MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Before the first coach hollered at a player during preseason practice, we pitched some over/unders for West Virginia’s football season. At the midpoint of the regular season, let’s check back on where those stand:

5.5 wins: The shellacking at Maryland made a bowl trip look dubious, before the upset of Oklahoma State restored WVU’s hopes. Assuming the Mountaineers defeat Iowa State and Kansas, they can reach the six-win plateau by getting one more against the not-so-daunting gauntlet of Texas Tech, Texas, TCU or Kansas State. I like those odds. (Midseason guess: OVER)

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Charles Sims has 19 catches through six games, tying him for the WVU team lead.

207 yards for Andrew Buie against Texas: The junior running back withdrew from school the week before the season opener, though coach Dana Holgorsen called it a redshirt situation and expected Buie to return for spring semester. (Midseason guess: UNDER)

78 catches for WVU’s leading receiver: Not even close. Daikiel Shorts and Charles Sims share the team lead with a mere 19 catches. (Midseason guess: UNDER)

2.5 catches for Cody Clay: With six catches for 47 yards, Clay has emerged as a reliable target in the short-yardage passing game. (Midseason result: OVER)

2.5 ejections for targeting: If you bet on reserve offensive lineman Adam Pankey in the office targeting pool, that’s some wicked foresight. So far, he’s the only Mountaineer to be banished under the zero-tolerance player-safety guidelines, though defensive backs Darwin Cook and Travis Bell saw disqualifications reversed by replay. (Weren’t we all anticipating this to be Karl Joseph’s kryptonite?) Something tells me after the way Baylor carved up WVU, the defense will play with a nastier disposition that could lead to more DQs. (Midseason guess: OVER)

3,500 passing yards by WVU’s starting quarterback: Wait, does WVU have a starting quarterback? (Midseason guess: UNDER)

30.3 points allowed per game: After the 73-point barrage suffered at Baylor, WVU slipped to ninth in the Big 12 in scoring defense at 28.5 ppg. As ineffective as this unit looked in Waco, it’s still 10 points ahead of 2012’s pace. Not exactly a chest-thumping metric of progress, but progress nonethless. (Midseason guess: UNDER)

8th in Big 12 net punting: Currently No. 2 in the league at 42.1 yards net, this category looks like a slam dunk, with Nick O’Toole consistently launching moonshots and coverage guys tackling well. Good thing, because WVU’s 6.3 punts per game are third-most in the Big 12, ahead of only Kansas and Iowa State. (Midseason guess: UNDER)

3.5 cornerbacks to start a game: Icky Banks and Bell have avoided injury and breakdowns. They’re not shutdown corners by any stretch, but they have brought some stability to spots that were dysfunctional in 2012. (Midseason guess: UNDER)

2 recruits who fail to qualify: In what was celebrated as a rare success, all of West Virginia’s signees qualified. However, junior college defensive end d’Vante Henry never suited up and was dismissed in early September after being charged with sexual assault. (Midseason result: UNDER)

35 fourth-down gambles by Holgorsen: With only nine fourth-down attempts, Holgorsen is well shy of last year’s pace. He hasn’t lost his nerve so much as WVU’s offense hasn’t crossed midfield as frequently. (Midseason guess: UNDER)

.5 appearances by WVU’s all-gold uniforms: According to one teammate, 335-pound Quinton Spain dressed in head-to-toe canary “looked like Big Bird.” But that was the same day WVU knocked off Oklahoma State, so there’s no need to play Oscar the Grouch about West Virginia’s worst uni combo. (Midseason result: OVER)

Ben Queen/MetroNews photo

Will Clarke and the West Virginia defense have made distinct strides despite allowing 73 points at Baylor.
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  • MojoJojo

    Your assumption that WVU will beat Iowa St. is a laugher. This team in no better than 5-7.
    I see where MU is looking for a game in 2014 because Louisville had to change dates. Maybe WVU has the stones to drop Towson St. from the schedule and pick up MU. What would be better, maybe 50,000 show up for Towson or have 60,000 in the stands for MU?? Naw, that ain't gonna happen. Holgorsen and WVU are afraid of MU now that they have it going on in Huntington. Holgorsen will need that Towson St. game to make it to 6 wins in 2014.

    • big tom

      have it going in fat city???? they have lost 33%of their games,,, is this , getting it on???

      we gave fat city 12 chances,,no reason another game would turn out differently,,,it's really sad that marsha fans have nothing more to talk about then wvu dumping them like a hot potato cause marsha isn't even ranked in the top 80.\ face it, marsha is and always has been, a joke of a school

  • BigLarryRules

    We will hear an ever increasing sound at Don Nehlen Stadium this weekend. It will sound like a giant Hoover vacuum cleaner with all the sucking being done by Holgorsen and the WVU football team.
    Sofas are safe this weekend. The WVU arsonists will just have to drink their blues away this Saturday night.

  • Big Larry

    The uniforms suck.
    The coach sucks.
    The players suck.
    A. Taylor sucks.
    My comments suck.
    Moms meatloaf sucked.
    I in general suck.

    You suck too big tom.

    TTU - 78
    WVU - 0

    Suck it.

    • Big Larry

      Big Larry Wannabee,

      I realize that you secretly want to be me....but please to be yourself for a matter how revolting that may be...

  • big tom

    those yellow helmets just plain suck,,, I don't mind the white,and love the blue, but that yellow is completely revolting. as well as the yellow unis

  • Jason

    Just glad WVU hits the field again this week.
    Terrible weekend win the Flagship University don't play. Did anyone hear if Marsha won?
    I'll bet they did. FAU - very very weak team.
    Lets Go EERS

  • earl1944

    With all the talk about not having enough juniors and seniors this year, maybe we shouldn't have played any games this year and none next year. Then two years from now we will have plenty of them to play and we will automatically have winning seasons.

