FAIRMONT, W.Va. — A major manufacturer of industrial fire and smoke dampers for heating and air conditioning units is closing it’s facility in Fairmont.

Ruskin Air and Sound Control said in a statement that commercial construction markets continue to be down, nuclear power plant construction is lagging and the acceleration of natural gas fracking technology and other alternative energy initiatives are affecting its business.

Industry reports indicate these markets will take a long time to recover, affecting the entire industry. Northeast markets served primarily from their Lexington, Kentucky and Fairmont, West Virginia facilities are some of the hardest hit, they say.

Officials say Fairmont activities will be transitioned to other Ruskin locations including those in Lexington, Kentucky, Geneva, Alabama, and Parson, Kansas. The plant closing will impact all office and plant personnel at Fairmont which is expected to close permanently in July of 2014.

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  • another ruskin worker

    Some of our jobs will also go to canada and mexico.

  • Patricia Nesselrodte

    Am very sorry you are losing your job. I pray things will change,but here in WV we don't have any one to stand up for workers. People in office only think of themselves. This administration wants to take everything we have so they can control us. Truckers are going to DC 10/11-10/13 to protest. America needs to stand up. Most of all at the polls.If not we will lose America. She will never be the same. STAND UP AMERICA THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!!!!!

  • Ruskin worker

    Yes we are off Kingmont exit. Down by UPS. I have been here almost 17 years and make $16.58. There is over 170 people here, as of right now.

  • Mike

    Wow.. Bush is still getting the blame for everything. It must suck to be so under educated that you are still blaming GWB for all the problems in America and WV. Lord wake up people and look around.

  • To the Raleigh

    Tom I am a little confused by your remark.
    How could a tax cut, and by tax cut, I am assuming you mean the government is not taking as much out in a tax, have anything to do with this article. Why do you think by giving money to government is good for the economy? Would it not be better for the economy, especially our local economy if the exact opposite occured. Instead of giving money to the government, the so called "rich" as you put it kept the money they earned and bought things. Perhaps they could even buy the products this compy sells. Then maybe the company would not be closing the doors and laying off employees. Would that not be better than giving it to a government who wasted $325,000 on a grant for the development of "Robosquirrel" - a robotic rodent designed to test the interaction between rattlesnakes and squirrels.

  • Tom

    Thank you George bush two wars and tax cuts for the rich

    • gv

      The rich who pay over 86% of the taxes in this country? This plant is closing because of George Bush? How about the 47% of the people in the US who pay no taxes?

    • Jonesy

      Of course what can' t be blamed on Reagan is Bush's fault

      • wvrefugee

        Actually, you can thank Dick Cheney and his oil & gas craze!

  • Chris1529

    It is located right off I-79 in the Pleasant Valley area. Same exit you get off to Cracker Barrell.

  • jason

    Unions are NOT the problem, right to work states are. Most of the right to work states are over run by illegal immigrants working for half or less than what any self respecting American would.

  • ron "from morgantown"

    Where in Fairmont was this plant located ? Was it union,? what was the average wage ,? how many people worked at the plant ?

    • Ol' Jim

      @ Ron~ Plant location is Pleasant Valley, Union -Sheet Metal Workers International Assn., average wage over $11.00/hr + nice co-pay for medical, dental & vision care among other benefits. Including supervisors & office staff, some 185 people are affected. This is AFTER the recent lay-off of 32 other workers only a few weeks ago.

  • lee arthur

    I left WV forty seven years ago because a good job was hard to come by , apparently it hasn't gotten any better , what a shame.

  • Curly Joe

    Not to worry...they will be getting Obamaphones.

    • Ol' Jim

      Speaking for myself as an affected Ruskin worker, I don't want any handouts from the government. I only want to exchange my services, in good faith for a living wage from a solid company. Until only recently, Ruskin was that type of business in this community. Save your Obamaphones & welfare for the sick, lame & lazy.

  • CaptainQ

    And the economy is RECOVERING?


    Tell that to all of these workers who are losing their jobs!

  • True Talk

    Thank you Obama and thank you Greedy Union Leaders!

  • Joe

    Both non-right to work states.

    • George

      The article says the jobs are going to Lexington, Kentucky, Geneva, Alabama, and Parson, Kansas. Alabama and Kansas are Right To Work states. West Virginia and Kentucky are not. No where does it say that it is a union shop. If it is non-union then the right to work laws do not come in to play.

  • Shadow

    Wake up WV, another manufacturer leaving for another state.