Back on July 30th, at 3 a.m. Jerusalem time, Israel’s Knesset passed a budget.

The vote approving the spending plan for the next year came after 15 hours of debate and it prevented a collapse of the government.  Under Knesset rules, if a budget bill is not passed within three months of the start of the fiscal year, the government is dissolved and elections are called.

In other words, Israeli politicians were forced to compromise on a spending plan or risk losing their jobs.

That’s what we call motivation.

If the United States government operated under a similar rule, it’s likely that nearly all of the current politicians in Washington would be long gone.  Congress hasn’t passed a budget resolution and all the necessary spending bills on time since 1996.

Since then, the Congress has relied largely on continuing resolutions, temporary spending plans that have to be approved, on average, several times a year. But as former U.S. comptroller general David Walker says, that’s not the worst of it.

“Even when Congress does pass a budget and required spending bills, they only control about 38 percent of total federal spending—and that percentage is declining,” Walker writes.  “The rest is ‘mandatory’ spending, and it’s on autopilot—largely Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and interest on our national debt.”

So let’s get this straight.  Congress gave up years ago passing an actual budget, opting for stopgap spending measures to pay for only 1/3 of the total cost of government. The current government shutdown means it can’t even accomplish that.

The seeds of the shutdown were sown when President Obama and the Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act with no bipartisan support. That conservative backlash triggered the Tea Party movement that sent Republicans to Washington who are fixated on overturning the law.

Republicans mismanaged their attack by linking the defunding of Obamacare with legislation to keep the government running.  Senate Democrats and the President won that battle, but now they are churlishly refusing to negotiate with the Republicans on any issues.

While the political posturing continues, the country’s budget woes deepen, as the non-partisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget pointed out last month.

“Continually rising deficits over the long-term are driven by a significant increase in spending on entitlement programs and interest payments on the debt and revenues from an inefficient and outdated tax code that will fail to keep pace.”

We have real problems in this country, which are not impossible to overcome but will require difficult negotiations and tough decisions.  If our elected officials can’t get it done, perhaps we should take a lesson from the Knesset.




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  • D.P.

    Hop'sHip - Thank you for considering me for the right-wing hall-of-fame! As you possibly noted, I stated I would be tuning out you FAR LEFT WACKJOBS! But I felt compelled to reply to you tonight because you just might be the LEADER OF THE PACK of the "KOOL-AID" Obummer Lovers! I'm very sorry I omitted your name from the "Dem Flunkie List."

    One important point I failed to stress about BHO is that he is WITHOUT A DOUBT the WORST LEADER this country has ever had as a President! By the way, do you think he is running the show or is Dingy Harry or Michelle calling the shots?

    Let me offer you some good advice Hop'sHip: Stay off the Kool-Aid and start drinking MUGS of good tequila. It just might get you to start thinking right!!!!!

    • Hop'sHip

      Thank you, DP. It is an honor to be recognized by someone like you for my errant mind-set. I would be concerned if you thought otherwise. Don't like Kool-Aid but I also think I'll pass on your tequilla suggestion. It does provide me a clue of what shapes your judgment, however. I do need your help though since I don't spend a lot of time on your information services. Who is Dingy Harry?

  • D.P.


    Although I'm now a Republican, I'm not a "Far Right Wacko." I voted for both MoJoe and Earl Ray and will continue to vote for Dems in the future. I vote for the man (or in Shelley's case, the woman), not the party!

    I've NEVER bullied and absolutely do not condone it! However, I NEVER will be bullied by anyone!

    Last night while reading some of the comments, I noted that one Left Wing poster thought the "Lame Stream Media" was as tough on Obama as they were on Bush or any other President. What a frigging joke! The Left Wing/Main Stream Media are nothing but lap dogs for BHO! A compliant press (which is unfortunately what we now have) is basically as harmful as not having a free press. Thank God for Fox News!!!

    • bulldog95

      I dont know if I would put GregG on the far left wagon. If I had to label GregG I would say that he equally hates everyone and everything. I dont know if he voted for Obama, I would guess he probably didnt vote at all because he didnt like either of the canidates.