  • big tom

    seriously, I see some bad beat downs coming our way , yet , I can't see 3 more wins... we just aren't that talented or experienced, and after six games, we've played 3 different qbs.. if we had four scholarship qbs, I am sure they all would have played..]
    something about recruiting isn't going right,,,none of our qb's are down field passers, none.
    our off. line is very inexperienced and just not very good
    out of Kansas and iowa state, one of those will beat us...and idn't see any more wins..
    Ollie luck said we could lose all six .
    I have to agree.
    patience is not something I am used to ,, but we need to recruit talented players, and we aren't doing that,,maybe things will change.I;ll be like holgie and just leave it up to hope we do better.
    either way, we are stuck with holgie this and next yr... then we will have a very good idea where he is in being a HC at a major university.

  • Protechcpa

    I was thinking the other day about what this team lacks and I recalled sitting in the stands in 1988, watching WVU finish off a perfect season against Syracuse. For me the highlight of that game was the interception run back for a touchdown by home town player Willie Edwards. He went out there and made a play, tipping the ball to himself in stride and going nearly 50 yards to make the score 21-3 in the third quarter. That was the moment I just knew we were going to prevail. We are just not doing enough of that and have not for a while. Something that comes from within and most definitely missing. Hope we get it back soon.

    • Mister Man

      We've had a few since then. OK State is one. I hope we have more.

  • tw eagle

    and who among the WVU faithful would have guessed the D to be the springboard for a
    winning season . . .coach Holgerson WORE
    a WVU blue polo to the presser last Tuesday. . .

    Baylor, away from home , couldn't "brew" the same elixir it used on WVU . . .now under the eye of the country , I doubt Baylor will come up with another performance like the "perfect"
    one they foisted on WVU. . .

    will coach Holgerson give a run/pass QB with
    a Pat White run first outlook an even chance
    to operate his "air raid " ?

    will the young man from Baltimore keep his
    verbal commitment to WVU ?

    and I like the new unis , especially the combo
    worn against Okie St . . .

    Let's Gooo Mountaineeerrrsss ! ! !

  • Dougie

    Our uniforms are very cool. We have a great AD, and good coaches. Fans are best in the country. Don't let the MU fans on here put negative thoughts in your heads... Go EERs!

    • William

      @Dougee - You are NOT a true Mountaineer fan! No true fan would ever call the team 'EERs! They are Mountaineers. That name might be good for someone like SPOCK on Star Trek. The uniforms are TERRIBLE & UGLY> It would be a great uniform for SPOCK to wear, NOW THAT WOULD BE A GREAT LOOK. Can you picture that? Did you make up that name, or did you just copy that from someone that is not a TRUE MOUNTAINEER?

    • Mister Man

      Go check the Marshall boards. Even the crickets have left. I feel sorry for Dave Wilson. Good job, Allan.


    The uniforms are great, the play on the field is the worst; Mentally we were not ready to play this season.

    Our new QB's with our new RB's(new coaches as well) & WR's (new coaches) with our new "O'Line Coach... No body knows anyone in the locker room... Junior College kids coming in and being leaders... We should be a lot better after a week off... Everyone needs to pull together (fans & staff)

    after this season we should look in getting a QB coach again, sorry Shannon you need some help, maybe Oliver Luck can come in and work with you guys. (maybe Andrew Luck could come in and work out with our QB's this spring )

  • Maxxajay

    WVU roster according to ESPN.........1----24 freshman.............2-----19 sophomores........3-----20 juniors and 12 are JC ...4----9 seniors.... It will take about two years people like I said in the previous post we will get there it'll happen.....not much upperclassman leadership... It is great to be a Mountaineer win or loose...

    • Rick S.

      If the numbers you gave are really what is posted by ESPN, then you have proven beyond a doubt never to trust ESPN because those numbers are not even remotely close to the roster numbers on the WVU web site.

      • Maxxajay

        Those were ESPN numbers I noticed no one else put any numbers up... I have also noticed a lot of people never put a post on here from the article that Allan has written, unless they can criticize or disapprove of someone else's post...

        • Rick S.

          Just to be clear, I am not criticizing your post in any way. I give you credit for doing research. I was being critical of ESPN and pointing out that ESPN is not reliable.

    • Grant

      Quit confusing people with facts. It will only confuse them.

  • Maxxajay

    One day last week after WVU played Baylor, and people were talking about reloading so I went and looked at the Baylor roster posted by ESPN.... I found the roster would be very interesting Here is what I found on there.... # 1---21 freshman....# 2 ---20 redshirt freshman....# 3 ---24 sophomores...# 4---12 Juniors...#5---23 seniors.... That 23 seniors shows why Baylor is very good this year they got senior leadership... With a roster like that they will just reload for the next few years... And as it looks like now WVU will be like that with in the next two years just reload,, notice the redshirt freshman 20 redshirt freshman this year....Awesome .. Oliver luck is a smart man he knows what it takes in the future...It will happen ....

  • MountainMover

    Very concerned about this program. Baylor literally shredded us and Kansas State played them pretty tough. Iowa State almost won at Texas Tech. Two years ago WVU was ahead of all of these programs and they've all zoomed past us. I like Holgorsen but I don't understand why this offensive line is so poor, it's the nucleus of any football team. We should have better players than this up front. Given our success over the last decade I'd like to know why top offensive line recruits have chosen other schools over WVU, especially when we've been so successful offensively which would highlight good play up front. There's just something wrong with this picture.

  • JaneM

    @ Allan.... Good article Enjoyed very much...