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Oklahoma fans have a knack for getting under the skin of their Texas rivals.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Ranking the weekend’s Big 12 games as the Mountaineers take time to recharge:

1. No. 12 Oklahoma 34, Texas 17:(Sooners -12) How palpable is the overconfidence in this Red River Rivalry? The average final-score prediction of four sportswriters at The Daily Oklahoman was 53-12. These are reasonable-minded journalists who recall that a tackling-challenged Longhorns defense allowed 550 rushing yards to BYU. Having seen OU look vulnerable against WVU and TCU, I’m still not sold on Bob Stoops’ bunch. But given the fragile state of the UT psyche—and it’s inability to find a suitable backup QB despite the nation’s largest recruiting budget—methinks it will be Boomer time once again.
2. No. 15 Baylor 42, Kansas State 35: (Bears -17.5) Baylor didn’t suddenly reinvent offensive football—it only seems that way. It’s time for a return to earth, particularly for a program that has lost eight of its last nine Big 12 road games. This one will be tighter than expected if K-State limits its carelessness: Bill Snyder’s team has 14 turnovers through five games after committing only 12 all last season.
3. No. 20 Texas Tech 38, Iowa State 20: (Red Raiders -14.5) At 5-0, Tech is quietly building a case for legitimacy, albeit against decidedly slight competition. At 1-3, Iowa State is just another imminently beatable foe, though it joins Alabama, Ohio State and Oregon as the only programs to beat a ranked team on the road each of the past three seasons. You could win a bar bet or 12 with that one.
4. TCU 33, Kansas 10: (Horned Frogs -24.5) Jake Heaps can still smell the stinker he left in Fort Worth when BYU visited TCU in 2010. He was 14-of-30 passing for 91 yards and two picks in a 31-3 beatdown. Cue the déjà vu.
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  • SamWV304

    Or was on field the last cpl years. NOW we are getting actual recruits for the positions.. Ie...Karl Joseph..which is a recruit of Danas. Bill Stewart was the coach when the main contributers from the offense signed letr of intent. But he didn't recruit them. like everyone says. That was the recruiting staffs choice.yes.. coach is part of it. but come on.. how many strings was ol Bill allowed to pull?

  • SamWV304

    Its game time,and Texas still sucks.. possible?.. lol. When will people realize the reason we r in the shape we are in is the recruiting while the late Bill Stewart was coach. They pretty much recruited offensive playmakers. Bcause thts what we needed at time. Forgetting the D.. our corners were Qbs in highschool. So thts whts on field now


    Does anyone understand the sign in that photo ... I don't get it

    At least when WVU fans try to get under there opponents skin you can understand it

  • Marcus

    Arizona has Rich Rod and it showed the other night against a head coachless USC!! LOL Arizona can keep him!! HA HA

  • Big Larry

    I wish I would shut my big fat obese mouth!!

    • Big Larry

      I wish you would too...

  • Mountaineer fanatic

    After watching Arizona this last weekend, I have to wonder if maybe we have heard the last about how great their coaches are. No offense or defense. I for one would be happy to never hear of them again.
    Hopefully our coach stays a long time. He needs time to change from a running team to a throwing team. He also needs time to get use to the Big 12.


      He's from the big 12 why does he need to get used to it

  • pghmountaineer

    To change the subject. Do you folks realize that Bill Stewart recruited Geno Smith, Tajh Boyd, and Barry Brunetti to WVU. The only reason why they left was that Geno was going to be the man. That's impressive.
    We haven't had that type of recruiting in a long time.

    • insidedave

      At the time Geno Smith, Tajh Byod and Barry Brunetti were being recruited, WVU was still fresh off the Pat White and Steve Slaton era. That spoke volumes for our program to have a qb that won every bowl game he played in including two BCS bowl wins (Pat White). This greatly helped to attract better talent no matter who was coaching. So the point being, if WVU is not careful, we could quickly become a doormat in the BIG 12 and then we will have an even tougher time recruiting talent.

  • JaneM

    The department brought in more than $77.7 million last year while expenses topped $73.5 million. Read the budget breakdown here.
    This report is awesome and some many people was bad mouthing Mr. Luck.....Looks like he has and is doing a wonderful job... I don't understand why people want to get rid of such a good person for the university, doesn't make sense..


      No one wants to get rid of him he wants to leave

  • JaneM

    WVU athletics reports $4.2 million profit for 2013

    By Allan Taylor in WVU Sports , Yes when I see reports like this really makes happy to say ,, It is a great day to be a Mountaineer where every you maybe .

    • Big Larry

      They ought to be making money with all the beer they are selling...

      The football and basketball programs have fallen into the Abyss but at least WVU is selling plenty of Beer.

  • Sharon

    It's the Big 12, who cares.

  • Allan

    Before everyone starts calling for the heads of Holgersen, Luck and Huggs let's consider the records of Don Nehlen in his 20 years at WVU.
    Don't get me wrong, Don Nehlen is a great coach and did so much for WVU..but look at his's not all great years. He had some losing seasons, he had a few that he lost as many as he won, a few just over .500 pct and out of 13 bowl games, he only managed to win 4. Holgersen is in a much tougher conference than Nehlen was in and I don't see Rich Rod setting the world on fire either. So give Holgersen some time and then if he doesn't improve, then talk about firing him.

    • Mickey

      Regardless of who the coach is WVU will struggle to win consistently in this conference.I love WVU but it is hard to recruit the best players.Think about it..who is going to leave Florida or Texas and come to West Virginia ???I hope Luck stays at WVU..Look at the other teams that stayed in the big east..Cincinnati and Uconn...rock bottom...It will take a while for WVU to get the right people and players in place.I still think it was the best move for the school..Some people on here need to get a life..

    • Big Larry

      Huggins has had 5 years and what has he done after Beilein's recruits left?

      Holgorsen has had three years and what has he done since Stewart's recruits left?

      How much time does Holgorsen need? His relatives and paid trolls are saying 5-6 years.

      It is not a great day to be a WVU matter where you may be!

  • wenkev

    If Texas loses today I think Huggins and Holgersen and Luck should be fired!!! I don't really mean that. Just thought it was a prerequisite that every article had a comment about somebody getting fired and I thought I would oblige.

  • Keith Patterson

    I sure hope Baylor runs the score up on KSU today.

  • JaneM

    After Oklahoma beats Texas this could be the last game Mr. Brown will coach for Texas..... I do not see K State scoring more than one TD against Baylor....TT a winner....TCU a winner .... Mr. Brown always seems like a nice guy ,but nice guys have to win too...

    • Big Larry


      "After Oklahoma beats Texas this could be the last game Mr. Brown will coach for Texas."

      See what happens when you come out of the kitchen and start talking football?

    • JaneM

      Well sitting here watching Oklahoma and Texas play late in the third quarter Texas leading 29--13 looks like Mr. Brown will be able to coach another game another day..... Mr. Brown has got the Longhorns doing everything right today, that don't mean they'll be that way when they play WVU.... For what it's worth in college football it makes a big difference if you are home or away when you play...