MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The best part of Dana Holgorsen’s bye week news conference? Saying bye-bye to the Baylor game, a 73-42 loss that left West Virginia at .500 overall and 1-2 in the Big 12.

Holgorsen also provided key injury updates:

♦ Quinton Spain, who left with a second-half concussion at Baylor, should be clear to face Texas Tech Oct. 19.

♦ Clint Trickett will rest his sore shoulder this week in hopes of healing up in time for Texas Tech preparations.

♦ Linebacker Nick Kwiatkoski (hamstring), a key element in the middle of WVU’s defense, is probable for next week’s game after missing the past two.

♦ Receivers Ivan McCartney (concussion) and Mario Alford (shoulder), who missed the Baylor game, are expected to return for Texas Tech, along with running back Dustin Garrison.

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  • TruthTeller

    Don Nehlen had some good defenses at times and also had some standing around and hey you got it type defenses at times. I remember when the corners would just wait and watch the receivers catch the ball and then try to tackle the receiver. I currently see a lot of defensive players trying to tackle the runners feet and not using basic tackling techniques. They also need to get off blocks and look for the runner coming around the sides. The defense will get more holding calls that way. OK.state got by with a lot of holding on the line.

  • Jack

    Did you hear Don Nehlen's comments on the radio Monday night? He said the defense of WVU should not have shown Baylor's offense what their scheme was going to be. He said he would not have put the defensive line in a three point stance. He said the defense should have moved around and not let Baylor know what was coming. Nehlen said you have to hit the quarterback and get him rattled. He referred to how they rattled Doug Flutie when he played for Boston College. WVU was the only team that Flutie could not beat. The defense has to be aggressive and blitz from different angles and you can't give the quarterback all day to throw the ball.

  • wvajoker

    William for President!!!
    You have been drinking the kool-aid for a long long time.

    Good job, but where are the other two of the Four Jackasses (horsemen??)? You two cannot do the braying for all four Jackasses.

    Are Big Joe and Big Larry brothers, they have the same first name and comment alike?

    Rock Solid. maybe you do not recognize the flying WV on the shirt. I want to find me one just like it and wear it proudly for WVU. If you notice in a lot of stores around they have the Flying WV on a lot of different colored shirts.
    You might even try spell check also "Shaun" does not equal "Shawn"

    • Rock Solid

      Hey wvajoker: Don't blame me if Shaun doesn't know how to spell his name. As for the flying WV the only way Dana could look more at home is if he wore a black shirt with the OK State logo still on it, or maybe you would prefer a green shirt with a big white M for Marshall on it. That would certainly stand out. By the way your english skills are not great either, speaking of "I want to find me one just like it" I HOPE YOU ARE ABLE TO FIND YOURSELF SINCE YOU SEEM TO BE MISSING.

    • Big Larry


      How much is Holgorsen paying you and the other trolls for your foolish & asinine comments?

      If the money is right, maybe I will join you...

      • Fred

        William and Big Larry,

        You know who would you hire for AD, Men's BB coach, and Head football coach you know? All you do is bash Luck, Holgorsen, and Huggins, you know. You know how would you fix this? You know just sayin' you know.

      • Duggie

        He buys my beer Larry. Give Holgerson a chance. After all, Your wife/GF gave you one.

  • Rock Solid

    PS to Shaun: You seem like a good man, and I agree with you about William and Larry, I just forgot to include it in my previous statement. Stay well, at least you can say something intelligent!

  • Big joe

    I agree with William he does not know how to coach.I have been following WVU football for 45 years and I have not seen another team throw long passes every down.I do not known any other WVU team giving up so many points in a game and if they wanted to they could have scored 120 points . In 3 years he will be fired.

  • Hold this

    Big Larry = Poop

  • Shawn

    Once again for little William and Larry...Holgs wears black so the QB can see him on the sidelines. And yes both of you suck!

