ....The dome things you say ... Yuck yuck. Makes people want to throw up....

        • David J.

          You read it JaneM

  • john

    Holgerson and his staff do not seem to be able to make make any adjustments during the games. If their pregame plan doesn't work we are screwed. Baylor just played so quickly and aggressive our coaching staff seemed to be in a state of mass confusion, the only thing they seem to be able to do is to sream at players instead of coaching them up. Players need coaching when things are not going well.

  • Allan

    None of the QB's can run DH's offense, at best the QB's are backup quality and too stationary to help offset the lack of an offensive line's inability to block anyone. Allan is correct, we did play over our heads against OK and OKState. I can't see paying any of these players outside of their free ride at the WVU and the offensive play calling is lousy. I probably shouldn't criticize since I never coached a day in my life, but I watched enough football over my lifetime to recognize
    poor coaching and Dawson and DeForest are just here to practice for future jobs elsewhere and that probably holds true for DH too. With all of this, it wouldn't surprise me if Ollie jumps ship too and heads west just like RR.

  • Big Larry

    Oliver Luck...


    1. He is arrogant, self styled and has an attitude that stinks to High Heaven. And No...he doesn't represent WVU well in public or at press conferences.

    2. He is NOT the offensive guru and genius he was hyped up to be.

    3. He has not proven to be a good recruiter in the Big 12. At best he is below average. Three Star recruits are his forte while Baylor, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas and TTU consistently recruit 4 & 5 star recruits.

    4. At WVU, he has an inability to communicate with his players...especially his QB's.

    5. He is not a defensive minded coach which obviously showed against Maryland & Baylor ( behind 86-14 at halftime). The misguided hiring of Joe DeForest was catastrophic and set the defense back 3 years.

    6. After 3 years he refuses to wear the WVU school colors of Blue & Gold and always wears Black.

    7. It is becoming commonplace to see his sideline tirades and tantrums which seeming are getting worse and out of control.

    8. In three years he has yet to develop consistent offensive line play or a running attack. There are no signs that things are getting better...The play on the field is getting WORSE.

    9. He berates his players, especially his quarterbacks on national television with every bad play call...The TV cameras catch his profanity laced tongue lashings that he gives his players.

    10. He is not cutting it as a head coach at WVU and is just not getting it done...and never will. He would be better served as an offensive coordinator in the Southwest. He has failed and is unqualified to be Head Coach.

    Oliver, I think we can safely conclude that your little experiment with Dana "The Man in Black" Holgorsen has failed. You gambled on Holgorsen which has turned out to be a massive bust. What's worse, you cannot get rid of him because of the insane extended contract you gave this coach with no previous head coaching experience...What is even worse is the insane contract for life you gave to Bob "Sweatsuit" Huggins....What were you thinking? Are you going to offer Holgorsen an unconditional contract for life? We need to know.

    • scott

      he wears black to stand out....hes giving the signals for christ sake!!!!!!!

      • Big Larry

        Oh Pleaseeee....

        He wears black because he is a Rebel....

        • scott

          we were a temporary stop for RR too, and he grew up down the road...whats your point....if nobody wants your coach, chances are he isnt very good.

          a rebel? what are you talking about....what am i asking you for? You must be a serious fan if you question even his fashion sense....please rediculous

    • Ryan

      Speak for yourself. It takes 4 to 6 years for a college football coach to fully implement his system and establish roster depth. Right now, we are just a couple of pieces away from having a competitive team. Yes, Dana has made some head coaching mistakes, but he deserves time to work his way through them and finish his product before it is judged. WVU has a good athletic program, but we are not a Texas, Ohio St. or Florida who have a constant influx of pro prospects. We have to take chances on guys with character/academic issues or find underrated players who fit in our system and develop them, which takes time.

      • Rick S.

        Good point about Ohio State. It took Urban Meyer about four to six weeks to fully implement his system and establish roster depth.

        • Ryan

          Rick S., I apologize if I misinterpreted your comment.

        • Ryan

          I explicitly stated that schools like Texas, Ohio St., and Florida have the roster depth to compete for titles every single year. It still takes quality coaching, which Urban Meyer clearly provides at Ohio State. The top programs can also lure established head coaches who have led other major FBS programs. WVU can do neither of those things at this point. If you think Dana inherited a well-rounded roster that was able to compete for Big 12 titles right away, you are delusional. Would Urban Meyer have done a better job at WVU? There is little question that he would have, but we have no shot at hiring him or any coach of his stature. We most likely couldn't even convince Jimbo Fisher or Nick Saban, both WV natives, to come here.

    • Jeff

      Larry, I have always said you do not hire somebody who does not have head coaching experience.

      • JM

        with that logic nobody would ever be a head coach.

