MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — With six weeks of data compiled, the computer polls that compose the calculus wing of the BCS rankings might differ on where individual teams rank, but they essentially agree on conference strength—with the Big 12 way down the list at No. 5 (ranking just ahead of the American Athletic Conference).

That’s bad math for the chiefs at XII roman-numeral headquarters, though there’s always a positive spin to be spun when you’ve got Bob Stoops in charge of PR and Art Briles’ bunch going for 70 every Saturday. On to this week’s power rankings:

1. Oklahoma (5-0, 2-0)
Result:The Sooners defeated TCU 20-17 despite converting only 3-of-13 third downs and averaging only 7.5 yards per completion. OU has won its two league games scoring a total of three touchdowns. Contrast that to the No. 2 team in this week’s rankings …
2. Baylor (4-0, 1-0)
Result: Walloped West Virginia 73-42, scoring so many long touchdowns the Bears’ starters became too pooped to play in the second half.
3. Oklahoma State (4-1, 1-1)
Result: After beating K-State 33-29, the J.W. Walsh haters should chew on these two factoids: (1) He actually made enough throws to win at West Virginia, and (2) he was 4-of-5 for 59 yards and a TD on the Cowboys’ go-ahead drive against the Wildcats.
4. Texas Tech (5-0, 2-0)
Result: Freshman quarterback Baker Mayfield left with a knee injury but the Red Raiders whipped Kansas 54-16 anyway. Mayfield, who needs his wheels to be effective, is unlikely to play against Iowa State, but could return to face WVU on Oct. 19.
5. TCU (2-3, 0-2)
Result: The Toads managed just 16 yards in the first half at Oklahoma, yet were in the game until the very end of a 20-17 loss. Yes, the 113th-ranked offense is depressing, but Gary Patterson’s team has lost three games to teams with a combined record of 15-1.
6. Texas (3-2, 2-0)
Result: Convincingly beat Iowa State 31-30 thanks to an end-of-half Hail Mary and an end-of-game non-fumble that wink, wink was too close to overturn.
7. West Virginia (3-3, 1-2)
Result: Lost 73-42 at Baylor. When TSA agents showed up two hours late for WVU’s charter flight home, the team said “That’s OK—we’re used to busted assignments.”
8. Kansas State (2-3, 0-2)
Result: During a 33-29 loss at Oklahoma State, the Wildcats nearly overcame five turnovers and 92 yards in penalties.
9. Iowa State (1-3, 0-1)
Result: The Cyclones lost 31-30 to Texas, because according to NCAA Rule 2, Section 11, Article 1: “A ball stripped from a Texas running back shall only be ruled a fumble in the event of conclusive video evidence, two notary signatures and a U.N. security council resolution.”
10. Kansas (2-2, 0-1)
Result: Scored the first 10 points against Texas Tech as well as the last six. Too bad the Red Raiders scored the 54 in between.
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  • Tim walters

    Very good article.I think you are right on.

  • wvman75

    I heard Marshall's on a meth Holliday.

  • Bryan

    Agree with tw eagle. As I have said in many post you just don't know what you're going to get from week to the next. However I do feel that given two weeks to prepare at this point of the season that the old blue and gold will surprise people on Oct. 19, 2013 at high noon even if it is another game in Texas. I for one feel that Holgorsen after 6 games of evaluating and two weeks off to adjust can put together a good game plan and bring one home.

  • tw eagle

    well , Baylor looked too good to be true , right?
    a qb throwing balls througha keyhole for completions, recievers making fingertip grabs off the carpet, runners shrugging off tacklers like they were hogs dipped in hot oil ... nah, i'm aware of some chemistry that helps abet this type of play ... eight games at home, and the away games are against so-so competition ... and you can't do things on the road that you can get away with at home.

    I like what I saw from the Mountaineers ... there's enough there on all sides of the pigskin to win out except for the TCU game in texas ...
    Let's Gooo Mountaineeerrrsss !!!

    • JaneM

      @TW..Good post ...from reading you post in the pass....sounds like you have seen a lot of football or ben around it sure do say and post very knowledgeable comments great job..wish there was more like you. ...

      • tw eagle

        thank you cuz ( a post to our friend larry) ...

        having seen the 59 pitt game we're both adults ... sippin some bourbon, i'm in a good mood ... I doubt it will happen ( possible litigation ) but I give this posting site permission to tender to janeM my email address if she is interested and requests it ... thank you ...

      • Big Larry

        Oh please....

        tw eagle? Are you brother and sister?

  • JaneM

    William. Talk about spelling ... Here is a copy of your post .. You do not spell very good ... Nottttty Nottttty boy to throw stones at other people ....See the word " theb " what is that ??...He never said wv would beat all 3. He said those 3 teams were worse. He theb said maybe wvu can get 5 implying they beat 2 of 3. Where has today's reading comprehension gone..... Case Close...have a good day William..

    • Big Larry

      Now JaneM is trying to give English Lessons...

      Oh by the way...

      I think it is "case closed" NOT "case close"...

