BECKLEY, W.Va. — More than half of the 69 arrest warrants served Wednesday by police in Beckley focused on criminal charges related to prescription drugs.

Members of the Beckley Police Department, State Police, the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department and the U.S. Marshal Service took part in the arrests.

The investigation, which lasted several months, resulted in 35 warrants on prescription drug charges, 19 on cocaine charges and 15 covering meth making and other drugs.


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  • DC

    Guns do not kill people, people kill people. People will do it with a gun or other means. Guns are a right. If you do not wish to own one..fine. I will. you could be missing the forrest for the trees. If you truly are concerned about people getting 'Killed" why are you not pushing for drivers education. Many more poeple are killed by cars.

  • Nick

    The war on drugs is an epic failure. It is an assualt on liberty. Guns kill way too many OTHER PEOPLE. I say we should ban guns. When people overdose they kill themselves and rid us of a problem. Guns kill other people and should be illegal.

    • Daniel

      Sorry Nick. You are way out of line! Criminals and those with mental illnesses kill others with guns! Those of us that abide by the laws and use them properly are the ones being assaulted in this country for doing so! Drunken driving kills far more people than guns, unless you live in Chicago, Detroit, New York or another major city. When used for protection against these individuals, the ACLU and other "gun-bashers" have brainwashed you into thinking they are the ones being assaulted. Enforce the laws on the books, don't create new ones that hinder the protection of us that live by the rules!

  • Phil

    If these people don't have a job, by that I mean going to a place of employment, working a set amount of hours and receiving a check, they will not have to pay for a lawyer. The state will appoint one free of charge.

  • BigDeal

    Would love to see more of this. We have to fight back! Even if they are not all convicted, let them know that the good guys are watching.

  • DWL

    Interesting!?! How many are still incarcerated? Those that aren't, are out selling more to afford their attorney's fees. Be interested to see if they seized any of the assets they acquired by selling narcotics and drugs - illegally.