The MetroNews high school football power rankings are voted upon weekly by a panel of radio broadcasters and sports writers across West Virginia. The rankings include season record, total points and first-place votes in parenthesis.

Class AAA

1HUNTINGTON (6-0)79 (10)
Last week: Bye
This week: at Parkersburg
Ranking last week: 1
WVSSAC ranking last week: 1
2MARTINSBURG (6-1)76 (8)
Last week: Defeated Spring Mills, 57-0
This week: at Hedgesville
Ranking last week: 2
WVSSAC ranking last week: 6
Last week: Defeated Wheeling Park, 41-38 (OT)
This week: vs. Musselman
Ranking last week: 4
WVSSAC ranking last week: 12
Last week: Defeated Hurricane, 60-54
This week: at Cabell Midland
Ranking last week: 5
WVSSAC ranking last week: 2
Last week: Lost to Morgantown, 41-38 (OT)
This week: vs. Elkins
Ranking last week: 3
WVSSAC ranking last week: 3
Also receiving votes:
Capital 12, Pt. Pleasant 8

Class AA

1WAYNE (6-0)90 (18)
Last week: Defeated Scott, 55-10
This week: at Herbert Hoover
Ranking last week: 1
WVSSAC ranking last week: 1
Last week: Defeated Keyser, 41-0
This week: Bye
Ranking last week: 2
WVSSAC ranking last week: 3
3BLUEFIELD (5-1)50
Last week: Defeated River View, 50-6
This week: vs. Westside
Ranking last week: 3
WVSSAC ranking last week: T-4
4FRANKFORT (6-0)44
Last week: Defeated Fairmont Senior, 21-6
This week: vs. Washington
Ranking last week: 4
WVSSAC ranking last week: 2
Last week: Defeated Herbert Hoover, 48-14
This week: vs. Clay County
Ranking last week: Receiving votes
WVSSAC ranking last week: T-6
Dropped from rankings:
Fairmont Senior (5th)
Also receiving votes:
Summers County 5, Wyoming East 2

Class A

1MADONNA (6-0)86 (15)
Last week: Defeated Bishop Donahue, 48-20
This week: vs. Notre Dame
Ranking last week: 1
WVSSAC ranking last week: 2
2ST. MARYS (6-0)62 (3)
Last week: Defeated Calhoun County, 53-12
This week: vs. Magnolia
Ranking last week: 2
WVSSAC ranking last week: 1
3WAHAMA (6-1)33
Last week: Defeated Federal Hocking, Oh. 53-12
This week: at South Gallia, Oh.
Ranking last week: 3
WVSSAC ranking last week: 11
Last week: Defeated Fayetteville, 48-12
This week: at East Hardy
Ranking last week: Receiving votes
WVSSAC ranking last week: 4
Last week: Defeated Pocahontas County, 42-7
This week: vs. Webster County
Ranking last week: Receiving votes
WVSSAC ranking last week: T-8
Dropped from rankings:
Wheeling Central (4th), Clay Battelle (5th)
Also receiving votes:
Clay Battelle 13, East Hardy 13, Valley Fayette 13, Williamstown 11, Wheeling Central 3, Man 1
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  • 1Prouddog

    Insider I think you are totally correct with your predictions. Watkins never did anything wrong but have to repeat the eighth grade in West Virginia and then in Maryland. WVSSAC admitted there is No rule in place to declare him ineligible because of this. I also like your championship game prediction. MHS-35

  • Falconfan

    I agree Insider...if the story as I understand it is that Watkins HAD to take a placement test and it was that SCHOOLS decision that he be held can you punish the kid for something a school forced him to take (placement test) and then determined he would be placed (not a choice) back in the 8th grade. I hope he plays and is back. And yes, Moorefield won four straight...they were dominant during that time.

  • Insider

    A little bird landed on my front porch this past weekend. He told me that Watkins will be deemed eligible after the WVSSAC meeting next week. There are too many influential people within the WV school system (many outside of the Martinsburg area) that believe the SSAC is acting outside the spirit of the rule. Expect a shootout on the island.....Dogs win a close, high scoring game over Huntington

  • steve

    Point Pleasant could not beat any team in the power rankings there are at least 12 teams better if not more if u think they can call us up next year love to beat u all by 60

  • John H.

    As long as our QB is eligible, I think you are looking at the first team to win FOUR (4) state championships from the great EASTERN PANHANDLE

    • Carla

      To John H.
      Martinsburg is not the first team to win "four" championships from the Eastern Panhandle!!! They haven't won 4, YET!!!
      Let me refresh your memory. MOOREFIELD is from the Eastern Panhandle and they won four in a row and have a total of 6 Class A Championships!! So Martinsburg, if they should win out this December, will not be the first team from the great Eastern Panhandle to win. They may be the first Triple A school. Yes Martisnburg is Triple A and Moorefield is Single A but a championship is a championship! Also, I don't think your Martinsburg Coaches would like you to say they have won 4 when in fact its a little to early to make the claim.

  • david T

    No respect for the Point Pleasant Big Blacks at all by you guys. We have beat two teams that were ranked in top #10 at time and still have ranked Lewis County later.

  • Bishop12

    Huntington is gonna go into the playoffs as the #1 seed. Martinsburg is a tricky situation cause of the QB but if he ends up eligible I'd say Huntington-Martinsburg state final.

  • David

    They not beating Keyser and nobody is beating Wayne keep dreaming, they are a little diffrent than Fairmont senior or Moorefield CMON MAN Roy is Back this week for Keyser and will punish them.And who is Washington? Not even a Keyser fan so don't hate.

  • Falconfan

    AA - #4 Frankfort plays a very good 3-3 Washington this week. It will be Frankfort's measuring stick. If they win...they will go 10-0 and be a legit top four. If the lose, they lose 2 (Keyser and Hampshire) of next 3 to finish 7-3 and sneak in as a lower seed. Wayne, Bridgeport, Bluefield...already legit top 1,2, and 3. Wayne vs. Bridgeport is my final prediction with Wayne coming out on top, 19-14.

  • Brent

    Still waiting to see what the outcome of the litigation has on the final decision on the Martinsburg player. This could really upset the rankings listed above.

  • Jdawg

    Wayne could beat Huntington

    • curious

      There is no way wayne would beat Hhs. Wayne would not be able to run against their defense plus at the begining of the year hhs and south charleston embarrassed wayne at 7 on 7.. way to much speed

  • Dogsfan

    Well I hate to say it if gw goes undefeated the dogs will only get two home games gotta have some teams lose

  • EP Haters

    As long as Huntington is undefeated, let them have the #1 spot. All it does is give them the home locker room in Wheeling if they make it. Dogs will still be home throughout the playoffs....

  • Dogsfan

    When will the wvssac rankings come out

    • Garrett Cullen

      Dogsfan - the SSAC rankings come out on Tuesday afternoon.

  • steve

    More disrespect for the bulldogs keep it up just fuels the fire go dogs