MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Not that West Virginia’s players were likely to forget last season’s 49-14 upset loss at Texas Tech, or the field-storming ruckus that followed, but coach Dana Holgorsen apparently is making sure the memory stays fresh.

A sea of Red Raiders fans poured onto the turf at AT&T Stadium that homecoming, making it difficult for the No. 5-ranked Mountaineers to exit the scene of what started a five-game losing streak.

“Coach Holgorsen’s been showing us that video every day,” said senior nose guard Shaq Rowell, who recalled wading through the mob on his way back to the visitors’ locker room.

“We almost had to fight some of their fans to get back. A cop said, ‘If you don’t feel safe, swing.'”

And that order, according to Rowell, came from a Lubbock cop.

“They beat us, and they enjoyed their victory,” Rowell said. “But I was ready to defend myself, let’s put it that way.”

Icky Banks wasn’t among the starting cornerbacks that afternoon when Texas Tech compiled 513 yards passing and 686 overall. But he saw action on special teams and within two weeks became a starter after the Red Raiders sent WVU into a midseason spiral.

“I got caught up in (the postgame), and it kind of hurt you when they’re out there all happy and celebrating,” Banks said. “That was an experience—I can say that. I just wanted to go to the bus and go home.

“That loss was a big one that kind of knocked us off our high horse and we kind of went downhill from there.”

It’s hard to miss the 180-degree reversal of this year’s matchup, which finds No. 16 Texas Tech (6-0, 3-0) unbeaten and serving as West Virginia’s homecoming opponent. The game is slated for a noon kickoff in Morgantown.

Though linebacker Jared Barber guards against dwelling on past games, the sophomore acknowledged: “Absolutely we have a chip on our shoulder from last year—they did embarrass us.”

Added Mountaineers quarterback Paul Millard, who remains a contender to start this week’s game: “We’re looking forward to playing Saturday and hopefully doing what they did to us last year.”

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Texas Tech fans hoisted Red Raiders quarterback Seth Doege after last season’s 49-14 win over then-No. 5 West Virginia.
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  • Greg

    Be careful in Morgantown, Red Raider fans. wvu fans are not known for hospitality and have been charged as THE worst fans in college athletics. Google it

    • BigZ

      I beg to differ from you Greg. We have shown great hospitality to visiting fans. We are happy to be in the Big XII and welcome all who come to Motown for the game.

  • Bob F

    Welcome to Mo-Town to both RedRaider31 and RedRdr! In victory or defeat you're welcome at our tailgate anytime. It will be crazy for sure so please ignore the idiots who will make the rest us look bad. Go Mountaineers!

  • RedRdr

    Never been to WVU, but can't wait to get there Friday. Just got tickets in section 125, row 35. . If you see two red raiders on that row, come say hello

  • RedRaider31

    Tail gate would be fun.

    WVU played for a National Championship if I recall. Heck, my Red Raiders have never been to a BCS Bowl. We toyed with it when we beat Texas in 2008 - moved to #2 in the Nation - then, predictably, our season collapsed.

    I was happy when a relevant school was admitted to the Big XII . . . Welcome!

  • Mister Man

    Redraider31, this Mountaineer team is still trying to find leadership on both sides of the ball. Moreover, it's trying to find itself. I hope the game will be competitive. See you on game day.

  • Matt

    Good post red raider, be sure to disregard anything posted by big Larry or William. Enjoy the wildness that's about to ensue.

  • RedRaider31

    Tech played in Lubbock last week.

    Morgantown is a great atmosphere . . . We'll see how it turns out . . .

  • RedRaider31

    The #5 Team in Lubbock followed by an unexpected victory of that magnitude definitely excited our school.

    WVU has been to the top and that's where Texas Tech wants to be and thought we were headed after that game -- then our season collapsed just as it did the previous year when we unexpectedly beat OU in Norman.

    Morgantown is a GREAT environment and has a fanatical fan base. Tech will definitely have to tighten the chin straps to leave with a victory.

    • tony

      we really haven't been to the top, just bcs games through the BE

    • Allan Taylor

      Sounds like RedRaider31 warrants a tailgate invite from the locals. Nice note from a Guns Up guy.

  • J M

    After the game in Morgantown Saturday, TT will have a bad taste in their mouth... { Gold and Blue } They will want to get back to Texas S A P... Mountaineers in a BIG upset....TT struggles on the road, they did last week, and they will Saturday. We have had two weeks to repair problems. From what I have heard and seen, we are ready... Go Mountaineers.

  • wvajoker

    "I believe" we can give them the same hospitality shown in Lubbock.

    • Allen

      Minus the charging of the field. But you might want to hide your couch.