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Forward Devin Ebanks, part of the West Virginia team that reached the 2010 Final Four, has signed a non-guaranteed contract with the Dallas Mavericks.


DALLAS — Former West Virginia forward Devin Ebanks, currently attempting to make the Dallas Mavericks roster, was dealt a two-game suspension by the NBA on Monday stemming from his DUI arrest in Hollywood back in November 2012.

Ebanks recently pleaded no contest to the charge, clearing the way for the league’s disciplinary protocol. Regardless of what team he ends up with, he must sit out the first two regular-season games.

After being drafted by the Lakers in 2010 and spending three seasons in Los Angeles, Ebanks signed what is believed to be a non-guaranteed contract worth $884,293 with the Mavericks. The 23-year-old has averaged 3.6 points and 1.9 rebounds in 63 regular-season games. His playoff totals include six starts in nine appearances, averaging 4.1 points and 2.2 rebounds.

In 69 games covering two seasons at WVU, Ebanks averaged 11.2 points, 7.9 rebounds and 2.6 assists. He was an integral part of the Mountaineers’ run to the 2010 Final Four.

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  • Bummed

    Hey Biggie28, part of defense is crashing the boards and steals. E-baby lacks both if those skills. I loved watching him in blue and gold and white, but methinks he is outmatched in the big leagues.

  • Greg

    Once a (drunk) Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer.

  • Biggie28

    Wow people...Always dogging our own WVU alum. First when you got players killing and stabbing and all the craziness of sports now days, a DUI (by a 23 year old guy) isnt that bad. Young people make mistakes. Now for the little comment on the 3 points a game worth 800,000. True Mountaineer fans will remember that Ebanks was known for his defensive skill set, Things that dont always show up on a stat sheet. I hope he does make the Mavericks and wish him luck.

  • Justin

    Is there any good news stemming from Morgantown? Famous Amos saves a cat from a tree, Major is building Houses for Humanity, Pittsnogle found the cure for early onset diabetes? Something? How about WVU football season cancelled halfway through so players and coaches can clean the misery from the stands.

  • Rob T.

    So 3.5 points per game is worth $800,000.00!!!!

    • Grant

      Guessing it is the league minimum.

      • Allen

        Minimum salary rookie year $490,180.00, 1st year $788,872.00, 2nd year $884,293.00, 3rd year $916,000.00, 4th year $947,907.00, Not a bad payday. You think he would be able to afford a cab.

    • Justin

      Yea, im in the wrong line ofbubusiness. ..

      • Mister Man

        Me buh too buh. lol

  • Mister Man

    He'll be aight.

  • Maxxajay

    Sorry for something to happen like this...Always liked him