MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — While 3-point shooting is expected to become a strength for West Virginia’s basketball team, Friday night’s preseason scrimmage was marked by misfires.

The squads combined to make only 6-of-37 from 3-point range as the Blue claimed a 41-32 victory in a scrimmage trimmed to 30 minutes. Even last year’s top perimeter shooters, Eron Harris and Terry Henderson, struggled to go 1-of-9 from long distance and 8-for-30 overall.

About 4,000 fans were on hand for the scrimmage, which followed a two-hour practice. The teams combined for 30-percent shooting and nearly as many turnovers (25) as baskets (30).

“That’s not very good,” said coach Bob Huggins, whose seventh West Virginia team opens the season in three weeks against Mount St. Mary’s.

“I was a little surprised we didn’t make more shots, The one thing we’ve done pretty consistently is make shots, open shots, in practice. We really have made shots.”

Junior college signee Jonathan Holton, on the floor for 27 minutes, scored 11 points and grabbed 15 rebounds. His academic eligibility for this season remains questionable. The 6-foot-7 forward has yet to graduate from Palm Beach (Fla.) Community College, according to a report Friday in The Dominion Post, which could force him to redshirt this season.

Remi Dibo, a 6-9 junior college signee who can stretch defenses with his outside shooting, was on crutches during player introductions and could miss at least two weeks with a leg injury, Huggins said.

Harris finished with nine points on 4-of-16 shooting and seven rebounds for the Gold squad, never leaving the floor. Henderson played 29 minutes for the Blue team and was 4-of-14 for nine points, with five boards. He committed five turnovers against four assists, but Huggins expects the two sophomores to be more productive once they’re in the lineup together, as opposed to the ragged nature of an intersquad game.

“When you spread your team out that way, you don’t look near as good as you’re going to look if you put guys together who know how to play together,” Huggins said. “We’re not as bad as we look.”

Morgantown High product Nathan Adrian, who received one of the largest pregame cheers, shot 4-of-10 and scored 10 points. Unable to capitalize on open looks, the 6-9 freshman went 2-of-8 from 3-point range.

“I really think we’re going to make shots,” Huggins said. “Terry, Eron and Nate—those guys shoot it too well.”

As for the dueling point guards, Gary Browne had nine points, 12 rebounds, six assists, one turnover and four steals for the Blue team. Juwan Staten netted eight points, three rebounds, three assists, two steals and two turnovers for the Gold.

The remainder of WVU’s preseason schedule includes a closed scrimmage against Ohio State next week and an exhibition game against Division II Fairmont State on Nov. 4.

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  • Barry

    Bob said he would fix it and that is what he did. It would be like you or me having leaky pipes in our home and saying, "I will fix it, I'll just burn the whole house down to the ground and rebuild". That is what Huggins did. Now he gets to call it a rebuilding year, and the Mountaineer Faithful will go right along with it. He purposefully destroyed this team and is now getting to use the excuse, "It's a rebuilding year", genuis!

    • Big Larry


      You have to admire Bob Huggins. No, I don't like the man. But I admire him.

      This makes the 7th straight year he has screwed WVU and the fans and nobody seems to be none the wiser.

      He doesn't have to win...He has an unconditional guaranteed contract for life and can never be fired.

      All he has to do is show up at the games wearing his Sweatsuit and they give him all the barbecue he can eat and pay him 3 million a year to boot.

      Yes...I admire Bib Huggins!

  • big tom

    seriously, huggie could make a good AD,, you might think i'm crazy but if we could keep him sober, he's an intelligent man, he knows sports, he could learn administration,..
    that fat contract he has is eating him alive,, he's lost his edge... just watch his press conferences,,, he's laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Allan

    Obvious Big Larry can't count, 4,000 fans times two eyes equal 8,000 eyes.

    • Big Larry

      Math was never one of my strong points...

  • Bigdaddy

    This will be the last season under Huggins. He will be the AD next season.
    I just hope he goes out this year .500 or better. Seems a long shot with our terrible conference travel and youthful team.

    What we really need is SEC expansion --- and someone get to fill in spots opened in the ACC. Big 12 = No Hope for WVU Basketball

  • Allan

    The team overall appears not to be in game shape. After 20 minutes, the strain was evident on many faces and that's when the shoots start falling short of the rim, like many did last night. Adrian appears to be savvy about basketball knowledge and played well for a freshmen's first game in front of 8,000 peering skeptical eyes. Hard to tell anything about the team until they actually begin the season playing someone else besides each other. I remain optimistic, that's who I am. However, I do have one question for the general public above, is Big Larry sleeping with WILLIAM?