    • Rock Solid

      Hey Shaun; If we wear blue uniforms black doesn't stand out for Dana. He wears black because he has always worn black and he thinks any other colors like gold or blue don't matter to him. He is a mercenary and has a fixation with his past at OK STATE. If he wants to stand out just wear gold if we wear blue, blue if we wear gold, anything if we wear white. At least he shows some affiliation with WVU, not BLACK for OK STATE!

      • Bryan

        His affiliation with WVU - Head Coach! Get over it.

    • William

      @ Shawn- You have been drinking the kool-aid for a long long time. You can't be that gullible! In all his press conf, I guess it is so the reporters can see him! Wake up young man, use your own brain, don't believe everything you are told. U have a lot to learn.

  • Big Larry

    William for President!!!

  • Dougie

    William the fashion guru... You know him!
    He is an embarassment to the WVU comment sections.
    He's a whiner.
    He's a cryer.
    Nobody listens to him or agrees with him.
    He is not a mountaineer or a fan and never will be.
    Fact- He has no idea what the heck he's talking about.
    Tell me one thing he's good at or one time he's ever been right before...

  • kyle

    william is the same kind of fan who was singing danas praises when we crushed clemson in the orange bowl and now that we are struggling in a new conference with new players they all want dana out grow up dude and we just had one of the better recruiting classes that we have ever had so you apparently know nothing about football so keep your mouth shut and go hang out with the other fair weather fans you will never be a real fan

  • Ed

    Dear William, you know, you should call Luck about a job, you know. Because your a know it all, you know.. You know, he make's millions, while you have a curfew of 8:00, you know. Go back to your $7.50 an hour job ,you know. do you want fries with know, yea you know.I do!

  • Heart Shot

    William go blow a YOU KNOW and shut up!!

  • William

    WOW! - YOU KNOW, this 'Man in Black' Holgorsen can't stop saying YOU KNOW!
    He was embarrassment to the State Of WV because of his screaming, yelling, and cussing on the sidelines. He was like a 10 year kid having a fit. He was acting like a MADMAN.
    He is not very good coach.
    He is not a leader
    He can't recruit
    He is not a Mountaineer, and never will be
    He is a work in progress on how to be a head coach
    Fact - This team is not very good and it is because this coach is terrible & no leadership.
    Maybe there is a class at WVU that he can take that will help him, YOU KNOW!

    • Big Larry


      During the above press conference Holgorsen averaged 7-9 "YOU KNOWS" per minute.

      At 8 "YOU KNOWS" per minute times 24 minutes would be 192 "YOU KNOWS" in this 24 minute press conference...

      You know?

    • doug

      Willy, I don't know if you really believe what you say or not. You remind me of a woman who just started watching football because her boyfriend got her into it and she doesn't understand the game so she sits there and tries to correct everyones grammar because that's the only thing she does know. It takes time. As for his recruits? Look in the NFL. I do agree though, next year we will see the majority of his recruits. If we are not better next year. Something has to be done.

    • Bryan


  • Maxxajay

    Wow...Hope there is NO more .....wound have been nice to have had a week off before the Baylor game and this week too ... Sounds like we needed it ... Hope all is well before TT game ... Need to run the table ... Good luck guys ... True fans pulling for you ...

    • Big Larry


      Dana "The Man in Black" Holgorsen has moved up from 14 to number 8 on the latest coaches "Hot Seat" rankings for the week of Oct 8, 2013.

      In the past 3 weeks Holgorsen has went from 9 to 14 to Number 8.

      What the writers of that web sight don't realize, is that WVU can not afford to get rid of Holgorsen for at least 3 more years thanks to the very lucrative extended contract he was given by Oliver Luck.

      At this point it will take 11-12 million to buy him out and that ain't happenin....

      So to the delight of the Holgorsen relatives and paid trolls, everyone is happy except for WVU and the real fans...

      • Maxxajay

        Dana is not going anywhere, he will stay at WVU at long as he wants to... This time next year he could be the governor of the state with what is going to do with his football team...Run the table from now on to the end of the season... Be undefeated this time next year....