CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Police in several West Virginia counties believe rain may have contributed to four traffic-related deaths in the Mountain State between Wednesday night and Thursday evening.

It was the first consistent rain some parts of the state had seen in a few weeks and that along with falling leaves made roads slippery.

Kanawha County sheriff’s deputies said it was raining Wed. night when a driver heading north on U.S. Route 119 went across the center line near the Kanawha-Roane county line and slammed into a car being driven by Ramona Abbott of Walton. She died a short time after the accident.

Nicholas County sheriff’s deputies said a Craigsville man died in an early Thursday morning crash. Jeremy Gilles, 23, lost control of his truck on Route 41 near Nile Road.

It was raining and visibility was low when an 88-year-old woman was struck by a vehicle as she attempted to cross Greenbrier Street in Charleston at around 7:30 Thursday morning. The woman, who was pulling a suitcase, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police in Barbour County reported a fatal traffic accident Thursday afternoon after a Barbour County man lost control of his truck on Route 76 near the intersection with U.S. Route 119. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. A woman riding in the truck was injured.



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    Automobiles are nothing more than firearms with wheels. They either need to be banned all together (except govt use) or restricted to 20 mph speed. No more than one per household. Existing automobile should be turned over to the govt for current book value.

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    Yeah, blame the rain. People ignore road conditions and continue to drive their ridiculous SUV's and pickups as if they were sports cars. I feel so sorry for Ramona. Slain by a careless idiot.

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    We tried to warn them about the dangers of using the cell phone and driving. Cause we care.