      As far as TD goes, if that person had an independent thought his head might just implode. He dashes in with his "facts" but you know you got him beat when he cherry picks what he wants to answer. Just like on this very thread when I said how about Harry Reid lead by example and let the senate vote on the houses bill. Harry Reid and his do I as say not as I do attitude only fools those that are die hard left. Those that you can not reason with, but those that you can easily defeat in a debate because they dont have a witty one liner to come back.

      Hop'sHip, what to say about this person. Something about HH tells me that he is probably one of the smarter people on this website but he too avoids and cherry picks what to answer what to avoid. When challened HH does answer a question but gets very creative and shows that there is intelligence and independence with his mind. I say this because his answer isnt always its Bush/tea party fault like some people... HH is probably someone I could sit down with and talk face to face, neither of us would likely change our mind but it would educational and fun.

    • Hop'sHip

      DP: Speaking for all left-wing wackjobs, I did you the courtesy of reading ALL of YOUR crap, and what an impressive pile it was. But as a left-wing nutjob, I reserven the right to denote who is a right-wing wackjob,and I would say you are highly qualified. Do not selll yourself short! If I could offer one suggestion, all worthy right-wing wackjobs include the term "kool-aid in their diatribes. Just study the work of some of your fellow Obama-haters here and you will soon be producing crap that will get you in the right-wing wackjob hall-of-fame.

  • mntnman

    Two men sit in their shared home. It is cold, dark and dreary. It is this way because the two men don't make enough money, spend too much money and have gone into too much debt. They have a problem.

    One man says to the other, "I refuse to let either of us leave the room until you agree that we will not spend any more money, will not take on more debt, and I don't care if the bank takes our home, we have no food and the power is cut off in the dead of winter." The other man looks at him incredulous. "I will not be held hostage. I know we spend too much, and have too much debt. But I will not agree to anything until we pay our mortgage, buy some food and get the heat paid for this winter. Then, I will talk."

    Both sit stubbornly across from each other, neither willing to budge.

    Their rotted corpses were found later that spring.

  • The bookman

    TD..I am not espousing the belief that the republicans are without blame here...lots of political posturing going on...and they certainly could learn a thing or two about how to frame the arguments they attempt to make...but the intrenched position of the left has been the compromise from the fact to quote the man negotiation...that is the problem I have with your posts...prior to yesterday I had never posted a comment but after reading your posts over the years I could really take it no don't twist the make them up to suit your argument...sad really when you think about it!

    As to my life philosophy...conservative I am...winning I do believe in...not at all cost...but winning does require competition...and that requires a loser...anyone who has ever truly competed in anything has shared in both...those who view life from your prism believe you should focus on everyone winning...and that sir is impossible...unattainable...a noble pursuit yet fatally flawed!

    • bulldog95

      Welcome aboard. Its good to have an ally in exposing his "facts."

      I remeber several years ago that there was a poster named skipdog or skipdog11. I know many times skipdog went round and round with people until he let it slip that he was a state worker posting on tax payer time. I could not recall TD posting back then but I often wonder if skipdog waited a while and came back as this new person. CaptainQ, maybe you can help out, do you recall skipdog? If so are the posts similiar in nature?

      • CaptainQ

        Yes bulldog, I do remember skipdog11 and I even remember the fateful day he did reveal he was a state employee (and got taken to task for it by other MB regulars). As for whether skipdog 'returned' under another name, I really don't know. I'm still looking for 'brian12' to return. I can still remember the day he, as the young people say today, 'rage-quit' this MB, blaming me for dominating it (a charge I will categorically deny). His style was to always lurk for a few weeks/months and then post a wall of text attacking me. Don't think he's returned either, but he probably will sooner or later despite the fact that on a daily basis, other MB 'regulars' often post many more entries than I do (or ever did).

        • bulldog95

          Maybe brain12 did come back, I saw a post sometime within the past week where someone said of course Captain always has to comment and be the first one. It wasnt hops post though, one of the other stories on the site. Haha "rage quit" or maybe as the youth also say /cutwrists

        • Hop'sHip

          Any shortcomings in quantity you more than make up in quality, Q. That is why you are CaptainQ(uality)!

