WASHINGTON, D.C. — Second District Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) says it’s beyond time for real negotiations among leaders in Washington, D.C. on a spending bill to fully reopen the federal government along with an increase to the debt ceiling before the U.S. goes into default.

“The question on how to get out of this is for both sides to get in the room, Republicans and Democrats, and give a little to get a little,” said Congresswoman Capito on Tuesday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

A standoff between Republican leaders in the U.S. House and the White House along with U.S. Senate Democrats continued on Tuesday, one week into the partial federal government shutdown with no end in sight.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Oh.) has repeatedly called on President Barack Obama and other Democrat leaders to commit to negotiations on budget cuts, health care and energy policy.

President Obama has said he “cannot do that under the threat” of a prolonged shutdown or default which, he said, Republicans are trying to use as leverage to “get a hundred percent of what they want.”

Capito said not talking is a problem.

“With the government shutdown and with the looming debt limit, we feel that it’s time for the government to work the way it should, with the Senate and the President and the House sitting down and ironing out differences,” she said.

She said the spending bill and debt ceiling increase could be addressed together by taking a serious look at the U.S. budget.

“I think the most efficient way and, probably, the best way to get both sides together is to say, let’s wrap it in a longer term solution here so we don’t have to deal with this every 30 days,” said Capito.

As of now, the U.S. is scheduled to hit the current debt ceiling of $16.7 trillion next week.

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  • jake

    What does it take or how do we start impeachment or recall of our elected officials or trying them for treason . These clowns have to be replaced. Both parties they are all the same

  • Conchop

    Typical neocon Tea/GOP results! Everything the elitist neocon masters touch turns into a mess.

    This situation reeks of real unconstitutional sedition by the TEA/GOP caucus. Read the constitution about sedition. Impeding a Law is sedition.

    Its criminal - but of course, judging by all the criminal acts committed by the neocons in their wars of empire and business/banking thievery, this is no surprise.

    Its costing all of us money and opportunities - but of course, after counting the costs of the Great Republican Recession, the last debt limit fiasco, the sequester, this shutdown, and the looming debt limit fight, this is no surprise.

    Its illogical - but of course when one considers all the chaos generated by Republicans and their unacceptable record of failures, this is no surprise.

    The "Conservative Revolution" has just committed political suicide. Now, they have proven themselves to have no credibility or sense. They cost us far more money than what they make us.

    The entire world cannot believe the stupidity of the TEA/GOP. Our TEA/GOP delegation voted for it. Imagine that; the elitist neocon masters and their homespun lackeys have become a costly international embarrassment - this is no surprise...

  • JTC

    CapiNO and McKantly have no influence and never will they are just lemmings in a right wing world, all she ever did was profit from the sell of of stocks before the bush crash and McKantly has worked for three years to turn fly ash into concrete so his engineering firm can profit, time for new blood in WV politics!

  • Michael

    She says nothing and does nothing. She will not get my vote.

  • Halley's Comet

    The comment fromSecond District Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) "we feel that it’s time for the government to work the way it should" amazes me. How about just working instead of arguing and wasting our money!!!!!!
    Only the Senate and Congress can get paid for accomplishing nothing. In the private sector every single one of them would be Fired.
    Each side says they want to sit down and talk; I would think at least our WV Delegation could get together and talk. They never have a problem being together for a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony or a parade!!!

  • Spell Checker

    Whether Democrat or Republican, you might want to empty your bank account. The closer we get to October 17 the more withdrawals you'll see and there won't be enough to cover everyone's deposit. DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome to the Great Depression 2.0.

  • Kory

    Seems like to me that the government close is hitting her Prada purse too hard. Let's start at the source of all problems....population. There is a limit in some countries on how many kids one could have, why not here. I bet when natural resources are used up and there isn't enough jobs to go around someone is going to say "well should have done something about the population" So stealing from the rich or hard working person and giving to the poor is always the answer. It's ok to have about 6 or 7 kids that you can't afford and know their medical will be covered. Poor people have it made!!! Instead of punishing the responsible, punish the irresponsible.

  • Dave Rao

    Capito wouldn't dare alienate her tipsy speaker or Mitch McConnell who vowed Obama would last only a term. Forget the oath of office, Capito's loyalty is to Wall Street and Grover Norquist. Maybe she's a Friend of Coal [Don Blankenship], but she's not a Coal Miner's Friend. Her use of inciting phrases.."train wreck".."job killer"..makes her look like another hack from DC.

  • Im grill

    Major network news last evening (all 3 I viewed) spoke of how the shutdown is hurting small business and is costing us millions each day. Wasn't it the GOP who touted themselves as the " we are for business" party? Holding the country hostage over weather or not we should pay for things we already bought is really a good lesson for all our young citizens. No Sally you really don't have to pay your credit card bill if you don't want. This is not about affordable care act , not about cutting spending, it's about positioning to try to win the next election. Of course public service is just talk voters surely don't expect congress to act like they care one bit about the rest of us. Do they?

  • MTNR

    Shelley is priceless. Here she is TALKING about how we need to solve this problem and she isn't DOING anything. She has perfected the art of doing nothing over her 13 years in Washington. Can't wait till she gets booted out next year.

    • wvrefugee

      She voted for the shut down!!!!!!! Hoppy grilled her last week on why she says one thing back here and then votes with the folks that pay her!

      • Bigfish

        She always talks out of both sides of her mouth. It is hysterical.

  • Mr. Big

    Our West Virginia delegation has done nothing but give us lip service while we are losing hundreds of jobs everyday here in wv and throughout the country. Families are being put in financial ruin because of there inaction to stop the dictator Obama and his goons from destroying this great country. They are living it up in Washington, D.C. and frankly I am disgusted with both parties and I think they should all be fired for not doing there job.

    • Bigfish

      Actually over seven million jobs have been added since Obama became president and the unemployment rate has declined by almost thirty percent. This with absolutely no cooperation from the rethugs and certainly none from Shellie Moore Bush . No one has destroyed this country more than Boehner and Mconnell.

    • Hillbilly

      Then make darn sure you vote for someone other than any incumbent next election... that is the only way to clean house.

  • Spell Checker

    What high crimes and misdemeanors as called for under the Constitution has the President committed to warrant impeachment consideration?

    • grey4449

      IRS scandal, Benigazi, Fast and Furious, Media scandal. TAKE YOUR PICK.

      • Bigfish

        There is nothing to pick from . These issues of little substance have not been proven to be linked to the president. Their importance is mostly a creation of faux news. Find something else to hyperventilate over or give your bloo pressure a break.


    It's time to impeach this president. I don't support either party. But I know a liar and a thief when I see one. He is both. I'm not saying the Repubs are better. They are not. But our president is trying to fund welfare for the lazy, a healthcare program that was supposed to be affordable and it is not (go online and price a plan for yourself and see what you get and how much the deductible will be) and simply taking our country down the tubes!

    • wvrefugee

      You sir, are an ......

      • Bigfish

        I agree and also a.....