    • Big Larry


  • cutty77

    Its early. Huggs makes these guys play defense first,and i'm sure there legs are not underneath them yet. I only know of 2 guys that know how to shoot on this Team anyway.Henderson,an Harris. So give them a little time. But Huggs only cares about rebounding and defense.

  • Big Larry


    Bob "Sweatsuit" Huggins has created this "imaginary world" that he lives in and then he draws people like Andy into it...

    "We will be Fine"
    "These guys shoot the ball well"
    "I look for us to be a perimeter team this year"
    "The players are much improved this year"
    "We have an outside chance"
    "The Guys seem to be practicing harder"
    "Our chances are good"

    Then, When everything blows up...

    "I thought we would shoot the ball better"
    "They are not rebounding"
    "This team cannot learn the system"
    "We are not aggressive enough"
    "This team don't like to practice"
    "When Kenyon Martin played..."
    "I'll fix it"

    Its the same ol Yada Yada Yada year after year and the blind, deaf and dumb Mountaineer faithful keep buying into it Year after year and buying tickets...

    It is what it is!

    • gv

      Well said Big Larry, and the beat goes on!! When will WVU basketball fans quit drinking the Kool Aid, we are going to get hammered this year, once again.

  • don

    Are you serious? 30 pe rcent in an exhibition game! And don't blame it on underclassmen; belein nearly went all the way last year with 3 freshmen on his starting lineup. Its just like a computer; garbage in-garbage out!

  • Big Larry

    Why would Huggins be surprised at the cold shooting? His WVU teams never have shot the ball well and they never will.

    Street players never do shoot the ball well.

    Last year WVU finished 13-19...

    The great Icon Huggins has led this program into the Abyss and there are no signs of them ever getting out.

    Huggins inability to recruit shooters has been the downfall of the program...and with no big center or strong forwards, he now has to rely on this new bizarre alignment of guards and a couple of weak forwards to get the job done.

    It is a sad day to be a WVU Mountaineer Basketball fan...wherever you may be!

    • Andy

      I read your posts on nearly every single story and it amazes me just how silly and ignorant you are. Never will? Street players? Are you serious? I applaud your idealistic view of what mountaineer basketball should be, but Catlett is gone.

      • Mister Man

        Good assessment, Andy.

      • Tony

        He's right Andy... You need to stop drinking the kool-aid there Retard.

        • Yogi Wahoo

          For somebody that uses the term retard you have obviously zero class. I hope that no one in your family has any developmental challenges. Think next time.



  • Tim C

    The one problem that WVU has always had for some unknown reason is that when one person goes cold.....everybody goes cold.

  • Alex

    It's only a scrimmage. Nothing to go over the cliff about, it's not in the end of the world... Most of these kids have never played in the coliseum in front of people before this is exciting....For what it's worth they are not going to play a perfect season ...they are going to lose some games... they are going to win some games....That's basketball...It is what it is ...

    • big tom

      if we could put together 3 really good players out of this group,and the have 4 role players, we might compete, I said compete, we aren't gonna out rebound anyone,,, poor Noreen, he can't get two inches off the floor, he' a flat footed rebounder. the other guys are just too small and not ready for prime time
      possibly in two yrs we might be ok,, that's a big might..
      without dibo, mason, and the felon, we don't have any muscle at all,,, we'll get pushed off the floor and when our outside shooting doesn't materialize, we're dead cookies,,, mark my words,, huggie recruits the wrong type people, we can't have felons, academic causalities, etc, to depend on,, we need the butlers, wellingtons, guys like this,
      we have this great recruiting tool, the practice facility, and it's doing us absolutely no good.. now who's fault is that

  • big tom

    at what point, do we have a mature experienced team? we have to have some players, who huggie decides to keep for mor than a yr or two before he runs them off.

    we can't go far with freshmen and soph, unless your Kentucky/
    I 'm just a little disturbed by our recruiting,,, it just doesn't seem to be getting the character type players we would want representing wvu.

    now it may all turn out good for us, but right now, I would guess, we don't finish .500 we don't go to the ncaa or nit... sorry,, realism is my forte.

    • Barry

      I totally agree with you Tom. Our recruiting has been terrible. I read an article yesterday that said we are going to be an outside shooting team. Guess not.
      I wonder who the starting 5 will be. I can't see a lineup that won't be undersized. Anyone have an idea?

  • Dale

    Relax. Rebuilding.

    • Barry

      The question is, why are we rebuilding in Huggins' seventh year at WVU? Could it be terrible recruiting, poor coaching and running most of your team off from last year?

    • Allan Taylor

      @Mark: I feel your pain, but no cause for a case of Type-2 scrimmage panic.
      @Dale: You're probably spot-on.

  • mark

    Not again!