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Slowed by a midseason back injury, Terry Henderson started 11 games for West Virginia as a freshman and shot 40 percent from 3-point range.


IRVING, Texas — West Virginia, its roster retooled following a 13-19 season, was picked seventh by coaches in the Big 12 preseason basketball poll.

Kansas and Oklahoma State were voted preseason co-champs, each receiving five first-place votes from the league’s 10 coaches.

West Virginia finished 6-12 in conference play last season before losing to Texas Tech in the first round of the Big 12 Tournament. Bob Huggins figures to have a reconstituted rotation after losing three seniors and five undergraduate transfers, but two players from this year’s six-man signing class may not be eligible this season. Freshman power Elijah Macon apparently is going the partial qualifier route, and junior forward Jonathan Holton could be forced to redshirt as he navigates NCAA academic hurdles.

Top returnees for the Mountaineers include sophomore shooting guards Eron Harris (9.8 points, 2.3 rebounds) and Terry Henderson (8.0 points, 2.4 rebounds), who started 17 and 11 games respectively as freshmen. Point guards Juwan Staten (7.6 points, 3.1 assists) and Gary Browne (5.6 points, 1.5 assists) are seeking bounce-back seasons, while 18-game starter Kevin Noreen (3.0 points, 4.4 rebounds) is the only returning big man with experience.

Huggins will need immediate contributions from 6-foot-9 freshman power forward Devin Williams and lanky perimeter gunners Rémi Dibo and Nathan Adrian.

The complete coaches’ voting released Thursday:

1. tie-Kansas (5) 77

1. tie-Oklahoma State (5) 77

3. Baylor 63

4. Iowa State 56

5. tie-Kansas State 43

5. tie-Oklahoma 43

7. West Virginia 35

8. Texas 30

9. Texas Tech 14

10. TCU 12

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  • Joe

    Big Larry, Big Tom, William, Barry aka Sybil, please we're begging you........lithium.

    Perhaps you, or, uh, the four of you could scimmage the team. The hard part will be how the ref will call illegal inbound pass, walking, traveling and offensive foul on one guy running down the court.

  • big tom

    why is it that other people post after me and get listed and I have a pink line thru my comment,,, apparently taylor is a huggie lover too and doesn't want my comments posted... sad.

  • William101

    I have to admit this will be an interesting season. We can really use Holton. It's not over until it's over, as they say. So I won't concede that he can't play this year until I hear otherwise.

    Looks like our true freshmen, Williams, Watkins, & Adrian, will get plenty of experience this year. Our success will depend in large part on their ability to step up and adjust to Divi I BB.

    Little is expected of Adrian, after all he is a mid 3 star recruit, but wouldn't it be a hoot if a West Virginian, from Morgantown to boot, was a big part of this team? It would be a real storyline.

    I'm always optimistic this time of year. No, we're not a championship team, and we may not be an NCAA team this year, but I really believe we'll play hard, with desire to win, and I expect a winning season. NIT? Add Holton into the mix, and who knows?

    • cutty77

      I heard from a WVU BB coach about a month ago that there was no way Holton would play this year,maybe he is wrong. Huggs could sure use The Help.

  • big tom

    just wondering,, how long will Ollie put up with his buddy, having losing seasons and making a fortune every year, off the good supporters and tax payers of wv?
    it's a shame, once he was a darn good coach, but that's passed him by, and we're stuck with the leftovers.
    His reputation is killing our recruiting,, thugs, partial qualifiers, and felons.
    no wonder the ACC and SEC didn't want us... huggie is doing everything in his power to degrade us and what we stand for.
    it's terrible, we'll be worst than last yr, marsha will beat us, and we won't get invited to any tourn.... it really sucks

  • wvrefugee

    Maybe OL can go to Texas and "help" their athletics program like he has ours!! :o)

  • Tom

    They are really the ninth school in the listing. Although statistically they are ranked seventh. No matter how you cut it, it will be a long, losing season......again.


    I Don't Know Where You People Coached, But, Who's Going To Run The Program, The Coach Or The Players?? It's Gonna Take An Entirely Different Style Of Player To Compete In The Big Twelve, On A Consistent Basis. He's Tried To Find And Get Them, Yes, He's Taking Some Chances On Some, But We'll Have To Wait On The NCAA On Holten. If They Clear Him We'll Be Okay!

  • Brent

    Little larry....
    Here's the thing....
    They have a couple walk ons. And Holton can practice but may not be able to play. He makes 10 not including the walk ons.