    • Dave

      I totally agree. He's not the coach that I would EVER want my son playing for....let's face-it...we took a shot on a up and coming coach and he's NOT a head coach....definetly not a Mountaineer, nor does he deserve to be one by his attitude on and off the field.

      We are just a temporary stop for him....we were just too stupid to see it. Time to cut or losses and let him go at the end of the season. He'll make a good offensive coord. somewhere, just not a head coach!

  • Maxxajay

    As you look at the heading of this article makes reference to the stock report. Anybody who is involved in the stock market knows that it never stayed the same it goings up-and-down, and when it's down we always hope for it to go back up ...then at the end of the week or year they look at the charts and see where they are and at ...the one at the end of the year is the one that counts ..correct ??.... Well WVU is at the halfway point... We still have six games to play... Hear it from me who is a very very loyal WVU fan says they win the next six total at the end of the year 9 and 3 ... That's the one that counts...

    • MojoJojo

      I'll bet my paycheck that WVU does not finish 9-3. Heck, I'll take a loan out and bet the house on that one. 4-8 for Holgorsen.

    • Steve

      I think it is a program that at the moment looks lost. The people who are negative have reason to gloat and tell everyone how bad we are. The people who are positive are trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Mr. Taylor did as usual a good job of evaluating what he and I saw. BUT neither he nor I or Pat is a coach. I am sure that we could all do a better job. I for one have never seen an offense move like Baylor did the other night.
      They made every catch look easy, catching bobbled balls, picking them off the ground , ect. They looked fresh, sharp, rested. ( no excuse ) We looked slow, tired, and sore. No doubt embarrassed. We're 3-3, could be 2-4, I'm glad all of you negative guys were not around when Nehlin was building the program or we would be In NAIA football. At this point were still in good shape. Let's see what happens before we get the bus out and start running over people. By the way all the Holgerson blasters probably blasted Stewart, and Nehlin, so take all of your brains put them together and come up with a coach. You don't like defense, our offense is struggling now so you master minds find someone you like and get Mr. Luck or whoever to hire him or maybe (her).

      • Brad

        Art Briles has been at Baylor since 2008.... & when did they start winning consistently?

        Fire him immediately!!!!! Off with his head!!!! I mean surely we can hire a coach like Alabama has. After all we are WVU an the line of proven winners are out the door an around the corner. I mean the likes of Gibson, Howard, Tenzo or Lazard would have never made the cut under our other coaching staffs. An we wouldn't have even wasted a phone call on Jacob or Crest this year. This staff is an abomination an a disgrace to our national championship bloodlines. Forget patience an the time it takes to get recruits in we want a top ten team now with no excuses an no bad years. I think a new staff every other year is exactly what it takes to build a good program an for good measure lets get on a public forum an bash our staff anytime we feel like it so recruits can see just how united an loyal we are to the people who dare come here an don't produce in the first couple years.

      • Bryan

        Thank you very much, if only all these people coaching from these post could send in their resume we would have a much better selection. For most the tv screen is as close to a field as they have ever been on. Baylor was good and will win some more games. WVU is good some games, bad some games, just not sure what we will get week to week. Dana is still learning to be a head coach and I feel he will get there and I hope it's while he's still at WVU. All head coaches have to start somewhere and learn just like any other profession. I feel he tries, there have been coaching turnovers and player turnovers in his short time here and he should have the time to figure it out. I think the rest of this year will be as we have seen so far , up and down and unpredictable. Have patience and enjoy the ride. Good things are coming and Dana will be the one to bring them.

    • Ragweed

      This isn't the stock market. This is college football. I'm a big fan, but whoever predicts 9-3 now is a lunatic.

      • leroy jethro gibbs

        call me crazy but i see 9 and 3 too
        the rest of our competition is not that strong, i think we can beat them

        • MojoJojo

          Gibbs, that bump on your head has you concussed. You go on the 7-day DL now for that concussion. How else to explain a 9-3 prediction?
          4-8 my man.

        • Marcus

          Listen to how we are talking here!! Banking on going 9 and 3 because the competition ISN"T THAT STRONG!! Nothing like can't wait to beat up on weak teams!! Come on that has never been the WVU Mindset!!!!

      • JaneM

        I wouldn't expect anything less from a Fairweather fan ,true Mountaineers are optimistic..

      • Larry

        Yeah, definitely.

    • JaneM

      I agree with a lot of the picture you have here... When you own a company that people have sock it and it does real well at the end I could see your picture there... I too pick the mountaineers to come out winners at the end of the season.. Their stock will be up then then the farewell fans can get back on board..

    • Rick S.

