ARNETT, W.Va. — An elderly man is dead after a Friday carjacking in Raleigh County.

Dispatchers received a call Friday around 6 p.m. reporting a shooting and carjacking on Saxon Bolt Road in Arnett.

The victim has been identified as 79-year-old Jonny Condie of Dameron.

After an initial investigation, police arrested Mickey Roger Daniel, Jr., 29, in the case. Daniel is charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Investigators said Condie was found lying on the side of the road with a single gunshot wound to his back. When police arrived on scene, Condie told them he had been carjacked.

Police said Condie was taken to Raleigh General Hospital where he later died from his injuries.

The Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department and the West Virginia State Police are investigating.

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  • KC

    It's a really sad day when an elderly man is shot in the back at 6pm and left to die by the side of the road. Here, in West Virginia.

  • Faarout

    Forget about Old Sparky. A public hanging from the Welcome to West Virginia sign on the southern end of I 79 might get the "right" message across. Ensuing murderers could be hung from other Welcome signs on a rotating schedule. (now donning Nomex fire suit)

  • Conchop

    I've read a lot of neocon blather in this article's commentary. This is a horrible crime and thankfully, the shooter will face justice.

    But when I read all this rubbish about liberal this and socialist that, I have to remind myself that you evangelical Tea Bagger neocons have caused far more problems with your so called beliefs and draconian programs than what you'll ever get solved.

    The proofs in the record of your pathetic 30+ year old conservative revolution - Everything you touch turns to fools gold. Rich got richer - everyone else got poorer. Some poor people have really poor ways. Some rich people mow a lot of other people down.

    BTW - wonder how Micky got a gun? Seems that criminals and crazy people shouldn't have guns. They should have their guns confiscated so these heinous crimes are less likely to occur. Seems that's not the neocon NRA way, though.

    Here's a little advice - all your neocon BSnBaloney doesn't play so well these days. Judging by the "numbers" in your neocon record, you don't really do good work. Your credibility is mud ...

  • longbeards

    WV is not a cesspool! Our problem is that through out the US, WELFARE mentality is over taken our since of pride to work. Government never has and never will provide for the citizens of this nation. BUT there are generations of folks that belive that it is ok for them to take handouts from the government instead of standing on their own two feet and delivering! As long as the liberals control the govenrment, we will continue to go downhill!

  • chasmo

    help us " out" those that are incarcerated -- this piece of scum needs to be removed ! what a piece of sh** !

  • Chef Camille

    Lived in WVA all my 58 years and I am finally considering moving to a safer place. If anyone knows where please let me know. How many shootings, accidents, murders, and corrupt officials can one take in a week.

    • Larry

      Canada, nothing ever happens there.


      Well said. Our state is a total cesspool!

  • WV Patriot

    The low life dirtbag that murdered Mr. Condie has been arrested. Mickey Daniel Jr. from Edwight is charged with his murder and is in the Southern Regional Jail where he will be getting some jailhouse justice for killing a Grandfather. I hope the jailers put him in solidary confinement cage for the rest of his life.

  • WV Patriot

    Pray for the Condie Family..

  • Salamon

    Sure are alot of religous poster today that have forgotten "Love thy neighbor as thyself".
    Maybe you all need to take a look at yourselfs.

    • Joe truly are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

      And since you brought religion into it, all I'll say is that the greatest feat Satan has ever achieved is that he has convinced many that he does not exist.

      A shepard must always tend to his flock but, when necessary, eradicate the wolves.

      • Salamon

        Joe, would explain what part of life does NOT have religion in it?

        • Joe

          Perhaps you should ask the carjacker who shot and killed a grandfather in cold blood that you want us to have compassion and empathy for.

          • Salamon

            Judging from your answer I would have to agree with you.

  • john

    Solution to the problem is simple; these sorry pieces of sh#t need to be put to death. No more liberal excuses for why everyone else is to blame for punks acting the way they do!


      Start frying these types in old sparky and I guarantee you that will get their attention. Being back the death penalty. Now!!!

  • cb

    It is sad to see a state I have pride in, that helped me get my first job based on the hard working reputation of my state, go downhill so quickly.

    • Joke.

      Just a microcosm of the entire country.

      • Teufel

        So true!

  • BAC

    Yeah, the evil Charleston Gazette rails constantly against guns. But they say nothing about the results of millions of able-bodied people living off the taxpayers (because that's a core block of Democrat votes). They say nothing about lack of moral upbringing because that, too, is contrary to the Democrat agenda. They say almost nothing about the tremendous damage illegal drug use brings to society. It's all about the guns.

    • Joke.

      Spot on, BAC. Anything even resembling personal responsibility is evil to Democrats.


      • Alum


        (but I would substitute liberal for the name of the left leaning political party because the other party has plenty of this type too)

  • Marcus

    Wait until they get Cooridor H complete. Then it will be a complete pipeline for drugs right into WV from DC!! WV is changing for the worse. It's sad!

    • Alum

      I doubt that has much impact. I-81 is already a major corridor for the eastern part of the state. Factor in I-77/I-79 and I-68 and the state is already covered.

      The problem is the politicians want votes and they tell the masses what they want to hear (see joke and Tom above) coupled with, "it's not your fault." Once people understand they are responsible for their actions and only they can change their circumstances, then you will begin to see change. As long as excuses are made for bad behavior nothing will change; and the politicians love the house divided game because it gets them votes.

      • Marcus

        I'm going to go ahead and say that it will have an Impact on State. Cooridor H will be BAD wait and see!! Do this study 5 or 10 years after the road is complete in 2045.

  • Joe

    These f'in' unrestrained animals. Make sure you take a good look at who your taxpayer dollars for free food, money, housing, phones and healthcare are going to the next time you stop in your neighborhood convenience store.


    This is why many West Virginians have gotten a concealed weapons permit and begun carrying every where they go now. We have become a sad state in many ways. I hope that catch this scum and let the family shoot them on the back.