CLASS AAA – Through Week 7
2GEORGE WASHINGTON14.50600293131
3POINT PLEASANT13.8360027571
7WHEELING PARK11.6751020399
8OAK HILL11.17510233137
10CABELL MIDLAND10.2952031194
11SOUTH CHARLESTON9.86520290167
12LEWIS COUNTY9.8351020079
13SPRING VALLEY9.71520233148
20WOODROW WILSON6.83330148188
23GREENBRIER EAST6.43430294263
25JOHN MARSHALL4.83330169125
27PARKERSBURG SOUTH4.17240156262
31ST. ALBANS2.00150113279
34SHADY SPRING1.5015052246
36LINCOLN COUNTY0.0006083327
36SPRING MILLS0.0006033357
CLASS AA – Through Week 7
6SUMMERS COUNTY9.29610184103
6WYOMING EAST9.29610218116
8RITCHIE COUNTY8.14520213173
9FAIRMONT SENIOR8.00420213104
11NICHOLAS COUNTY7.4352016987
11PHILIP BARBOUR7.43520185116
14MINGO CENTRAL6.83420193132
15ROANE COUNTY6.67420177156
18ROBERT C. BYRD5.86430153153
21RIVER VIEW4.33330126140
24HERBERT HOOVER3.50240119164
25LIBERTY (RALEIGH)3.17240102191
27CLAY COUNTY3.00240117173
30JAMES MONROE1.8315080164
31MOUNT VIEW1.6715069202
32EAST FAIRMONT1.5015099208
33NORTH MARION1.4316085262
33WEBSTER COUNTY1.43160172285
35BRAXTON COUNTY1.29160112185
37BERKELEY SPRINGS0.0006015287
37LIBERTY (HARRISON)0.0006062169
37OAK GLEN0.0007090264
CLASS A – Through Week 7
1ST. MARYS9.6760020867
3VALLEY (FAYETTE)9.1760018898
7EAST HARDY8.3360018779
8GREENBRIER WEST8.0061027065
11NOTRE DAME7.50510154144
12MEADOW BRIDGE7.2961026089
15DODDRIDGE COUNTY5.71520183112
16TUCKER COUNTY5.5743012183
19BISHOP DONAHUE3.83330175163
20GILMER COUNTY3.71430201200
22PADEN CITY3.29340165159
23VALLEY (WETZEL)3.17330121111
24PENDLETON COUNTY3.00240122143
25MIDLAND TRAIL2.8324083186
26WIRT COUNTY2.67240153112
27TUG VALLEY2.57250114204
28POCAHONTAS COUNTY2.29250100153
31SOUTH HARRISON2.0024087126
36CALHOUN COUNTY0.0007083276
36TYGARTS VALLEY0.0006055240
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  • john

    st. mary's will win their first ever state title. enough said

    • must go

      I like your thinking!

  • EP Haters

    Morgantown fans should let this all play out....and make sure you win the Mohawk Bowl. Morgantown's opponents have a current win % of .53 (26-23). After they beat Musselman this week, that will rise to .54 (30-26).

    Wheeling Park, right now, has a better SOS with their opponent's current win % at .61 (25-16). They have played 1 less game,,,factor in their game this week against Elkins (0-6), their overall SOS or opponents' win % will drop to .52 (25-23) which will not only be worse than Morgantown's overall....but also worse than Morgantown's through the same # of games.

    Also.....I believe Wheeling Park has played at least 2 AA schools....Keyser and Bridgeport. They will get less points for those wins, I believe 9 compared to the 12 they'd receive for beating a AAA team.

    Of course you're also factoring in the wins/losses for next week from all of the other teams they've previously played, but Elkins will swing the SOS for Park downward enough to make them fall

    • Laughing

      Broken record. Ha! Parks still ahead of Motown and its hilarious!!!

      • EP Haters

        So you are proven wrong elsewhere, then respond there about how you don't care and you have a life and you're not worried about HS sports. Then, you respond here about things being hilarious. hmmmmm, something doesn't add up....maybe you do care? Why else would you waste your time?

        • Blacky

          Whats the big deal EP? Seems your the one with the issue. Im a Motown grad from 84. I think the officials were rediculous. Im glad Motown won, but not like that. That was horrible. Let the kids play and call it fair. If hes enjoying Parks ranking big deal. Motown has another challenge with Musselman. Playoffs were it all gets settled anyway.

          • EP Haters

            Blacky, he's not enjoying Parks ranking....he's enjoying the Morgantown fans that are upset about it. Big difference, but it's his right.

        • Reaper

          I think he enjoys how rediculous some people are. Never read him saying he didnt enjoy it. He said he wasnt going to get upset or depressed over it. Talk about being wrong else where. He actually said he liked you too. You failed to mention that. Personally, Im rooting for Madonna to win. I dont care about AAA. I think Laughings kind of funny.