      No, that is not correct. In the stock market, the one that counts the most is the one on the day you buy or sell. The one at the end of the year is a random selection and is no more relevant than any other day's.

    • Bobby M

      Woah! All that business talk is making MY head HURT Friend! So if I understand your saying we end the SEASON with 9-3 record!??! WOWL! I hope THAT is right but we could also FINISH 3-9 Friend!

    • wvrefugee

      Are you Bernie Madoff??? :o)

  • JohnnyG

    On Holgerson's ability as a head coach, it's called the Peter Principle.

    • TakeItOutside

      Because he's a Peter or a Pecker?

  • William

    What a way to treat your players, Holgorsen SCREAMING and CUSSING at his quarterback and acting like a MADMAN!
    What poor LEADERSHIP and a man with no CLASS!
    Holgorsen is as BAD AS IT GETS.
    WVU fans, tell me why you think Holgorsen is a good coach, or just tell me some good things about him.

    • edward

      William, thats the same thing i was saying. My other problem is with dana, while he is belittling, cussing , making his qtr back look so bad on tv, his family and friends, his back was turned to field while the defense had us down 42-7.. but i thought he was the team coach not just part of team.He wasnt or yet hasnt said how bad the defense was sat nite, only offense.. He isnt a team leader or coach.

    • charlie k

      Am hoping that Oliver Luck skips out to Texas as soon as possible and takes Holgorsen with him.

      • will

        you go man, not soon enough.

    • William

      FROM INSIDE THE HUDDLE' - Some of the players don't like Holgorsen and will not play hard for this coach.

      • Dave


        • JM


        • Larry

          He can't win at Marshall.

          • Marcus

            He took VT to triple overtime! We gave up 35 in the first quarter!! I would agree 1-800-Doc-Holliday!

  • Bim

    Well done, again!

  • Bobby M

    I dont even KNOW what to think anymore!

    I think this may be THE worst feeling EVER since following the TEAM!

    It doesnt even feel LIKE there is hope for FUTURE! I am trying to stay hopeful BUT I think I've lost the confidense in THE coach!

    I watch BAYLOR and thought to myself "Hey Bobby! This Baylor team looks like THE reason we HIRED Holgerson! Weren't WE supposed to play like THIS?!??" It seems the offense GENUIS lost creativity! I think Don Nehlen could walk ON sideline and call BETTER plays at THIS POINT!

    BUT I'm trying NOT to lose the faith but ITS hard not getting HELP from our offense GENUIS!!!

  • Dave

    How much lower can the stock report go???

    Why were there only 2 running backs with carries???

    If Dustin Garrison was the best RB the last two years why doesn't he get even 1 carries in a blowout???

    Is Pat White right???

    • doug

      Dustin was injured and could not play. Do research before you take a coaching job.

      • Mister Man

        I see tony and Charleston,WV agree they are boozed up uneducated fans.

        • TakeItOutside

          Tony and Charleston - These were players... maybe as Pee Wee's and hey you have you right to sound off on anyone - But so does on of the best players WVU has every seen in Mr. White. So hae another beer, pull up a chair because as this disaster movie continues and then the Basketball disaster rolls out... You pop off will be even more entertaining - or foolish..

        • JaneM

          I too agree Tony ..Well said

    • Larry

      What did Pat White say????

      • joe

        Pat White needs to shut his mouth. His mouth has hurt this program as much as his legs helped it. How does he think undermining the Head Coach is helpful?

        • MojoJojo

          The truth hurts, doesn't it??
          Don't jump onto Pat White for stating the obvious truth.

      • Dave

        Pat White on Twitter

        "He is not a leader. Players don't believe or trust. #LaneKiffin #PullThePlug"

        "9 wins in each season and an Orange Bowl win with his recruits… Don't think we've ever been the most talented, just more pride… #LetsGo"

        • DonaldH

          Geesh!! let's get Major's opinion too,,

        • Larry

          Oh, I'm thinking he's probably right about that.

          • Rick S.

            Don't worry, Tony. Good coaches don't read these blogs.

          • Charleston,WV

            Well stated Tony!

          • tony

            oh I would shut my mouth if I was pat white. what an idiot.. not the coach, not the ad.. last time he spoke up we hired stewart...

            yes, anyone want to panic? I cant think of anything that is in more demand that what we've shown here. small hearts, poor losers, lazy and ready to fly the white flag? I know we could bottle and sell it as William's mountaineer spirit.
            .we keep showing off the worst of WV right here. keep it tuned here for what we have and what the world NEVER wants more of..."panic...negativity..."

            what I wonder is how we will ever be able to get a good coach from outside the state when they read these blogs. why would you want to deal with a boozed up uneducated fan base like we have? I wouldn't. yes we know who we are. unfortunately for some of us.