MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — In their weekly installment of “The Takeaway,” Allan Taylor and Justin Hoff break down the Baylor film and, boy, does Baylor ever know how to score points. In this episode, they discuss how good Baylor is and where WVU must focus entering the bye week.

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  • doug

    Oliver Luck said he will not take the Texas job if offered. But.....Rich said he wasn't going to Michigan at the same time his agent was meeting with them. We will see which one is a man of their word. Luck has a lot more freedom at WVU than he would at Texas. And he like building programs.

    • Rob

      Luck didn't say he wouldn't take the job.. He said he wouldn't comment about the job...

      • Hillboy wv

        Thats the way i understood it rob

  • wvajoker

    Where is William. The other three are at the corral gate braying.

  • pghmountaineer

    With respect to Ollie, he's a smart man. Smart enough to see what's happening in football and basketball. It's not fixable with the current staff.
    He's gone and on his way to Texas. He doesn't want to get any more blame then necessary for these programs going into a tailspin. It will require an entire house cleaning. Not going to be pretty and will take years to repair it.

  • pghmountaineer

    For the most part our recruits are good enough to play in this conference. It's the coaching. Look at the recruiting classes of Baylor, Okla. State, Va. Tech, Kansas St. and so on. No better than ours. But do you see them giving up the kind of points that we do. Look at Baylor, they lost a heisman trophy winner. I don't see much of a drop off in the quarterback play. I still think it boils down to coaching. We don't seem to be able to coach them up.

    • Chet Ubetcha

      To your point they haven't played Baylor yet either, even factoring in the 72 points they scored, the defense is giving up 12 points a game less than last year. Top 3 offenses down, it's obviously an improved unit.

  • big tom

    he was a great recruiter both at wvu and florida, now it's really hard to recruit to marsha, and he really isn't getting much unless you count the ones who failed at other schools, or were, or , are, academically challenged and only marsha can sign them.

  • Joe

    Great comments on all sides guys, but a quick question if ok.....

    How was Doc Holliday as a recruiter? Heard from long time 'eers fans he was an extremely good recruiter during the years he was here. Sorry for the stupid question, but don't know much about the recruiting process.


    • Rick S.

      Joe, I am not a recruiting expert, but I have heard from people inside the game and who follow these things that Doc Holliday was an excellent recruiter and that is the primary reason he was hired by WVU.


    I Think Everyone Is In Shock Because The Big 12 Is Big Time!! The Big Least Is Was A Joke Of A Conference. It Takes A Different Type Of Player To Play In The Big 12. Yes, It'll Be Hard Trying To Play Our 3 Star Recruits Against Their 4-5 Star Recruits. And The Biggest Thing Against Playing For WVU Is It's Location. Our Winters Aren't Really What You'd Call A Plus For The Southern Recruits. As Far As Stew, Gosh Darn, He Played What RR Had Left!!

    • Rick S.

      I am still not sure about just how good the Big 12 is. Big 12 schools do a great job of beating up on FCS schools and lower-tier FBS schools, but overall, the Big 12 as a whole has a losing record against other BCS conferences. Of course, the sample size is low because most Big 12 teams just don't play games against other BCS schools. I guess they kind of follow the Big 10 model (play almost all non-conference games against the MAC).

      For the record, I read that over the past ten years, the Big East has the second-best record in non-conference games, trailing only the SEC, for whatever that is worth.

    • big tom

      we need a state of the art, indoor practice facility for the football team, and we need it right now,,, not in three yrs..

  • Bill

    We have always hired an assistant that had to learn on the job. thats who we are.

    • JoeC

      That assumption is incorrect. The last hire before Holgerson without Head Coaching experience was Frank Cignetti. How did that turn out? Three 5 and 6 records and one two and nine record before he was fired. Bobby Bowden had head coaching expericence at Samford, Don Nehlen was the head coach at Bowling Green for eight seasons (where he upset Purdue and Syracuse), Rich was Head Coach and Athletic Director at Glenville (when the WVIAC went from NAIA to NCAA Division II) and Stew was, while not sucesssful, the Head Coach at VMI. Even though they were not the size of WV, these men had experience coordinating and operating a football program.

