WASHINGTON, D.C. — There was movement on Capitol Hill Friday on a U.S. House proposal to temporarily raise the U.S. debt ceiling, possibly for six weeks, in exchange for the start of talks on long term deficit reductions.

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First District Congressman David McKinley (R-WV).

However, President Barack Obama said any deal would have to end the partial federal government shutdown that started on Oct. 1.

First District Congressman David McKinley (R-WV) hailed it as progress.  “Negotiations are finally getting started,” he said.  “This is what we wanted from day one, is to open up negotiations.”

Originally, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Oh.) and other House Republicans had refused to move on the continuing resolution, or spending bill, to keep the government running unless there were concessions from President Obama and the U.S. Senate, where Democrats are in charge, about the Affordable Care Act.

Now, McKinley said the focus is on reducing the long term debt.  “We’re dealing with the economy,” he said.  “All they wanted to do was get the door open (to talks) and it took extending the debt limit by six weeks to get the door open.”

Negotiators are expected to work into the weekend on a quick resolution to head off any potential debt limit crisis that could start unfolding, without action, by the middle of next week.

McKinley said he was confident a resolution was in sight.  “We’ll get through this,” he said on Friday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

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  • CaptainQ

    I'll believe it when I see it when it comes to ANY deal concerning the debt ceiling and/or Federal budget. If both sides would stop trying to 'play politics' and get down to some serious work, this whole crisis could end tomorrow. However, that has as much chance of happening as the Mountaineers have of playing in the BCS Championship game this season.

  • C.H

    Its time to repeal and replace all the current members of Congress. We need goverment for the people by the people. That means real everyday people who know what its like to work two jobs to help suport their family . People who have callus on their hands, people whos feet hurt from being on them all day. People who have seen smoke from a gun that has been fired at them from the enemy . People who take care of children or the elderly because they cant take care of themselves. People who work with the Disabled . People who run into a burning building when everyone is runing out of it. People who grow our food. These are the type of people we need but dont have. What we have now is not what we dont need. So is there wonder we are where we are.

  • EC

    Why is it that everyone forgets that the last time Boehner worked with Obama in good faith, Obama turned around at the last minute and double-crossed him? If Boehner has no leverage (budget/debt ceiling) he is totally justified in feeling that once Obama gets his way (clean CR) he will hose him again. This is political kharma coming back to bite Obama; the only reason he feels justified in this approach is because the media refuses to call him on his "we won't negotiate" absurdity while slamming the Republicans for simply trying to negotiate. Amazing.

  • billyed

    This McKinley is a joke. He is scared and
    walking backward from last week, Obama Care, Shutdown the Government. Now it's long term debt. He is controlled by his Corporate citizens, Insurance Co, Big Banks, Big Corp, Koch brothers.
    Working middle class, veterans, elderly and the poor are tired of him pushing the Destruction Button for the 1%

  • Concerned

    Politicians are amazing. If all they wanted from day 1 were negotiations, they could have been doing that months ago. They thought they could push concessions from dems bit it isn't happening. Now they need to save face for shutting the gov down for no reason.

    • The bookman

      Try this perspective...the republican leadership has been attempting to negotiate spending reduction and long term reforms in entitlements but were meeting a stone wall by the democrat leadership in the senate...no one blinked and the government shutdown...now the democrats have blinked because the debt ceiling deadline is looming...I believe you'll find this view is supported by fact while the view you provide is gleaned from spin...

      • Mike

        Bookman, you wouldn't know the truth if it hit you on the head. Tea-party drinkers couldn't stop the Affordable Health Care plan from becoming law in 2010; couldn't stop the Supreme Court from ruling it constitutional; and couldn't stop Obama's re-election. So Republicans decided to cry-baby together, throw a temper-tantrum, and shut down the government to try to get their way. And deny 170,000 poor West Virginians from having access to quality health care. It doesn't get any nastier than that. Maybe our President should cry and threaten to shut down the government unless he gets a mandatory background check on all gun purchases. Same tactic. There's your truth.... 'fiction' bookman

        • The bookman

          Fact...the house passed a budget nearly 6 months ago...not a CR but a budget...where is the senate's version?...the democrat leadership refuses to address the real issues confronting this country and have for decades...
          Fact...we have a divided government with a significant majority of congressional districts choosing republican representation...not a narrow majority but a significant one...historically the house has always been considered closer to the will of the people than the senate...
          Fact....our spending is out of control and largely due to entitlement liabilities and debt service, yet our president is hell bent on implementing another entitlement program that is flawed by his own description and reluctance to fully commit to it...
          Fact...the republican leadership did not shut down the government as you have indicated...they are the minority party...it shut down albeit partially because no one would negotiate with the house...follow the evolving CR's that floated to the senate..one compromise after another...

          So don't preach to me about not having facts...open up your eyes Mike...don't just replay what you hear...pay attention!!

