BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. — Only one person was injured Monday when a semi tractor trailer crashed through an overpass bridge and landed on the road below.

The incident happened on the southbound side of I-79 just past the Meadowbrook Mall exit in Bridgeport.

Authorities believe the truck lost control as it was approaching the bridge crossing Johnson Avenue/Meadowbrook Road, hit the guardrail and then fell off the bridge on the street below.

The semi truck was completely destroyed and I-79 South was limited to one lane while the section of Johnson Avenue/Meadowbrook Road between the I-79 northbound on ramp and the I-79 southbound off ramp was completely closed.

The driver of the truck was able to get out of the wreckage. He was transported to United Hospital Center, but his current condition has not been released.

The truck was owned by M-A Transport Inc. The vehicle, which had Pennsylvania plates, was identified as being from Avonmore, Pa.

Not many details have been released as the investigation continues.

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  • Jesica

    I have seen a lot more reckless 4 wheelers (cars) than truck drivers. Everybody always wants to immediately blame the truck driver when an accident occurs, instead of looking at the other car(s) involved. My stepfather drove truck for over 30 years and I have seen firsthand how quick people are to blame the truck driver when he was in an accident near Lancaster back in 2008. The driver of the car was obviously the one in the wrong but the cop on scene wrote it up that my stepfather was the one at fault just because he drove a semi truck.
    People who don't drive semi trucks or have ever been in one have no idea about all the blind spots that a driver has to deal with on a daily basis. I really hate it when I see cars tailgating and cutting off truck drivers, it makes me sick that people are in such a hurry to get nowhere and are a hazard to other drivers because they give no common courtesy to truck drivers who are just trying to make a living. If all the truck drivers across the country were to not drive for just one day maybe people would wake up and realize that this country runs on the back of truck drivers who deliver all the goods and services that everyone needs.

  • irishman

    God was with him! The way that truck looks, it could only be a miracle that he was able and to get out and not be put in a body bag! God's not finished with him yet.

  • Mike

    Every few days there is a wreck caused by a trucker. They are a danger to every car driver on the road. From this guy, to the log trucker that smashed into the train in Pocahontas. They are reckless, pure and simple.

    • david

      Dont talk about things you dont even trully understand or know about trucks.


      For your information Mr mike that knows all of absolutely nothing your just as fund as everyone thinks you are for your correct info a little car cut Rick off and as a PROFESSIONAL DRIVER he avoided killing that asshole and put his own life at a high risk by doing so but of course you not having a clue just always blaming the truck got to run your mouth with out any real info in your mind except your an ASSHOLE

    • Eddie

      Hey Mike, I wish you could ride with me just one week. Walk a mile in my shoes and see things through our eyes. Maybe then you would not be so critical.

    • TSites

      Not ALL truckers are reckless, just like not ALL 4 wheeler (car) drivers are reckless. The majority are experienced, hardworking people trying to make a living. One thing that most people forget is that the majority of accidents are cause by the car drivers. Until the Feds realize that those driving cars should be taught to drive alongside trucks if they want to eliminate some of the accidents. A tractor trailer cannot stop on a dime, so stopping in front of one or cutting one off can be a danger. Are there bad truck drivers - absolutely! But just like car drivers - it's not ALL of them! They're dads (and moms), brothers (and sisters), just like your family members.

    • Fred

      Without truckers you would have nothing, no food, no clothes, no car, no house, you would have nothing. Think about that. Car drivers are no better, in fact they are sometimes a lot worse. Without trucks America would not survive unless you are a hunter. Wait trucks deliver ammunition also.

      • Jim

        What you post is very true. Trucks carry a lot of our everyday needs and wants, but also truckers do cause a lot of wrecks because of speeding. Try driving the WV Turnpike from end to end and do not go over the speed limit. You will be passed many times by large trucks that for some reason the drivers believe and think that speed limits were not meant for them.

  • bob

    All I saw was a fuel tank, duels, and debris on the the south bound side

  • Witness

    They truck never went over the bridge. It went threw the guardrail just before the bridge.

  • John

    The good Lord was certainly looking out for this driver. To get out of that wreckage on his own is a miracle. Hopefully his injuries are not that serious.

  • Ramman

    Holy cow! These pictures blow my mind.

  • Ronnie

    I wonder why the concrete walls on the bridges are not taller to protect someone going over