CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — The state Public Service Commission has approved Mon Power’s proposal to fully acquire the Harrison Power Station in Harrison County with conditions and sell its ownership in the Pleasants Power Station.

When company officials proposed the purchase of the remaining almost 80 percent stake in the 1,984 megawatt coal fired power plant near Shinnston last year, they argued that the move would help provide their customers with more needed service capacity.

Approval from the PSC on the proposal came Monday.

The total transaction price will add up to more than $1 billion and lead to an estimated rate reduction, for Mon Power and Potomac Edison customers, of $16 million total.

The conditions from the PSC, included in the proposal, are designed to serve as protections for rate payers.

Mon Power reached a settlement agreement on the purchase with PSC staff members, the state Consumer Advocate, the West Virginia Energy Users Group, the West Virginia State Building and Construction Trades Council and several different organizations with the AFL-CIO prior to a September hearing in front of the PSC.

One commissioner did file a dissenting opinion with Monday’s order.

The PSC’s order and the dissenting opinion are available at  For reference on the website, the case numbers are 12-1571-E-PC and 13-1272-E-PW.

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  • symbol

    Just another exuse for the power to once again raise.Wv is and always has been a coal state as well as alot of Ky.I'm just tired of the war on our jobs,freedom,libertys.Not all states is common wealth!Cant even buy coal for our home anymore.Last raise was the construction of around 80 large wind turbines.a so called free-energy lol.They could say coal and our ways are the reasons for global warming all they want,I'd rather have coal over nuclear anyday.Anyway the power that scares me the most is none of the above its the one running the country

  • john

    "A Rate Reduction"...Whats that? I'll believe it when I see it. Oh, it may happen, but then Mon Power will turn right around and ask for a rate increase and it will be granted. We certainly are at their mercy, and how long will it be before this coal fired power plant will be required to spend millions of dollars more in air pollution upgrades to satisfy the EPA and Obama. This extra cost will be passed on to the consumers. The days of cheap electricity are gone....

  • jim.long

    stupid is stupid does. I send this to the public service commission.

  • Jeff

    It should piss everyone off that our stacked public service commission just bent everyone of us over.

  • lifetimehunter

    Yep all us customers just got screwed.