Surveillance photo
Detectives with the Kanawha County Sheriff's Department are trying to identify the two men, seen here, with Kelsey Marie Legg, who is already charged with murder.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Detectives with the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department are still working to identify two men who may be accomplices to a murder.

New surveillance photos of Kelsey Marie Legg, 20, of Marmet, who is already charged with murder, and the two men were released Monday.

The photos were taken from surveillance video captured at the Lowe’s Home Improvement Store in Kanawha City on Sept. 24, a day after investigators allege Legg lured Kareem Hunter, of Charleston, to her apartment to kidnap him.

The three were reportedly buying paint among other items.  Legg was also seen at the same Lowe’s on Sept. 25 buying a roll of carpet with a man.

Anyone who can identify the men is asked to contact the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department at 304-357-0169 or submit a tip at

Legg’s brother, Matt, told investigators he heard a disturbance on Sept. 23 in his sister’s Marmet apartment, the last day Hunter was seen, and later saw two men putting a body in the trunk of a car.

Legg turned herself in to deputies with the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department on Saturday night.  She is being held in the South Central Regional Jail on a felony murder charge.

The criminal complaint against her alleges Legg’s apartment had been cleaned and repainted and the carpet had been replaced, but blood stains and splatters were found there.

Legg is scheduled to be back in Kanawha County Magistrate Court for a preliminary hearing on Thursday.

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  • nikki

    Its very sad what she did. i know her and kareem both they were all really close. Kareem does have a past of dv but i would never believe he or anyone in his family would of done anything for this to happen.. and how is someone not connected if they helped remodle. she painted to hide the crime.. If i went into an appartment and there was blood everywhere i would call the police and let them know something went wrong there and her brother was a witness why didnt he call the police then insted of waiting over a week before he said anything... They all need to pay for this.. if he would of called when he should have, maybe they could of found him.. now this family knows there son his dead but dont know his whereabouts

  • MojoJojo

    I would safely bet the ranch that all 3 are on some sort of welfare assistance.

  • blugldmn

    Lifelong public assistance recipients ...

  • steve

    looks like a hippo and two bulls......................

    • Typical


  • Larry

    I can't quite make out who they are, but I think they may be 3 mouth breathing, lazy, worthless criminals who have never contributed 1 positive thing to society.