  • Big Larry

    Heres the thing,

    Since Huggins has got rid of most of his past recruits by kicking them off the team, do they now even have enough players to practice and have a scrimmage? They will only have 9 scholarship players and that is if no one

    1 Gets Hurt
    2. Gets kicked off the team
    3. Quits the team or Drops out of school for personal or scholastic reasons.

    It remains to be seen how long Holton and Macon will stick around or even if they can make the grades or stay in school.

    Yes... Bob "Sweatsuit" Huggins is fixing things quite nicely. With his guaranteed unconditional 3 million dollar a year contract for life, Huggins just has to show up at the games wearing his Sweatsuit and he still gets paid.

    And thanks to Oliver Luck, Huggins can never be fired and can continue to coach the Mountaineers as long as he is still breathing...

    WVU can always ask Morgantown High School to come over and scrimmage with the team...

    It is what it is...And you are looking forward to WVU Basketball season?

    • Jed

      Why is it that none of you clowns ever have anything but insults and gloomy predictions after every sports story? It's pretty easy to tell that you have no idea what you're talking about.

      Huggs has only had 3 losing seasons dating back to 1980, and in that time, he's had 26 seasons with 20 or more wins. What the heck have you ever done?

      My guess is that you've never even seen any of the new guys play, even though 3 of them have played on national TV. I've seen Devin Williams play 4 times. You probably haven't even bothered to go watch Nathan Adrian play. The kid is really good, and you'll be eating your words pretty soon.

      • JaneM

        @Jed...I like your post ...We have 3 clowns on here who never go to see the Mountaineers play in Morgantown, they are just TV Critics, They don't buy anything to support the team....Big Larry .. Big Tom ...William "their leader"and all they do is repeat after every article or after True fans post....They act like bullies... In their case big bullies...

        • WVWho

          I'm trying to understand what going to see them play in person has to do with forming an opinion that may be "shocker" stink? the basketball team was picked to finish near the bottom last year and they lived up to expectations.

          The football team underachieved last year especially after the start through Texas.

          Neither program is expected to do a lot this year and that is just reality.

          I guess I don't always drink my Koolaid gold and blue either, but I also know firing "sweatsuit huggins" and "Dana" are not going to improve WVU's athletic outlook.

        • Big Larry


          1. You are forgetting pghmountaineer...

          2. William is not the leader...

          3. And no...we don't buy anything and never will until the WVU Board of Governors cleans house starting with James P Clements all the way down to the water boy.

          4. And why are you back out of the kitchen?

          • JaneM

            Wow Big Larry ... You surprised me... I suppose you just now woke up, or fail out of the recliner in the floor, and could not get up... Anyway WVU is still in Morgantown and the world is still spinning around , except the fact that your post means very little, life goes on , get over it... You can't change anything... Oliver Luck will be at WVU and leave when he wants to so will Dana , and Huggins. You never have been to see any games in are not a TRUE fan any way ... Just aTV recliner person .... Who doesn't really have a life..

    • Barry

      I agree 100% Larry. I don't understand why some people take up for Huggins. To each his own I guess, but everyone must admit Huggins has run this program into the ground.

  • MojoJojo

    Texas, Texas Tech, and TCU must really really suck if they are picked to finish below WVU and Thuggins. A very weak Big12 conference this year.

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    hope everyone plays better than last year or its going to be a long cold winter

  • Big Larry

    Bob "Sweatsuit" Huggins is going to "fix it"...You just wait and see....

    • JaneM

      Ha ha Big Larry, when I seen that you had put a post about Huggggy the first thing I though about Big Larry has been sleeping in the big recliner "after noon nap "haha

      • Big Larry


        I know you have a crush on Dana "The Man in Black" Holgorsen...but Huggins too?

        Please... the man is married...and if you get too cozy his daughters will publicly come in here and cuss you out.

        It happened last year so please JaneM be careful...

        • JaneM

          Wow Big Larry...Thank you for your concern, I can take care of myself... I choose my friends. They don't choose me ..And I am careful....thanks

  • cutty77

    Thats where WVU deserves to be,lucky its number 7.Huggy has not showed any reason to think any different. Its almost always next year,even before to get this year. You would think the law of average would catch up with Huggs. lol

    • Harpers Ferry

      Stole the words right out of William's mouth!

      • cutty77

        @ Harpers Ferry,
        Huggs record the last 2 years. 30 wins and 34 losses. It is what it is.

  • Big Dave

    And Texas continues to under achieve. What could WVU do with the budget they have?

    • wvrefugee

      Ah, buy better players???? :o)

      • Big Dave

        Haha. Why of course.

  • JaneM

    Number seven is a good place to start out at, never expected anything much higher considering the old saying is. What do you do with the Redhead stepchild ??..