CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston Police are having a hard time finding the nearest relatives to a woman struck and killed by a car Thursday morning. The victim was crossing Greenbrier Street near the Governor’s Mansion when she was hit by an oncoming car.

“She had a roll-behind suitcase with her,” said Sgt. Nick Null. “We know it’s an 88-year-old black female, but we’re having trouble locating any next of kin. There’s some talk she may be from out of town and maybe even out of state.”

Null said they have been able to identify the victim, but are not releasing her name until they can notify relatives.

Null said conditions at the time of the accident were rainy and at 7:30 a.m. the sun wasn’t completely up so visibility was limited. The driver was distraught.

“The driver was extremely upset,” said Null. “It just seems to be an accident. She was extremely upset.”

So far there have been no citations issued against the driver. The investigation into the accident continues.



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  • James

    i know the driver and they dont speed

  • Bigdaddy

    So the speed limit is 30 on that section of Greenbrier ----- just have to wonder ------

    It is dangerous times w/ all of the distractions available to motorist.


    Bad post Clark!...did your witness mention it was still dark and it was raining?

    • clark

      It was 7:40 and was not dark.

      I presume the SUV had headlights and the driver can see someone in the middle of the street? I know I can.

      Try again.

  • Michael

    Good post Clark!

  • Packzilla

    Came up on this right after it happened. Prayers to the pedestrian and their family.

    • Larry

      And to the driver, as far as we know they are totally blameless, and I'm sure it was very traumatic for him or her.

      • clark

        A witness said it happened in the middle of the street. Sounds like the driver wasn't payint attention and is going to be in a lot of trouble.