  • big tom

    bet the bank, if Ollie is offered the texas ad job, he's gone, and who am I to blame him.
    and I will bet the bank, he won't take dana with him...

    next time we hire a HC, how bout hiring one that doesn't have to learn on the job, who has a impressive track record, and we give the money that it takes to get him.

    • Pudge

      If he goes to Texas (and probably will), why take Holgs? He could have just about anybody he wanted to come down and coach.

      • JimJim

        If Lucky is as smart as you say he is, then he will not take the Dude with him.

  • Maxxajay

    Talk about recruiting... We already have half of 2014 committed already.... That is one less per year of Bill Stewarts juniors and seniors this year's team .... They should be on the team they are not there because he didn't recruit or sign them ....WVU is playing mostly sophomores and freshmen's this year ... Very few juniors and seniors....That is why we have had to start almost all over...I know most of you don't like to see this because you don't understand how a football program is built and reload every year... That is where we are as West Virginia football and admit it is what it is ...take it or leave it ...Dana will be the coach until he's ready to leave... Oliver Luck is a very very smart intelligent man he knows what it takes for this program to get where everybody wants it to be will happen.. Like it or not.

    • JimJim

      Tell me again where Lucky has built a winning program. NFL Europe, Houston soccer league?

    • Bryan

      Thank you Maxxajay I couldn't agree more with what you said, better days ahead all is not lost in Morgantown West Virginia.

      Go Mountaineers!!!!

  • willie

    ...and they will be here in Morgantown with that same speed next year. Wow...

  • willie

    You cannot coach against that kind of speed.

  • pghmountaineer

    Big Tom. If you go back and look at the recruiting classes of Bill Stewart and the last couple of Rich Rod's we had some talent. I don't buy the fact that WVU can't recruit. I think it's all about the head coach and the Assistants connecting with the kids. I'm not sure these guys connect well with the kids on our team. I hope I'm wrong but I truly believe our level of talent is not nearly as bad as we've shown so far. I'm mean really. I think an exceptional High school team could have had the same defensive results that we had against Baylor. I think our coaches don't know how to put a good defense on the field. Just look at it for the past 3 years. Camon, you can't imrove on that? Wow. Very sad.

    • Rob

      Anyone who thinks we can recruit top tier talent, compare the past 10 years of our nfl drafts to teams like Texas, OU, Bama, UF, FSU & USC...... & the past 10yrs were our best years in our football history.....

    • big tom

      I do think we have assistants that are good proven recruiters,,,,now, we don't know if dana is the right man for the HC job.
      I guess we'll find out in the next few yrs..right now, I don't see any improvement of our defense from last yr... as the yr plays out, I do think okla state was way over I don't think that win was as good as we might think
      okla, changed qb's and their offense has vastly improved..
      now, to us,,, our def. is a work in progress, and we just took a huge step backwards.
      we have no ligit qb, realizing that clint played hurt... why , I don't know, if he can't interpet dana's signals and can't execute the offense, why in the hell was he in there... is his backups that bad??? if so, our season is don'e we'll just play it out and hope people show up for the games and spends some money on the beer.

  • Big Larry

    West Virginia did prove one thing...

    They proved that the WVU starters could score on Baylor's third team.

    Now here is what you don't know...

    In the 4th quarter the water boy, team managers and team mascot and one cheerleader suited up and played impressively...

    And No...this defense has not improved any from last year...

    Do you call trailing 86-14 at halftime against Maryland and Baylor improving? Of course not.

