HUNTINGTON, W.Va.—It wasn’t pretty and sometimes it was down right ugly, but Marshall left Boca Raton with a win and that’s all that matters.  The Herd improved to 2-0 in the conference and now sits atop the East Division thanks to East Carolina’s loss to Tulane.

While there was plenty for Doc Holliday and staff to correct after watching film of the FAU game, there are also several signs that Marshall has taken another step forward.  It won on the road and had to face adversity to do it.

“As you go back and review that game, I think there were nine minutes and 57 seconds to go in the game and we were down by 9 points,” said Holliday.  “Three things had to happen to go win that football game and all three of them did.”

The three things?

Marshall had to drive 91 yards for a score, get a defensive stop and score again.  There was no margin for error.

“All those things had to happen for us to win that football game and they did.  Leadership on the sidelines, locker room and all the things that we’ve been talking a long time about are starting to take effect. We won the game because of it. I don’t really enjoy winning games like that, but it is better than the alternative. I think you can grow as a football team when you find a way to win one like that. It’s been a while since we’ve done that around here.”

The win is significant because Marshall hasn’t shown recently that it could get behind and comeback to win on the road.  Just this season it was down at Ohio and could not come from behind to win.   It was leading at Virginia Tech and could not seal the deal and then could not battle back in overtime.

It may be a small step but it is another move in the right direction if The Herd is going to contend for a C-USA title this season.  Marshall has another tough game on the road next Thursday at Middle Tennessee State and must still visit Tulsa and FIU later this year.

“You learn to overcome adversity and you learn to never look at the clock, never to look at the scoreboard and to play every snap like it’s the last snap. At the end of the day you can look up at the scoreboard and see where you are. They did that on Saturday. If they look at that scoreboard with 9 minutes on the clock, then chances are you won’t win that game. They just kept playing and playing and found a way to win.”

Marshall faced adversity and came away with a win and at the end of the day, teams still don’t get style points and win is still win whether it comes from a 35 point blowout or a last second field goal.

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  • rick

    Marshall played and beat the competition in the conference they were in at the time. They moved up and had problems in a new conference just like the current WVU team did. If they can ever get consistant on both sides of he ball they will be tough for a few years to come. I was there in 1970 so I am still glad to go to Huntington and see a team on the field. Win or lose I will always be behind them. Go Herd

  • joe

    @greg yes 2 championships. when they were in the pee wee league.

  • ThomasWV

    Latest Sagarin ratings has MU 67, WVU 63.

  • Greg

    Marshall already has 2 more National Championships than wvu will ever have FYI.

  • Interesting123

    "Here's hoping that someday they will get beyond that hate"

    That will happen when they win a national championship in football....100+ years and they still havent gotten it done. I wouldnt bother waiting for that day.

    • Larry

      I agree, Marshall will never win a national championship, and I mean never.

  • Spell Checker

    Go Herd. Herd Haters will never understand--they just hate.

    The keyboard, like the tongue, can be an instrument of destruction. Here's hoping that someday they will get beyond that hate.

    We Are...Marshall.

    • Jason


  • mauldawg

    Brett, Boo Hoo Hoo

    • Jason


  • Brett

    You are a fool mauldawg and have no respect for anybody. Grow up. We don't go over and bash WVU so just leave us be.

  • mauldawg

    Brent Not going to happen. This is an open board. If you cant handle the truth stay away. When I tell a lie let me know.

    • Jason

      OK. Let's talk truth then, if MU is such a joke, then why do you waste your time posting messages on MU message boards? A) Are you venting because you really would like to see the program do well? B) Are you taking shots at the reporter for indicating this road win helped with confidence? C) Do you have no real interest in MU at all and you come on here to post messages that you KNOW will get a rise out of fans of this team, just for the simple fact of trying to get a response out of people? I really hope it is not "C", because that just speaks volumes in regards to your character.

  • Brett

    Marshall didn't play well and still managed to pull together at the end for a win. Way to go Herd.

  • Brent

    Mauldawg please stay off of Marshall News and stay on WVU news.That is where you belong.

    Thanks and GO HERD!!!!!

    • Dennis WVU

      Gooooo Herd.....I'm going to start going to Marshall games.... The fans in this state has no respect... Marshall is rebuilding and the people in Huntington are far more respectful than in Morgantown...why does it always come down to the pestimistic attitude that WVU is the king. Baylor sure knocked the wind out of WVU's sails, but every game is a confidence builder, you learn from mistakes and correct as you go along . Way to go Marshall keep up the good work

  • mauldawg

    How does beating a team ranked in the very bottom of all college teams build confidence?With out looking it up, I'm willing to bet FAU is ranked in the bottom 25. I guess when you play in the C-USA that is a great win. What a joke MU is.

    • Jason

      Winning a football game on the road is always a good thing. If MU would have pulled off the win at VT, yes that would have probably been a better confidence builder. However, for these players to go on the road (and for many back to their home area where they had family and friends watching) and they probably knew many players on the other is a testament to prevail when adversity shows up...the MU teams of recent memory would have found a way to lose that game at the end..this team..found a way to win...and they will only get better.

    • Interesting123

      Shouldn't you be discussing whether or not you want Rich Rod back like the rest of your fans? I guess thats the only glimmer of hope they have after the Baylor game.

    • Larry

      Not sure where they are ranked now, but a preseason poll had them at 119.