          • The bookman

            Sorry, Mike, missed the one on the house being the one closest to the people...the framers devised it that way... Learned that in junior high when we studied the federalist papers...later in life it was reinforced when Robert C Byrd himself described the house in those very terms, all the while improving his stature as a member of the "more deliberative body" of congress...being elected every two years instead of every six keeps you in front of the voter...enough facts for you, Mike...

          • The bookman

            I don't think you'll find in my posts that my issue is the repeal or defunding of obamacare...that discussion is prevalent in most rebuttals to my posts, however I think you'll find if you read the thread my issue is the blame for how we find ourselves here and who shoulders the blame, and the real problems of our financial situation in the lack of leadership in the senate to deal with debt reform...check it out and see if what I describe is accurate..I would agree that most Americans blame the republicans for the shutdown...even they knew if the shutdown occurred they would be blamed for it...why do you think they tried to avoid it short of having their spines surgically removed? The republicans are not very good politicians...they leave themselves wide open for the blame every time...character flaw...too principled

            2nd Mike...nothing proscribes the senate from producing their own budget...a function they are to produce but failed to complete..in the face the senate not producing their budget, and the house producing theirs, and sending it over to the senate they would take it up and make changes to it... In government terms it's called conference...in lay speak it's called compromise...give and take...I'd say talk to TD, but we found out this week he really doesn't understand it that well, tadah!!

            It is flawed...the author of the legislation...you know, the guy who wrote it, was max baucus of Montana...he calls it a train wreck!!! Obama knows it as he has halted its full implementation because he knows it's not ready for prime time...I wish we could afford to do it right...universal health care for all would be awesome...but man we can't pay our bills now...it's like foreclosing on your house and trying to buy an escalade in the same week...just asinine...as for my perspective...I don't watch foxnews nor do I relate to the tea party...I think Harry Reid is the problem, not Obama...I think hannity is overrated and over the top, but I do like rush, I know, surprise...and I really believe we are at a point of no return debt wise on this country...if not already over the edge...these ARE the facts...and calling a fact an opinion does not make it so... Present your facts to dispute it...I have yet to see it!!!

          • Mike

            OK Bookman, here are your facts.
            Fact: In the Senate, unlike in the House, if you do not have the support of 60 Senators to end a filibuster, you cannot pass a deeming budget resolution. The Republicans block it every time. Every house budget is totally a Republican one that guts Social Security and Medicare and programs Americans rely on.
            It is a fact of divided government, but your assumption that the House is closer to the will of the people is totally opinion. My opinion says a Senate and twice-elected President is closer. 2 – 1…add it up.
            Your next ‘fact’ about another flawed entitlement program is totally your opinion. In mine, Obamacare is a way to give the working poor access to health care so all of us no longer are paying for it every time the uninsured runs to the emergency room. There’s no fact in your statement.
            Republicans did not shut down the government? Wow, if you think that is fact, there is nothing more I can say. They shut it down to delay or kill Obamacare…pure and simple.
            And no one will negotiate with the House? Or is it give them everything that they want?
            Your floating CR’s fact is a lame Republican attempt to start funding everything in the government except Obamacare.
            You and everyone are entitled to your opinions. Just don’t call them Facts!

          • kwmartin25401

            Bookman, I don't know what news channels you're watching or where you're getting your information from but the majority of polls (Rasmussen, Gallup, CNN) I've seen suggest Republicans are definitely taking the blame by most Americans for the government shutdown. The also have the worst approval ratings, the lowest in decades. I'm not saying I completely agree with all aspects of ACA, but some good points were previously mentioned that the President was reelected and the Supreme Court has upheld it. I'm not seeing the premise in your argument.

          • The bookman

            Fantastic rebuttal...enjoy your weekend mike...

          • Mike

            Bookman, I'm already set free. Sadly, you and the dangerous extreme right are the ones in chains.

          • The bookman

            No..you simply are too thick to accept the truth when provided it with supporting details...your idol worship has clouded your ability to see what's going on in front of your very eyes, or you do recognize it all but have gone so far down the path with them that you are too embarrassed to admit to rest of is your fateful lapse in judgement...but dismissing the circumstances as presented with accurate facts to back it up as simply a tea party opinion is pretty lame on your part...but I've come to expect that of you guys on the left as you really have no other argument to make!! A better approach would be to actually refute my argument with supporting facts of your own....notice you have not done that...because you can't..so go read that post again, and the truth, mike, will set you free!

          • Mike

            Your entire rhetoric is opinion. You just can't tell the difference between the two. You should audition for Fox News. They need twisted information.

          • The bookman

            What fact do you dispute?

          • welfareworker

            mr, bookman

            Fact- calling an opinion a fact does not make it a fact

      • Shawn H

        Careful Bookman. Liberals hate it when you inject facts into an arguement.

        • The bookman

          Sorry, I'm new at this..kind of like steam release every few hours!

          • BigDeal

            Thank you Bookman for your use of facts.

  • Mike

    Keep up the good work Ben. People like you are what makes WV a great place to live.

  • Ben Wabawls

    Someone needs to teabag this teapartier!