MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A Monongalia County teenager charged with murder in a high-profile case won’t go on trial until next year. 

Monongalia County Circuit Judge Russell Clawges set the trial for Shelia Eddy for Feb. 2014 in a pretrial hearing Tuesday in Morgantown.

Eddy, 18, allegedly murdered teenager Skylar Neese in July 2012. A co-defendant in the case, Rachel Shoaf, has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and is awaiting sentencing.

Judge Clawges heard several motions from the defense Tuesday. The judge denied a request for bail, reset the original trial date and deferred his decision on other motions including a possible change of venue.

Eddy was in attendance at Tuesday’s hearing.

Neese disappeared from her Star City home. Her body was found nine months later about 30 miles away, just across the Pennsylvania state line. The motive for the killing has still not been released.

Eddy’s change of venue motion argues that she “cannot obtain a fair and impartial trial in Monongalia County due to the existence of substantial publicity and prejudice presently existing against the defendant.”

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  • casey shaw

    If they carried out the death penalty quicker than 20 years or more on death row and executed within a 1-2 year period I think people would think a whole lot more about killing someone. But usually they get their sentenced commuted to life after appeals so they need to change that! This was a waste of a young girl to parents with her as there only child. I can't imagine those girls walking through a year knowing Skylar was where she was that in itself should of spoke volumes about where these girls morals were. NONE!

  • Big C

    Skeptic, If you are so opposed to the death penalty and think so light of the matter. Why don't you let Ms. Sheila Eddy come live with you, as some sort of Foster Parent Program ? I am sure you can preach your morals and values to her and completely turn her life around !!!

  • Larry

    She must have been raised by wolves.

  • Roswell

    Yes, Kim, there has to be a trial. This is a civilized nation. Also, there is constitutional protection from cruel and unusual punishment, so all of you crazies can put your ropes, torches, pitchforks and wire ropes away.

    • wvman75

      You're absolutely right about there needing to be a trial. Every person deserves their day in Court and to enjoy their Constitutional protections. However, take a life, give a life. There's nothing cruel or unusual about that.

  • TB

    Why shouldn't she get the death penalty? She killed someone; a girl who trusted her as a friend. A mother/father will never see their daughter again because of Eddy's actions! I think if this country would go back to an eye for an eye we wouldn't be faced with all these crimes. I know because of her age the death penalty isn't an option. She doesn't look a bit sorry for her actions, she acts like she is enjoying the attention!

    • Skeptic

      Well, that's utter bulls*&#. States that have the death penalty, and enforce it, have the highest murder rates. Next load of crap?

      • ELmo

        You're an idiot. Capital punishment means she will never kill again. It is not to prevent others from killing as a deterrent, it is to prevent the killer from doing it again.

  • wvajoker

    Also, it actually costs more to execute an inmate than keep them in prison for life. It's true,

    It does not cost more to execute. Its costs more for the court cost of appeals and the cost of maintaining on death row. These can be eliminated. It does not cost nearly as much for a shot. Leave off the fandango.

    • Anthony

      Correct. Look up the system in place in the states of Virginia and Texas, with a limited appeals process in place.

      That being said, I'm personally not a fan of the death penalty. Cases like this make it hard to disagree with all the folks who are though.

  • ben

    I wonder if Nancy Grace will setting up her tent in Morgantown come February.

  • Brett

    (yes i make fun of WV and apparently cannot type)

  • Brett

    knowing West Virginia she will get be out in time for her 21st birthday to go drinking

  • Rhyn

    The death penalty is off the table for anyone who comitted their crime under the age of 18 per federal law. Also, it actually costs more to execute an inmate than keep them in prison for life. It's true, Google it.

    • Stoney

      The reason it costs more is because of the almost endless appeals afforded to the convicted, lawyers fees, etc. If the animals got one appeal, then met Ol' Sparky, it wouldn't cost much at all.

  • Skeptic

    Stop with the continued call for murder people. You all can't get enough of death. Leave her in a cell for the remainder of her life if it comes to that, but trusting the state to decide WHO should be killed is ridiculous. Most of you don't trust the state with anything else.....

  • wvman75

    The Devil is a master deceiver.



  • Kim

    Bring it to Texas...we've got the death penalty. The fact that there even has to be a trial is ridiculous.

    • Joseph P.

      Figures a Texan would think that our system of Constitutional rights is "ridiculous."

  • john

    State tax payers will have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep her locked up the rest of her life. Time the state invests in a good rope.


      JOHN! A WIRE ROPE!!!