  • big tom

    don't know if it's too early to push the panic button,,, none of us knows how good Baylor is and how bad we are,,,,
    but one thing for sure, scout ranks our 2014 recruiting class AS 50th best .. That aint gonna pull us out of the bottom tier of the big 12.
    man o man, we will have to step up our recruiting, and I mean big time, and will have to do that for three yrs. in order to compete and get out of the cellar in the big 12.
    don't know if they can throw us out, but I bet they wish they would have taken Louisville ..
    Louisville's status is going up and up and we are in a big fade..
    no one really knows for sure if Dana is HC material,, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt, but without the talent , we are dead in the water .
    I feel conf ident we have a good coaching staff, and hopefully a good bunch of recruiters. But is dana the leader we hoped he'd be,,, ,and what about pat white's statement about not being trusted by the players,,,, well if he does good at wvu , sure, he's leaving,,, he's a Midwesterner and would leave at the drop of a hat if the right job was offered..take that to the bank, but can you blame hi m,,,, wvu has never recruited well, kinda picked up the leftovers,,, but who can blame someone for trying to better themselves.
    go eers.

    • Chet Ubetcha

      Anyone who follows recruiting doesn't use scout, come on man

      • Maxxajay

        I'm not sure what you're talking about, you need to go and check the roster of Baylor before you say something you don't know you are talking about ...okay

    • Paul K

      Baylor's offense was among the top in the country last season, and it got better. A lot better. Baylor is that good. WVU is not a horrible defensive team, just over matched by that particular offense. There isn't another offense like it in the conference--not even Texas Tech's. WVU can still have a decent season. Louisville would have been in the same situation.

      • Maxxajay

        Baylor has I think 25 seniors give or take one, that is a lot nowadays...WVU is no where near that this year or the next, but in two years we will. Then look out football world...The sophomores will be seniors...:... Loaded

    • Allen

      Kansas State recruiting class is always 75 or less and they seem to compete just fine. KSU seems to even win the Big 12 once in awhile. Interesting isn't it. I believe recruiting is a myth and people worry to much about such things. Paper players are not good unless they do it on the field. Look at Texas for example. When was their 5 star players last relevant?

    • doug

      Loiusville doesn't play anyone. Even ESPN said that the only team that can come close to challenging them this year is Rutgers if that tells you anything. Look at the teams Louisville plays then look at the teams in the Big 12. Even with this WVU we would be ranked if we were in Louisville's conference. Even WVSU would have a winning record. Louisville has no competition this year and I bet Charlie Strong is at USC next year. I am glad we are in the Big 12. It harder competition. We just have to get recruits that can play in the Big 12 and not the old Big East.

    • Rick S.

      I think the Big 12 would have been wise to have taken both WVU and Louisville, and probably Cincinnati, too. But they didn't because they only wanted to split the money ten ways instead of twelve. I truly believe that act of greed is going to end up costing the conference dearly in a few years.

    • MojoJojo

      Big Tom,
      Holgorsen has said there are about 19 scholarships available for the 2014 class. And they have 14 committments for that class. Pray for some miracles brother. Under Holgorsen WVU will be perenial cellar dwellars. We'll have to duke it out with Kansas to stay out of last place.

      • Ryan

        Whoa whoa whoa... Holgorsen still hasn't lost a game to Texas, Iowa St. or Kansas as our head coach. He has a win over the preseason favorite to win the conference (Ok St). He had a close loss on the road to the team picked to finish second (OU). This team is not a finished product. We have WRs and RBs in spades, but we have no experience at QB (as Geno rightfully got all the snaps over the past 3 years) and a rebuilding O-line (lost our coach and three senior starters). Our defense has made strides from the abyss that was the Casteel departure and subsequent DeForest disaster. The 3-3-5 scheme left WVU loaded at safety (so much so that we moved Garvin to LB and Bell to CB), but the other positions were sorely lacking. The influx of players like Brandon Golson, Marvin Gross, Darryl Worely, Dontrill Hyman, and the redshirting Darrien Howard give me hope for the future.

        • ThatGuyOverThere

          Excellent post...The minority of WVU fans have the knee jerk reactions whenever we have a bad loss...Typical bandwagon fans. the smoking musket had a story in it the other day that every WVU fan needs to read.

        • Maxxajay

          @Ryan...I like your post...the facts is hard to except for some. ...way to go..