  • Charleston,WV

    The whole argument is currently based on the CBO projections of UNFUNDED LIABILITIES! WE DON"T HAVE THE MONEY FOR
    Some other observations for the US economy in 2015 simply assuming current conditions persist:

    Federal spending will be $3.3 trillion per year, and with federal revenue of $2.3 trillion (this number will be reduced as it also assumes $731 billion in payroll tax, a number which will likely be indefinitely reduced) the result is a budget deficit of $983.7 billion.
    Annual Medicare/Medicaid expenses will be just over $1 trillion
    US population: 326.8 million
    US workforce 131.3 million (and declining)
    Officially unemployed: 19.4 million
    Actual unemployed: 22.3 million
    State/Federal employees: 17.9 million
    People on SSN and other retirees: 72.6 million
    And the most critical data:

    Food stamp recipients: 89.7 million
    Foreclosures: 2 million
    Social Security Liability: $19 trillion
    Medicare Liability: $99 trillion
    Total US Unfunded Liabilities: $144 trillion

    Gross Debt to GDP: 143%

    • bulldog95

      Foodstamps are predicted to jumped from 47/48 million to almost 90 million by 2015?

      • Charleston,WV

        Predictions from 2010 trends. You could make some corrections, but the underlying point is we have unfunded liabilities.

        • bulldog95

          We have way to many and way to much unfunded liabilities. I was just shocked that it is expected to almost double in a couple of years. Well I guess I am not really that shocked.

    • Charleston,WV

      Sorry for typo. Correction:
      The whole argument is currently based on the CBO projections of UNFUNDED LIABILITIES! WE DON"T HAVE THE MONEY!

  • TD

    Great information provided by Hillboy.

    Here's the real problem. Bookman, Bulldog, etc... You guys have bought into the propaganda that what is happening is reasonable, that this is business as usual, that there will be no real consequences to their actions. That conservatives take no prisoners win at all costs, never compromise, are an acceptable way to govern a democracy. It is not and good people such as yourselves need to recognize they are empowered by you and others just like you.

    Until that is recognized and changed we are in big trouble. I'm not saying Republicans have no good ideas, cut food stamps and welfare are two good places to start, but they have to be willing to compromise or we are dooming ourselves.

    • bulldog95

      I have asked this before but it fell on deaf ears but here goes. Show me or tell me one thing other than the strings attached to the CR that the senate changed other than the ACA. Show me one thing other than that. The way I see it is they only changed that and nothing else. If thats the case then I take it they like everything else, meaning that they got everything but one thing. Then the president says you dont hold the country hostage because you dont get 100% of what you want.

      So who is he referring too? The senate dems because cutting out the ACA strings means they get 100% of what they want. Or the house reps that went back to the drawing board and went from defund to delay to cut out this tax. Who is not trying to compromise?

      And lastly the cries for a straight up and down vote for the "clean" CR in the house is nonsense. If the president and Harry Reid want to lead then lead by example and have the Senate vote on the house bill and see what happens. We might be shocked as to how it turns out. Only the blissful of this country fall for this garbage where the house is expected to vote on the senate bill as is with no changes, but yet the senate doesnt vote on the house bill with no changes. TD, if you can not see this then you are truly a lost cause on anything and everything.

      As far as blame, yes I see both parties responsible. I attribute 70% to the senate and 30% to the house. I give so much to the senate because Harry Reid tables so many things.

      In no way do I think this is how the government should work but with the track record of the government, what other avenue is there. I mean really, the president say give me a clean CR and then I will sit down and talk about anything you want, line by line. Do YOU or anyone else actually think this will happen, or if a meeting does actually happen that anything will come of it. If the meeting happens it will be like the last time when the president said the elections over, I won, you lost John. That reeks of compromise doesnt it?

      • TD


        Harry Reid and Boehner met this summer and worked out a deal on the budget. The funding would be at Republican levels, $70 billion below what Dems wanted. Reid told Boehner to get it passed through the house and send it over, he'd get it through the Senate. Boehner did not follow through. That is what Cantor was referring to in a speech a couple months ago when he said we already got most of what we want. Then came Ted Cruz and the TEA Party who refuse to take yes for an answer. They want to throw in de-funding Obamacare, now it is tax cuts, or entitlement reform, or whatever. All under a gov't shutdown and threat of default.

        This is not an acceptable way to govern and is destroying your party..

        • bulldog95

          Its hard to say what really happens behind those closed door meetings. Unless there is a tape of the conversation I dont believe anything out of any of their mouths.