CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The impact of the federal government shutdown, drawing closer to being a week old, is being felt more and more in West Virginia. There are some areas that aren’t taking as big a hit as some may expect.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has many of its workers furloughed but the locks and dams in West Virginia are open and operating.

“The locks will continue to operate 24/7 like they always have. Our staffing is reduced at the locks but they will continue to operate normally,” Corps spokesman Chuck Minsker said.

The planned draw-down at Summersville Lake will also continue according to Minsker through Oct. 20.

“The whitewater releases will continue as normal for Summersville. They’ve been already planned. We have some maintenance work coming up (at Summersville Dam) so we need to get that lake down under winter pool level,” Minsker said.

The recreation areas operated by the Corps have been closed and will stay that way through the duration of the shutdown.


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  • chuck gano

    there still getting paid just not working

  • billybob

    it may bring a lot of money to fayette co but all it brings to nicholas co is traffic.

  • JGriffith

    sure have. was furloughed a few weeks ago. it gave me time to catch up on stuff that needed done around the house.

  • idiots

    Those so called river rats bring a lot of money in to the region. Most of the resorts bring over 250,000 people each.

  • jojo

    The locals should remember the dam was not built for their enjoyment ( that is just an added benefit) it was to help control flooding. Soooo whoopee you can't fish. Have you given any thought of those on furlough and no pay checks??

  • JGriffith

    it is open for the river rats to go down but the other acess gates are are all locked so the local people are not able to enjoy the lake.

  • Spell Checker

    Can you still fish at the dam at the lake discharge tubes or is that area closed? I would hate to drive 3 hours only to be turned away.