          • EP Haters

            He said he liked me after I posted this. And I still stand by it. If you don't care, and think it's funny that some people do, then you must care to an extent to let the world know that you laugh at people that care? Personally, I think it's a little ridiculous for fans of either team to get so worked up about a ranking that will not only change after tomorrow's games, but will also be different at the end.

            It is funny how Park fans bragged about the "stable of backs" they had and they lost the game. It is funny how Morgantown fans pumped their chests before being beaten by Martinsburg.

          • Laughing

            Reaper, I can handle EP taking a shot at me. Its all good. EP. C'mon man. Really? What part of I enjoy a good high school football game did you miss? I love high school football. Your really reaching bud. Ive enjoyed football now since I was about 7. 50 years later, I still do. But to get all hot and bothered over it, isnt me. I enjoy reading this stuff because its hilarious. People gettin too hot cause their team isnt number one. Thats funny. I laugh when I read it. My comment about Park and Morgantown gave me you and your response. Must have hit a nerve. Why else did you respond? See? Thats funny to me. Like I said, I like ya. Nothin personal. Just laughter.

  • Dougie

    Would love to see a Wayne vs Bridgeport matchup this year in AA...

  • 2Quick

    Madonna plays the easiest cream puff schedule in all the country by far, bar none! They play the same stink'n teams year in and year out. They refuse to step up and play a double A school and they also have been recruiting bigtime for maybe ten years now. Guaranteed several, if not more of their players have their $2000 tuition paid for by boosters. Any football player can look like a Kennedy award nominee with that schedule they play.

  • Davy

    It is getting really old hearing about scheduling and AAAA out of state schools with their large enrollment. Just bacause a school has 2,000 kids doesn't make them a perennial power in any sport. Heck, I can remember a certain single A school in WV that could not get ANY AA or AAA teams to play them in the 80's. they even tried to get Martinsburg(AA back then) to play them and they refused. So shut up already!

    • EP Haters

      This isn't the 80's. The game has changed. While having more kids doesn't guarantee a better program, having more kids makes you more likely to have a better program. The talent pool is larger, more money from boosters to build the program, etc.

      One of the reasons the rest of the state struggles against Martinsburg is because their style of play is stuck in the 80's. Predictable offenses, no passing attack, not much speed.

  • B414

    Until someone beats Martinsburgh in WV, they will be the team to beat. These rankings don't mean a lot, just what seed you get in playoffs. Martinsburgh will continue to be the favorite until proven otherwise.

  • Jdawg

    How can people trash talk martinsburg? To be the champ u gotta beat the champ!! U shouldn't have a reason to talk trash until u beat them and I am from the southern part of the state

  • RJ

    The game between Magnolia and St.Marys will be a dog fight. The Blue Eagles R really starting to play well and the Devils are 6-0

    • must go

      RJ- I am a Blue Devils fan and you are correct; this will be a dog fight. I know for a fact that the SM coaches are well aware of what is coming to town on Friday. LETS GO BLUE DEVILS!!


    Parks ahead of Motown. HILARIOUS!!

  • EP Haters

    Everyone can schedule 1 pushover early to get a good start to the season, but scheduling more than will hurt them late in the season when you need the extra points to jump a team in this poll.

  • EP Haters

    Looks like the DC area schools that Morgantown played earlier this year aren't winning too many ballgames. Coolidge is 1-5 and McKinley Tech is 3-4.

  • GRIM

    Love it. Park in front of Motown!!!!

  • steve

    Talk about injustice park ahead of mtown give me a break proves this system dont work

  • steve

    Every body says martinsburg fans cry all i can say is make these other AAA schools play us then we wont cry

  • wvu4life

    Let the martinsburg fans start crying. Before you say anything I'm from a single A school from the southern part of the state.

    • jwe

      Not a Martinsburg fan but do live in the Eastern Panhandle. Martinsburg has played a AAAA State College PA team at their place a AAA or AAAA Tuscarora VA team that beat them & has already played Morgantown. No one else plays their schedule. Don't care about that conference down in the state either. Go play some big schools from Northern VA or MD where there are 2,000 students and then get back to me. Until someone knocks them off in WV, then they are the team to beat. Sorry so sad for the rest of the state. They have no reason to cry.

      • EP Haters

        JWE....Tuscarora is a 5A school with a record of 6-1. They've also played and beat Sherando, which is 6-1. They've also played and beat Morgantown, which is 6-1. Spring Mills has hurt their opponents' win %, which is currently .714 (28-20).

        As you can see, with the way wins are weighted, undefeated teams will remain higher in the rankings than a 1 loss team. But the SOS variable, Martinsburg will remain the highest ranked team of all the teams with an identical record.

        • EP Haters

          Correction.....Martinsburg's opponent win % is .59 (28-20). That is, I believe, the highest in the state. Huntington is a close 2nd, at .56 (22-17) with 1 less game played....and they have games that will hurt that later on against Parkersburg (2-4) and St. Albans (1-6).

    • gv

      You are the one who should be crying, you are from the southern part of the state.

    • gv

      No crying here, it is called schedule, which will play out as it does every year.