HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — At the 2013 Conference USA football media day, Marshall coach Doc Holliday said this was the first season during his time with the Herd that he liked the offensive line.

Flash forward to Monday, when starting offensive lineman Garrett Scott said the offensive line still has work to do, despite the success the group has had in the first five games of the season on both pass and run blocking.

“We could have played better,” said Scott. “We went back and watched the film and could have played a little better, but no one up front had any regrets. We feel like we played hard, but execution wasn’t perfect.”

There is room for improvement even though several linemen had big days on Saturday, led by center Chris Jasperse who executed 100 percent of his assignments and amassed six knockdowns.

“The first part of getting better is to admit where you’re wrong. As long as we admit and know what we’re doing wrong, then we can fix the problems. We feel like we’re going to be fine up front,” Scott said.

In addition to having everyone comprehending what should be done differently, Scott said it’s easier to fix mistakes following a win than a loss.

“It was just simple mistakes,” says Scott. “It could have been a little step this way, or opening up a little bigger hole, stuff like that. We’ll be fine.”

— Braxton Crisp

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  • Spell Checker

    Go Herd!

  • TTX

    Keep running talented players off and there won't be an offensive line. Someone should do some real investigative reporting and find out what actually is going on. Personal reasons and injuries... Not buying.

    • Interesting123

      The person with the injury is still with the program helping coach the other guys. Just cant play anymore. Attrition happens, its one of the reason we over recruit every year.