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Members of the Communication Workers of America have rallied several times to bring attention to contract negotiations.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Communication Workers of America and Frontier Communications are going to spend more time trying to come up with a new contract—-a second contract extension has been announced.

The two sides have set the new deadline for Jan. 18.

The current contract, impacting about 1,600 workers in West Virginia was originally scheduled to run out Aug. 2. It was extended to Oct. 12 and then to the Jan. date.


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  • JES

    Why would they waste the money now to upgrade the infrustructure when they have been getting away with substandard service at premium prices for years now?

  • DWL

    Unless the Communication Workers of WV's union employees develop a better work ethic & attitude and Frontier's service improves drastically, neither will have to worry about income. I switched to VoIP and saved almost $70.00 a month. I hung up on Frontier.

  • Mike

    Better service means more customers and more customers mean more revenue for employee wages. Start with the service. It stinks.

  • me

    They need to worry about providing better internet service and phone service. Both suck here in Hampshire County. Frontier needs some competition! IN some places they are only phone service we have because us us do not have cell service!

  • Joe

    I don't suppose one of the folks in the picture could come to my house and fix my phone service today versus the Friday scheduled date I was given?!