      • JaneM

        What's up Larry.... Sounds like you and William are riding around together... I have not called on you today Larry... Looks like you came out all the cave... Welcome in the conversation . I love the WVU Mountaineers , I will defend them on every scroll so if you want to get into my quotes ...I'm going to defend the players the school the coach the AD the TRUE fans.... Like it or not...It is what it is ...Just live with it ...get a life ...

  • Jay

    This is all a theoretical conversation until two teams play one another. When Baylor hosts Oklahoma, my money is on four touchdowns. At this point, those teams aren't even close.

    Again, just my opinion.

  • Rick

    As hard as this is to bear, I don't think were that good when compared to the bottom 4 teams...
    We're 3-3, 1-2 in conf. We could win some of those games at best, but none from teams ranked higher...6-7 wins max.

  • steve

    Lets see Willie, with WVU's 3 wins already, adding Kansas, K-st, and Iowa St, that makes six. Your Marsha education is showing.

    • your reading sucks

      He never said wv would beat all 3. He said those 3 teams were worse. He theb said maybe wvu can get 5 implying they beat 2 of 3. Where has today's reading comprehension gone.

      • JaneM

        William talking again you screwed up...

        • Big Larry

          JaneM is back out of the kitchen again trying to discuss math and football at the same time...

          Two subjects she is not very good at...

      • Uncle Unctuous

        Where has today's reading comprehension gone? I suspect to the same place as proper spelling, capitalization and punctuation.

        • your reading sucks

          Speaking of punctuation, where is the comma after the word capitalization? Ignorance

        • your reading sucks

          Well thoughout reply; however, also pointless. I was not insulting Jane. The point behind my post was to inform Jane that she should read thoroughly before she posts. As for your reply, I hope you take your grammar skills to the educatio system because such talent should not go to waste.

  • Harpers Ferry

    Don't count on that. Even BYE stops our offense.

    • TruthTeller

      Ferry = Fairy...LOL!!!

  • WV Citizen

    We SHOULD win this weekend. GO EERS!

  • William

    Great, if WVU is #7 then how bad is Kansas St, Iowa St, and Kansas? Those teams are TERRIBLE, maybe WVU can get to 5 wins.
    What a sad time to be a Mountaineer fan, WHEREVER YOU MAY BE.

    • Big Larry


      I see what you are bad as those teams are and as bad as WVU is, maybe they can win 2 out of the three to get to five.

      Most of these paid Holgorsen Trolls were not very good at math...

      Oh one more thing...

      "Love your Work"

    • JaneM

      Very good William..... I always was taught 3and 3 = 6 not 5 ...not only that when West Virginia wins 3 more they will eligible for post season game... Put that in your pipe and smoke it..

      • your reading sucks

        He was implying that maybe 2 of 3 would be've got you to use reading skills before you can correct someone's math...

        • JaneM

          Thanks William...You made a boo boo... Change your name know what you was saying... You ain't the smart cookie you think you with it ...get over it .. You screwed up.... It's a great day to be a Mountaineer wherever you be ...

          • William

            @JaneM - Please go back to the kitchen cook some dinner & wash the dishes. The ship is sinking Jane, time to grab the life jacket and get off before these leaders take WVU sports down to the bottom. HOW SAD!

      • your reading sucks

        He said maybe they can get to 5 wins. So why would you say 3+3 =6. Your post was pointless.

  • Neal

    Allan, I agree with the rankings except for maybe the top two. It's hard for me to believe that OU could beat Baylor after what we saw last week.

    • Jason

      WVU fans, like it or not, this is where WVU will sit year in and year out, around middle of the pack in the Big XII...probably once in a decade they will piece together a team (of big time talent that the other big boys passed on for one reason or another) to compete towards the top of the conference...but the norm will probably be hovering around middle of the pack. They will still get paid better $ from just being in the conf with the conf sharing...but middle of the pack in conference records is where WVU will tend to live from here on out. The reality is, "most" raw talent comes from larger states (FL, TX, etc), those states have premier College programs (actually several within each state), most of those kids will want to grow up and play for their home state team so mommy and friends can come watch them play and state pride, etc...however..every now and then you can convince a few with some baggage to come to WV and play (Doc was and still is the master at this)...but the state of WV only produces, maybe 2 legit D1 prospects each year, hardly enough to feed a D1 program, so WVU must go on the road and convince players to not play for their home state school, it is always going to be an uphill battle...especially since some of those schools exist in huge markets with, in regards to this conversation, unlimited funds. It just is what it is. But once in a while, they will probably piece together a team that will compete, but year in and year out, I see them making their money and hanging around with a conference record of .500 or so and with a few non conference wins against the W&M's of the world, they will be bowl eligible.

      • TruthTeller

        Yea I bet you said the same thing when WVU joined the Big East didn't you and look how that turned out. Six Big East championships and three BCS bowl victories.

  • Maxxajay

    If the officials call a good games with ...West Virginia the next six games...They'll run the table.

    • JaneM

      @Maxxajay...great post..I agree on running the table...See where William can't count...

    • Harpers Ferry

      Yeah, because it's the officials' fault that WVU sucks. SMH